Copypasta (also called Kopipe on 2channel-style discussion boards) is a phenomenon of extremely interesting bits of text that is so memetic, it gets reposted to 4chan daily.

Because copypasta usually goes out of fashion and gets quickly forgotten, many other wikis have taken up the task of saving them for future readers. Almost all of them have themselves been at the brink of destruction, so it's imperative to make a collection on our git-based wiki.

Saving Copypasta

Copypasta refers to any short bit of text that is constantly reposted, often to hilarious effect. It does not have to come from 4chan, it can come from Reddit, conventional forums, or any random IRC. If you've got something that fits that criteria, save it here.

We need help by writing descriptions for the copypasta in this page. We also need to save existing copypasta archives to this wiki. Check Copypasta Archives to see the links.

Generally, use one page per copypasta. If they are remixes, all of them can be grouped in one page. Don't forget to link them on this page in the correct, or new category.

Copypasta Lists

We've got a lot of copypasta archived, and they are all listed in the Copypasta List. Check them out.

Here are some subsections: TODO