Blindmute Loli

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>"good people? on my /b/?"

>"It's more likely than you think."

- Jake

Blindmute Loli is an incredible story about a anon who runs into a blind, mute runaway orphan. Together, they meet crazy people, fall into tragic mishaps, and face terrible hardships.

But despite all the cards stacked against him, the man never stops trying to save the blindmute girl, and eventually manages to scrape his life back together again.

The authenticity of this story is impossible to know, but read it yourself and you'll see why it has a devoted following.

Originally, this anonymite's posts were archived by Sarafan and his other well-wishers on Wikichan, but that site was shut down and it's hard disk wiped due to poor administration. Thankfully, the story can be read here at the Bibliotheca Anonoma through the hard work of Shii, a kind visitor, and the author himself.

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