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"I guess you're the main character then, huh?"
Language English
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Provenance 4chan
Creation Date 2023-04-17
Discovery Date 2023-05-19

Anonymous Mon 17 Apr 2023 07:36:55 No.72982065

>Be me
>Have cousins visiting from Mexico for break
>Just tourist people doing tourist things
>We go to the Santa Monica pier picrel
>Once we arrive at the top of the stairs and reach the main base point of the pier, we hear what was thought to be Christian preachers
>Ignore them
>As our group continues I see these 2 goons with a camera trying to film tiktok esque questions to strangers, clearly making other piergoers uncomfortable
>Pier security escorts them off lmao
>On the way back towards the start where the Christian preachers where
>Actually start listening and realize these 2 guys are talking about how "men aren't real men anymore" into a loudspeaker and other jargon
>They fell for the andrew tate grift.jpg
>Broccoli hair zoomer pokes head out of the crowd
>Runs off

The most 2023 interaction of all time. What a headache we are all in for.