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How did Anon know??????
Language English
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Provenance 4chan
Creation Date 2023-08-25
Discovery Date 2024-02-26

Anonymous Sat 05 Aug 2023 03:48:47 No.74272848

>be me
>shopping at walmart bc i need new work shoes
>zoomer teen detaches from his little herd comes up to me
>"lol hey man i'm looking for underwear for my daughter, what aisle is it in?"
>dude is not old enough to have a kid but whatever
>point out the aisle to him
>right before he walks off i say "just so you know i don't even work here"
>whole group is snickering
>zoomer says "i know, you just look like someone who would know"
>angry as fuck for the rest of my shopping trip

what the fuck did he mean by that?