But in all the wrong places

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| image = datingapp.jpg | description = "A psychological Tour de France" | story = | creation_date = 2023-02-21 | discovery_date = 2023-05-19 | language = English | source_url = https://desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/72312624/#72312624 | provenance = 4chan


But in all the wrong places
"A psychological Tour de France"
Language English
Source URL https://desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/72312624/#72312624
Provenance 4chan
Creation Date 2023-02-21
Discovery Date 2023-05-19

Anonymous Tue 21 Feb 2023 15:05:12 No.72312624

I am going to tell you guys about when I downloaded Tinder, in case you're wondering what dating is like at prime dating age in 2023.

>be me
>21 y/o
>white, Russian and Norwegian
>lifting for 7 years, fit, not lanky
>Not like a model but above average handsome face
>Dress well, family's honestly kinda rich
>Strict hygeine and self-care
>Extrovert, not awkward or autistic
>Read many books,articles about how to start/manage/succeed at romantic relationships over the years
>Tons of hobbies outside of media consumption, could have fun talking about almost anything

Now comes the Tinder part.

>Download Tinder at college.
>Make a profile of honestly neutral and unflattering photos to show what I really look like.
>Get ~5 likes a day, never even swipe
>Try to actually get to know them, unmatch the ones I don't like, try to feel a similarity or connection
>Compliment them, make them laugh, really listen to them
>They always become obsessed with me, some get horny send nudes

>I meet them for the first date
>Talk to the women about how their day went, their hobbies, compliment their clothing, smile, laugh
>They're always completely uninterested, distracted, indifferent, shy, boring conversation
>Obviously at the end they have to give me or text me some bullshit "I'm just looking for friends/I don't feel a spark/The vibe was off/Not in a good place for a relationship" etc.
>They give me a little pity 'friendly' conversation afterwards on whatever social media and then they're gone forever a few days later.
>Still a virgin.

This board is probably the only place that could ever understand this. What the fuck is wrong with me? What am I doing wrong? What do I do? Where do I go from here?