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Be God
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>be god, create the world
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Provenance 4chan,Imgur
Creation Date 2014/05/12
Discovery Date 2018/09/03

Anonymous (ID: MVhHJ2HB) 05/12/14(Mon)14:31:45 No.546150057 File: Creation_of_the_Sun_and_M(...).jpg (958KB, 2184x3064)

>Be me
>Alpha as fuck
>Omega as fuck
>Flash back to 4.5 billion years ago
>I'm high as balls and come up with this crazy idea
>It's a way for species to change into other species over time, without me having to do shit
>Call it "evolution" because it's a cool sounding word
>Create planet, put a few microbes on it, and upload evolution algorithm
>Fast forward to present day
>I'm partying it up with some T-Rexes on this dinosaur planet I just created
>Decide to check in on evolution planet to see if anything interesting has happened
>Discover that it's populated by billions of creatures that look like me
>But they dont have my powers, they're just a bunch of mortalfags
Still pretty freaked out that they look like me, though
>Check back in on evolution planet after a few hundred years
>All the mortalfags have uploaded their consciousnesses into a giant quantum supercomputer
>It can talk
>It tells me it is capable of perfectly simulating an infinite number of universes
>And one of those universes is the one I'm in
>MFW I created myself