Don't Starve

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Don't Starve
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Creation Date 2022-11-06
Discovery Date 2022-11-07

Anonymous Sun 06 Nov 2022 23:03:29 No.888608094 No.888608094

>be me
>lost my job for dating a girl at work (manager)
>rents due like today so money on that or money on food
>its rainy winter, I choose rent
>days go buy no food
>sleep a lot because no energy
>day 4 comes around im plottin to just snatch and grab now
>closest store is no shit 2hr walk (kinda country)
>2am time to get walking
>get to store and just swoop as much fruits and produce i can in front of the grocery store
>fill up on apples and cauliflower
>start walking home with a bag of apples
>see homeless dude sleeping has a bag of thrown out groceries next to him
>swoop the bag and feast back at the pad