Tainting the past

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Tainting the past
Chaos confusion.jpg
...will taint the future
Language English
Source URL https://archived.moe/b/thread/888134655/#q888134655
Provenance 4chan
Creation Date 2022-10-29
Discovery Date 2022-11-07

Anonymous Sat 29 Oct 2022 11:41:52 No.888134655

>Be me, 20
>Sister is 23
>Dropped out of nursing school to become OnlyFans girl
>Tell her that her idea is stupid and she's gonna fuck her life up
>Insisted to me that she would end up making more money than our entire family combined because she's that sexy
>Within a month she's asking for money from extended family (too much pride to ask for help from direct family)
>90% of our extended family will no longer give her the time of day
>She's a week from homelessness and was rejected after reapplying to nursing school
>She's considering resorting to prostitution while covering the shameful position she's in as a move of "woman empowerment"
>Asking to bunk at my place with my girlfriend and I because I'm her brother and I should "show that I care for her"
>Won't stop texting me every single fucking hour demanding that I give in to her requests (demands)

I guess this is what I get for having sex with her from ages 10 to 15