Severe gambling problem

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Severe gambling problem
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Imaginary rank is truly serious business after all
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Creation Date 2020-03-03
Discovery Date 2023-06-22

Anonymous Tue 03 Mar 2020 04:57:48 No.282957892

I hate this game.


I hate this stupid game. I hate every single one of you. Fuck mahjong. Fuck yostar. Fuck the stupid chink two hundred years ago who invented this retarded, unholy, rage inducing, faggot attracting game. I wish I had never read Akagi. I wish I had never started playing mahjong. I wish moot never created 4chan so I wouldn't have found out about this dumbfucking game. wish I had grown up on a farm without the internet so I would never have been exposed to this degeneracy. Fuck that, I wish I was never born. Fuck this and fuck everything in the whole fucking world.

Mahjong has completely fucking ruined my life. And I don't mean that in some shallow way like "hurr durr I'm mad now", no it has COMPLETELY RUINED MY LIFE I GOT ARRESTED OVER THIS BULLSHIT GAME FUCK MAHJONG GOD DAMN IT ALL

Anonymous Tue 03 Mar 2020 05:18:42 No.282959696 No.282959696

>>282958705 >>282959057

This sounds stupid, but I will try to explain what happened

>be me last week
>was at around 1800/2000, almost to Master
>decide to have a fun week of mahjong and finally get to Master
>4th (deal in 4 times)
>4th (deal in 6 times)
>really angry at this point
>lost around three weeks of progress
>go to class, have a couple hours before my next class so I find somewhere to sit and play
>vow that I will not deal in
>I will not deal in
>I will not deal in
>I will not deal in
>I will win this and have a fun mahjong weekend and regain my points
>East 1
>turn 5
>play 9p
>double ron
>baiman and mangan, left with 1k points

I don't really remember what happened next, but this is what the police officers said. I used my laptop to pound the table I was sitting at, and then when my laptop broke I used my fists. I broke the table legs, then picked the whole thing up and flung it against the window. I did the same with another table, breaking the window, and shards of glass and the second broken table landed on someone outside the building. I was on the second floor. I left some dents in the plaster walls when there was nothing around me to throw.

By then someone called the police, and I realized what I had done when the rage left. I just stared at the destruction around me and sat down and cried. The police came and arrested me while I was still sobbing. They and my university called my parents, who came to pick me up. I now have a criminal record, I was expelled from school, and I owe $10,000 in damages and about $100,000 for the medical bill.

I've been locked in my room over the weekend, away from everyone and everything. I don't know what I'm going to do, and my parents aren't talking to me. I got really angry just now thinking about how this one stupid game FUCKED UP MY WHOLE LIFE

Fuck this game. I won't be playing or posting anymore. Goodbye mjg.