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Old and New
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And you don't even feel a thing
Language English
Source URL https://desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/75068098/#q75068098
Provenance 4chan
Creation Date 2023-10-15
Discovery Date 2023-10-16

Anonymous Sun 15 Oct 2023 13:20:08 No.75068098

>be me
>dating a 4.5/10 chubby girl from my high school for like 3 years
>we go to college
>college friends make fun of me relentlessly for ugly gf
>start to resent her
>meet a 8.5/10 girl in one of my classes
>she's a tall, fit, marketing major
>leave my gf for this girl
>gf begs me to stay, i don't care and leave anyway
>friends congratulate me, say they always knew i could do better
>ffw three months
>i'm miserable
>old gf used to bake/cook new dishes weekly and i would get high quality food for free
>new gf can't cook for shit
>old gf used to immerse herself in my hobbies, discuss anime/music with me for hours on end
>new gf calls that "nerd shit" and refuses to engage
>old gf used to drive to my apartment whenever we had date days so we could get ready together
>new gf lives 45 min away and complains if i don't come pick her up for dates, even if we're going to a restaurant 10 minutes from my dorm
>old gf used to sing me to sleep every night
>new gf lays in bed all day doing fuck all, doesn't show any form of affection unless prompted
>i break down and text my ex basically saying i made a huge mistake
>she responds that she misses me so much but that she can't look past me leaving her on a whim
>basically beg her to take me back
>she blocks me
>break down sobbing

i miss her so much guys what do i do now