She's just like me!

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She's just like me!
fr fr it's BUSSIN no cap
Language English
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Provenance 4chan
Creation Date 2022-10-05
Discovery Date 2023-04-25

Anonymous Wed 05 Oct 2022 02:31:12 No.70457368

>wake up at 7am
>take my adderall and anti anxieties
>turn on computer
>ignore the very few remaining friends i have
>browse 4chan and just lurk most of the time
>browse twitter, never tweet or interact with people on there
>refuse to leave the house unless i need to go to the grocery store
>again, ignore every human being
>go back home
>do assignments if im in the mood
>sit by myself and listen to music

with a life like this i dont think i will ever find someone to ever love me. im old (24) and only dated once in my entire life at 18 which didnt last long. i refuse to edate or use dating apps because i dont ever want to deal with multiple people and interact with them. ive never used one and have always been scared. god i hate my life, i dont even think if i put effort into someone they would even like me back. im not a very sexual person at all and prefer to be without it, its hard to find guys that are like that too. i cant really comprehend sexual talk or im oblivious to their intentions. but with guys it always seems like a top priority which i hate and resent them all for