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Thread 33[edit]

09/01/07(Sat)02:20:59 No.38064637

Blindmuteloli guy here. As I said, I was going down to the orphanage to visit Erika. I'm still there staying at Melinda's, I don't know when I plan on going back to my parents' place but I've got business here to settle. I went down to the home today, determined to not let my self be turned away. And guess who I saw there? None other than Sharon. I didn't have to talk, she knew exactly what I wanted when I walked in. She said something to one of the workers there, and I was led back to where Erika was. She was being talked to by two staff members. I tapped her on the shoulder and said her name, and she immediately knew who I was. She turned around and practically flung herself at me (not that I minded) and of course reciprocated her hug. "So you must be Jake?" the male staff member said to me. Erika kept tightly clutched to me as I conversed with him. "Uh yeah, how'd you know?" "Erika's told us all about you."

09/01/07(Sat)02:21:25 No.38064686

Sharon then wedged her way into the conversation. "Jake, I have some good news. I have a couple that's interested in Erika." At that point I was thinking "where the fuck are they I'll kill the goddamn bastards". Then I realized the male and female duo that I was talking to weren't staff members. "Jake, I'd like you to meet Sarah and Ryan." Ryan stuck his hand out to shake mine, and I wanted to rip it off. This guy, I could tell what this guy was like. He was one of those uppity pretentious people. He was vegetarian for 2 weeks before he decided he wanted a cheeseburger, he supports recycling (but he doesn't actually take time out of his precious day to do it), he'll talk your head off about global warming before he fires up his fossil fuel emitting car to his job, he thinks he's an activist because he participates in shit like the 5 mile walk to cure breast cancer. Goddamn shithead. In fact I'm going to call him shitead Ryan. I know exactly why Shithead Ryan and his shitheaded ho wanted Erika. They don't even know her, it was just another notch on their "look at me I'm charitable and I do good things" belt.

09/01/07(Sat)02:21:42 No.38064710

They left pretty soon after that, so I took the moment to talk to Sharon about what the fuck was going on (having to pry Erika off of me). "Sharon, who are those people?" "Well Jake they're pre-approved with the agency to adopt a child, and they're interested--" "Why the hell would you let them do that?" And then Sharon hit me with a two ton hammer of reality. "Jake, don't yell at me. I got you in here, and I can have you kicked out. And you don't have a monopoly on this situation so don't act like you do." And she was exactly right. I don't have a monopoly on the whole situation. I was Erika's favorite, but that didn't mean shit. I was nothing, I was the underdog.

09/01/07(Sat)02:22:06 No.38064749

I stayed there a bit with Erika, talking to her about what's been going on. She kept on asking me how I'm coming on adopting her, and I told her that my parents were working on it. I felt bad, she had a huge smile the whole time talking to me, she thought I was coming back to get her (again), and hell I thought I was too. She doesn't even know Shithead Ryan and his bitch can take her any time they want to. Erika told me she doesn't really like them much, sort of saying a "meh" to them and that they try too hard. I can imagine Shithead Ryan now. "WELL HI THERE LITTLE GIRL, YOU WANT US TO BE FRIENDS SO WE CAN HAVE SOME FUN?" in some overly-enthusiastic douchebag voice, like a really bad kids' show. So I don't know what to do now. I can only hope they decide they don't want to adopt, but if they do I don't know. I'm going back to visit her tomorrow of course. I still have a chance, but my parents aren't as far along in the process as Shithead Ryan is. And if she gets adopted by them, I don't know. I'm just hoping it doesn't happen. And I know you all are thinking perverted thoughts about me staying with Melinda. Well nothing has happened that's perverted. She apparently thinks she owes me since Luke fucked my sister, so it worked out. We talked a bit about Luke, I was supportive and gave her a little friendly hug but that's about the most action that will happen tonight. She's been in her room doing whatever she's been doing, and I've been here.

Thread 34[edit]

09/02/07(Sun)23:47:33 No.38251486

Hello Colette, this is blindmutecolette guy. For starters, I'll clarify where I'm currently staying since some people don't understand. I've been staying with my parents for a while, but since I intended on seeing Erika at the orphanage I needed some place to stay the night closer to said orphanage. Melinda let me stay with her, I haven't been living with her for very long. Because of the appearance of Ryan, I've needed to make a more extensive stay here so I'm still here. But in actuality, I'm at Jim's tonight, I'll elaborate later. And on another note, I'm thinking of maybe pursuing Melinda. Having a permanent residence near Erika wouldn't be bad at all, and we've always have good chemistry which is why we were drawn together in the first place. With Luke out of the picture, I see no reason why not. I deserve her more than him, and she really is a nice girl. I think she likes me as well, since she seems to have made an odd attempt at trying to seduce me or something. You see, today when I woke up Melinda was already awake. As I come out of the bathroom, she approaches me holding a pair of her panties. Then she says she found them under the bed I'm sleeping in (and I didn't actually steal them). She acts psuedo-angry, and then asks me why I would steal her panties, I supposed expecting me to say "Melinda I'm so deeply attracted to you" and take her right then. I just said "I didn't take them", so she walked away. A bit awkward...

