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Welcome to the Bibliotheca Anonoma
A research task force archiving, documenting, and safeguarding Internet Folklife. Serving 355 articles.

This wiki is a Semantic Wiki that ties together all the knowledge of this organization into a Semantic web. It differs from other wikis in the use of forms and tables to produce a metadata database that guides users (and robots) to the information they seek.

Subjects simply must tie into the general theme of Internet Folklife: that is, it was made on or otherwise affected daily life on the internet at some point in time. We also often rehost abandoned or otherwise lost wiki content. Focus topics include Something Awful, 2channel, 4chan, and other imageboard/textboard communities.

Current Events

Latest News Latest Releases
  • 2022/09/06 - The Bibliotheca Anonoma Wiki has been fully upgraded, fixing those pesky bugs from the past.
  • 2019/12/20 - We have transferred the 4chan/History Timeline over from Drop by and keep it updated.
  • 2016/12/04 - The Bibliotheca Anonoma Wiki is finally built, and the organization is consolidating all other data here.


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  • Check out the Navigation section below to browse the content of this wiki.
  • The Bibliotheca Anonoma uses a Kanban Board system, to coordinate our projects. It’s publicly viewable (and commentable), so monitor our progress there.
  • The Workroom contains a large stack of stories we’re still reviewing. You can comment on it, track our progress, even help out.
  • Just edit this wiki anytime, anywhere. Follow the MediaWiki Editing guide.
  • This wiki has additional special features (such as a Semantic Wiki and special templates), check out our own Editing Guide to learn to use them.
  • If you just need to drop off new stories/content, jump in our IRC or Discord chat, we can help research and put it together as a wikipage.
  • Alternatively, drop in a page at our Drafts Category, where unfinished or uncategorized pages are put together.
  • Stay on the lookout for pages that may have fallen by the wayside, are in need of maintenance, or are orphaned.
  • The Github organization holds tons of open source programs and scrapers that we developed.
  • The Storehouse contains files deemed critical for archival, but still under review. We tossed them into Google Drive for now.
  • The Internet Archive holds most of our critically important treasures, from entire website backups to a Git backup of this wiki.

The Bibliotheca Anonoma meets daily at our Matrix/Riot chat bridged to IRC, or any of the below chat clients. Feel free to drop in, contribute anything, or even join anytime.


Showcase Archival Tutorials Infrastructure Bibliotheca Anonoma

Treasures of Internet Folklife, archived and showcased for the general public.

  • Stories - The folk stories of the internet, with some sprawling epics.
  • Art - Online, even the most obscure artist can reach dedicated fans anywhere.
  • Music - The Internet has revived many music movements by connecting fans, and fostered new movements of its own.
  • History - Internet History from our perspective. See also Imageboard.
    • 4chan/History - The 4chan History Timeline passed down from generation to generation.
    • 2ch Chronicle - A 2channel record of history. Text works great on Wikibooks so we might as well leave it there.
    • 4chan Chronicle - A 4chan record of history.
  • Books - Freely editable books and guides with lots of useful information.
  • Collections - Assorted data archives.
    • Greentext - Stories written in short concise sentences, a popular stream of consciousness format on 4chan.
    • S4S National Library - The collective achievements of 4chan's /s4s/, archived for time immemorial.
    • Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) - Community based scavenger hunts or challenges made for competition, marketing, or just for fun.
  • Website Archives - Archived Websites under our care.
    • Everything Shii Knows - An archive of Shii's Wiki (a major source for and the inspiration for the Bibliotheca Anonoma).
  • Solresol - A language made entirely out of musical tones.
  • Law - Legal analyses and articles.

Tips and tricks on how to archive the way we do.

  • Link Scouting - The first step is to search for interesting content around the internet.
  • Internet Archive Upload - The next step is to upload to the Internet Archive.
  • Archival Tools - Tools we use to archive online data.
    • BASC-Archiver - Archive single threads from 4chan along with JSON and all images.
  • FoolFuuka - How to run your own 4chan archiver to archive entire boards.
  • Archival Mediums - Hardware or services used to store archived data.
  • Scanning - How to scan paper, pamphlets, even books.

Services and scripts that make the Bibliotheca Anonoma possible.

  • Code - Programs developed by the Bibliotheca Anonoma to assist our archival work.
  • Group Chat - Group communication systems utilized by the Bibliotheca Anonoma.
  • MediaWiki - The structure of this very wiki, which is the core of our organization.
  • Kanban Board - The Kanban Board system helps team members make sense of tasks and goals.
  • Eikonos - An image tag system based on Moebooru/Danbooru to organize and help make 4chan/imageboard screencaps easier to search through.
  • Matrix/Synapse - Our own hosted Matrix/ server.
  • Proposals - Ideas for building new types of infrastructure.

Articles about the Bibliotheca Anonoma itself.

  • Bibliotheca Anonoma - What is the Bibliotheca Anonoma?
  • History of the Bibliotheca Anonoma - The Bibliotheca Anonoma, founded in Jan. 2012, has had a long and storied history.
    • Forerunners - The predecessors of the Bibliotheca Anonoma.
    • 2012-2014 - In the early days of the Bibliotheca Anonoma, it was a one man operation with some contributions from random anons.
    • 2014-2016 - Once the BA set up a group chat, we gathered more members and accomplished amazing feats of archival.
    • Current - A strong community, significant reforms, and new infrastructure typify the modern Bibliotheca Anonoma.
  • Logo - The Bibliotheca Anonoma utilizes a unique set of insignias, seals, and standards.

Subsidiary Navigation

BASLQC (Hardware) BASLQC (Software) EternalArchive

The Bibliotheca Anonoma Software Liquidation Commission (BASLQC) is a task force dedicated to archiving and optimizing hardware past and present.

  • Hosting - Server hosting tips from our resident experienced sysadmin, Sunako.
  • Computing - Preserving retro computing hardware, as well as providing guides to certain types of modern hardware.
  • Keyboards - A good keyboard is worth as much as a good monitor: because you should be spending the most on the part of the computer you actually touch.
  • Typewriters - Guides to operating and maintaining certain typewriters, primarily the IBM Wheelwriter series.

The BASLQC also works to maintain associated software, modifications, patches, and technically complex translation projects.

  • System Administration - The Internet is run by Linux servers, and managing them is a crucial skill for running websites.
  • Home Servers - Related to System Administration, running your own home Linux server allows you to build your own cloud and train to be a sysadmin.
  • wikibooks:PSP - A wikibook detailing the vast history and abilities of PSP Homebrew.
  • Fangames - Fans make amazing game remakes or spinoffs of their own. Unfortunately, companies (especially Nintendo) has the right to remove infringing content. But is it ethical? We record and archive them anyway.
  • Game Translations - Some gamers make excellent and technically complex game translations. We aim to record their methods and preserve older translations for future generations.
  • Bootlegs - Bootleg games and game consoles produced mainly in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China.

The EternalArchive Project is an organization set on archiving and digitizing cultural works from various language groups. Team members meet at #eternalarchive on .

  • EternalArchive/Solutions - Think Tank for figuring out how to archive a tremendous wealth of data safely and cheaply.
  • EternalArchive/Discovery - Figuring out what content to archive and whether it is worth saving.
  • EternalArchive/Acquisition - Acquisition of the cultural works from various sources, through totally legal means :^).
  • Storage - Infrastructure needed for archival of terabytes of data, such as blu-rays, hard drive RAID arrays and LTO tape.
  • ROMs - An effort to archive all ROMs of every retail game to exist on each major console.
    • Flashcarts - To play ROMs on the original console, you must use a flashcart.