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Anon's Queen
This is what men wants
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Provenance 4chan
Creation Date 2020-09-28
Discovery Date 2023-08-30

Anonymous Mon 28 Sep 2020 11:42:13 No.209345239

>tfw your wife calls herself your Amazon, is nearly a foot taller than you, and can carry you around with ease
>Used to be super embarrassed of her back in college because she'd emasculate me doing things like bridal carry me around the dorm, tape signs to my dorm room declaring it as her property, loudly tell her friends about how she'd dom me in bed, etc.
>For years only let me initiate sex if I could pull off a physical feat she assigned (climb up to her window on the second floor, run five laps around campus, do a hundred pull-ups, etc.)
>Was even the one that proposed to me at a Christmas party in front of all our friends. Even on one knee she was around chest-level to me
>Took her hunting with me and my friends. We all got jack shit, and she nabbed a near record-setting buck with a fucking bow.
>Only realized in the last few years I'm living the dream of thousands of guys