A Reunion

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| image = meetthefmc.jpg | description = "Women only want one thing" | story = | creation_date = 2023-02-28 | discovery_date = 2023-05-27 | language = English | source_url = https://desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/72389013/#72389013 | provenance = 4chan


A Reunion
"Women only want one thing"
Language English
Source URL https://desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/72389013/#72389013
Provenance 4chan
Creation Date 2023-02-28
Discovery Date 2023-05-27

Anonymous Tue 28 Feb 2023 02:54:13 No.72389013

>don't be me
>26ish KHHV, around 300 pounds and 6ft1
>meet a girl online
>says she's a 19 years old virgin
>exchange mails
>our messages slowly turn in to large paragraphs as we talk about everything
>eventually we exchange photos
>she says she always liked guys on a bigger side due the feeling of safety
>she's chubbier but not obese to turn you off
>about a year of talking over email we finally both muster the courage to meet each other
>she looks like on pics but smells terribly of sweat but otherwise 5/10, perhaps a bit above my looksmatch
>we wander around the town
>i'm trying to initiate a conversation about anything casual
>she gives only one worded replies
>anxiety flares up
>the day's over
>anxiety commands the only solution: ghost
>her emails are becoming more and more desperate
>i grind my tears, resisting to tell her everything but i'm too deep in to ghosting, the taint is already here
>she gives up eventually
>ff 7 fucking years
>i change job, get somewhat fit
>within two years i reach double digit bodycount, mostly thanks to female dominated work
>suddenly an email
>it's her
>we start talking, i apologize and explain my behavior
>she says she understands
>she also says she has a boyfriend for five years
>then she says she's still a virgin because the boyfriend of hers has dick too short to penetrate her
>starts complaining how he's avoiding her and prefers to jerk off and that makes her feel unwanted
>ask her why she's staying with him
>replies he's the only one that paid that kind of attention to her

well, what's your verdict. is she truly a femcel?