A Day in Pokemon Center

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| image = Pokemedic.png | description = "Hello, welcome to Pokemon Center. We don't heal human btw" | story = | creation_date = 2023-02-09 | discovery_date = 2023-02-13 | language = English | source_url = https://arch.b4k.co/vp/thread/53171300/#53187368 | provenance = 4chan


A Day in Pokemon Center
"Hello, welcome to Pokemon Center. We don't heal human btw"
Language English
Source URL https://arch.b4k.co/vp/thread/53171300/#53187368
Provenance 4chan
Creation Date 2023-02-09
Discovery Date 2023-02-13

Anonymous 02/09/23(Thu)00:16:52 No.53187368

>be me
>new hire at the medical clinic in ecruteak
>mundane cases on the daily
>kids getting spooked by the ghosts in burned tower, hurting themselves when they try and run away
>delinquents thinking they can huff koffing fumes because they're too broke to buy the good stuff from goldenrod underground
>slow day, just some guy coming in with burns
>says he had an accident when cooking
>know it's bullshit, officers wouldn't be with him for this
>get done with the bandages, he's still bitching that it burns
>step outside with officers
>they say the moron tried to rape a vulpix from the route south of us
>got burned by the mother ninetails
>mfw i know the retard is going to be cursed for life because he thought using harden would help him against a fire type