Milk, cheese, and sweat

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Milk, cheese, and sweat
Language English
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Provenance 4chan
Creation Date 2017-02-17
Discovery Date 2022-11-25

Anonymous Fri 17 Feb 2017 01:19:50 No.34913896 No.34913896

>Went to the store to buy some milk and cottage cheese
>on the way to the store see two beautiful blondes go inside
>eventually pass by them and pick up some milk and cottage cheese
>go stand in line to pay up
>suddenly something bumps into me, something soft
>hear giggling
>turn around
>one of the blonde girls pushed the other blonde girl at me
>hit me with her boobs
>she and her friend smile at me
>turn back
>get bumped at gain
>don't turn around
>the girl that got pushed says " stop it" while giggling to her friend
>the other girl says " do you like the boy?"
>she replies "maybe" while gigling
>"he's handsome"
>I'm practically dying inside from anxiety
>my turn to pay up
>"Hey boy" says the one that pushed me
>"I'll pay for that milk and cottage cheese if you tell us your name"
>both are looking and smiling at me
>I just manage to break out and smile and turned around
>hands all shaking
>give the cashier the money
>grab my milk and cottage cheese
>literally run out of the store
>go back home
>take a shower because of all the sweat