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| image = mahjong.png | description = "Who use [insert gambling game] as a way of socializing?" | story = | creation_date = 2024-01-12 | discovery_date = 2024-01-15 | language = English | source_url = | provenance = 4chan


"Who use [insert gambling game] as a way of socializing?"
Language English
Source URL
Provenance 4chan
Creation Date 2024-01-12
Discovery Date 2024-01-15

Anonymous Fri 12 Jan 2024 16:56:14 No.461479985

>an online friend invites me to a chat where someone he knows seems to enjoy mahjong
>scroll through the history, see a bunch of REALLY random mahjong memes (some of which originated from mjg), some FKMT and Saki stuff and everything in between
>hop onto the VC, the regulars are easygoing
>ask the mahjong guy if he wants to join a friendly
>"nah, not today"
>keep doing this once every two days between the regular group activities
>finally ask him why wouldn't he or other regulars play riichi together now that another player has joined
>"ah, well, I burnt out, not feeling like it" (despite still shitposting with riichi images every now and then)
>ask him how much is a dealer baiman
>long silence followed by no answer, says he doesn't remember
>ask him what is chiitoi
>same story

I really should have called him a poser before I left.