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Snippets are little pieces of text that are witty, memorable, and are spread around memetically. This includes Greentext, Copypasta, and whatnot.

Creating a Snippet[edit]

Make sure to create an infobox for every snippet.

| image          = test.png
| caption        = This '''image''' is a test image that is found on Wikimedia Commons. 
| story          = [[YourStory]]
| creation_date   = 2016-08-01
| discovery_date  = 2016-08-02
| language       = English
| source_url   = https://test.url
| provenance   = 2channel,4chan,8chan

A great way to get text out of images (such as 4chan screencaps) with minimal corrections needed is to use the Microsoft .NET OCR library, which can be accessed online here: