Be my baby

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Be my baby
"No taking your binky out, tee hee"
Language English
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Provenance 4chan
Creation Date 2022-11-24
Discovery Date 2023-05-27

Anonymous Thu 24 Nov 2022 20:00:28 No.889616715

>26 year old virgin faggot dyke
>try hinge because maybe im more charming over text
>this absolute average woman swipes right on me
>better than nothing
>its a match, i swipe everyone
>we converse for awhile
>agree to meet up at the bww because i like in the shitfuck country
>hit it off, she’s way better in person
>few dates later, we call eachother petnames like baby and sweetheart
>she invites me to her house
>my dumbass is so excited
>head to her apartment, finally about to get laid
>horrible smell, it smells like dried cum and unwashed ass
>physically taken aback
>i head in anyway, im so desperate
>she closes the door and starts getting undressed
>”lemme get ready anon, ill call you into the room when im ready”
>few mins later and she calls my name
>i practically run
>shes lying on the bed in nothing but a fucking diaper and a pacifier
>shes cooing like a baby
>”i make a stinky, can you help me out?”
>i called her baby and i guess she took it seriously
>fuck her anyway

beggars cant be choosers. she sits in her shitty diaper and expects me to clean it, and i do. she crawls on the floor and eats in a highchair.

am i making a mistake