09/02/07(Sun)23:48:20 No.38251540

went to visit Erika today. When I saw her though, I immediately knew something was wrong. We talked a bit before I asked her what was wrong. She told me Sharon told her that Shithead Ryan was going to adopt her. Eruika asked me if this was true, hoping I would say "of course not". Sadly I couldn't say that. I explained the situation to her fully, and she got pretty mad. She ripped the ring that I gave her off of her finger and threw it down on the ground. Erika usually doesn't have a bad temper like that, but she feels pretty strongly about it. So I gave her a hug and told her I was doing my best, and she apologized and put it back on. When I was leaving, I was approached by Sharon. Jim had called her earlier in the day apparently still thinking that I was living there, and asked me to babysit. Since I was back in town now, Sharon asked me if I would do it. I couldn't refuse Jim considering all of the times he helped me out, so I told Melinda I'd be out and then I went off to Jim's house to babysit. Melanie and Amelia were a bit disappointed, they were expecting Erika to come along with me. I'm still here babysitting, Jim and his wife should be back soon. Nothing too interesting, except I think Melanie has a little crush on me, but I've suspected that for a while. She's been making cute little flirtacious gestures, put on perfume and such, trying to ask me probing questions. I found it amusing, but I'm not a total sexual deviant so I didn't stick it in the pooper.

09/02/07(Sun)23:48:44 No.38251575

So I've been here at Jim's babysitting, hopefully he'll return home soon enough. Anyway, I'd like to talk about something else before I end this post. People are trying to spread my story to the media and whatever. You all can do whatever you want, I can't stop you, but I would personally request that you don't. Honestly, I just think that attention might turn against me rather than go for me. They'd rather report about a vicious panty sniffing sex toy shop going 16 year old girl fucking sexual deviant predator than a young girl united with a wholesome person. And as for the news friendly version (which isn't even that news friendly considering a lot of the stuff that was left in it), I don't really think that needs to be done. I just had something happen to me that I thought Chanada might want to know about, never wanted to get on Bill O'Reilly. So yeah, I really do appreciate the idea but I don't think it would work in my favor in the end. But if I really had no other way, I might consider it, but I'm still working on getting her through CPS. And even if I was going to share my story, I wouldn't cut anything out. I just write about what happened as it happened, if people don't like things I did then I don't really care. So I appreciate it, but I think you should cool it down before it blows up in my face (and things have a habit of doing that to me).

Thread 35[edit]

09/06/07(Thu)01:33:51 No.38568973

Hello everybody, Jake here. I guess to start off I'll say Melinda and I have sort of a thing going on. She didn't explicitly say anything, but she did say it would be okay if I wanted to stay "a while longer". Don't know when I intend to make an official move, but she's been being very nice to me recently, I'm almost one hundred percent sure she's interested.

On Monday, I went down to the orphanage. I had gone there Sunday too, but it was just a pleasant visit where nothing much happened. I hadn't seen Ryan in recent memor, so I thought that he had perhaps lost interest and was pretty hopeful on that. As I arrived on Monday, that wasn't so. Ryan was there with his gf. And then Sharon said it. "Sure, she can go with you today..." Exactly what I feared was happening. I thought I had to act, do something. Erika looked like she was on the verge of having a major tantrum, maybe I could exploit that? And then I had a realization. I was being pretty selfish. I wanted Erika to be my daughter, with good intentions, but at the same time I realized that going with Ryan was best for her. If she waited for me, it could be months or even years before she got out of the children's home, at least with Ryan she'd have a good home now. And whether she wanted it or I wanted it or not, it was going to happen and there wasn't a thing I could do about it.

09/06/07(Thu)01:35:46 No.38569112

Sharon finally noticed me there, and began to get distraught herself. I looked at her though, not in a menacing way, and she knew I was going to be okay about this. I went to Erika, and upon saying hi to her she jumped to clutch onto me and cry on me. I bent down and began rubbing her head a bit, "What's wrong?" (not that I didn't know). She pointed directly at Ryan. "Ryan's going to take you home, but it'll be okay, he's a good guy. You're going to get out of this place, isn't that good?" She picked up the notebook to write something but she was getting tears all over the paper so it wasn't very legible. I knew what she was thinking though. "It's okay, we will see each other again. I'll see you a lot, I promise. I need you to settle down a bit now though." I held her for a bit, and she finally calmed down. Ryan tried to comfort her, but she swiped at him with her hand. "Erika, don't do that. I need you to be good for Ryan, okay?" At this point tears were forming in my eyes again. Part of me thought I was being stupid, but the right part of me knew I was doing what's best. She finally completely settled, and Ryan was ready to take her. I sighed because I didn't know what else to do but leave. Erika waved a little goodbye at me, but I told her that it wasn't goodbye, that I'd see her soon. I didn't know if that was true though, until I started walking away. Ryan stopped me. "Hey Jake, why don't you come visit some time?" He gave me his phone number and address, and left with Erika who I could tell was still a bit reluctant but was starting to understand. Sharon asked me if I was okay, and I had to smile a bit.

09/06/07(Thu)01:36:10 No.38569148

I don't know still if I made the right choice, but I think I did. I called Ryan on Tuesday to see how things were going, and told him if he ever needed a babysitter I'd be available any time. He said I could come visit any time I want. Maybe he's not such a shithead after all. Maybe. I think it worked out better than it could've though. Sometimes you have to give up the people you love if you really want what's best for them I suppose. And I didn't give her up anyways, by no means is this the end of our relationship. Don't know if this will be the last thread, but I know one thing: I'm going to visit Erika very soon.

Thread 36[edit]

09/09/07(Sun)23:21:15 No.39003935

Hidy-ho /b/, it's blindmuteloli guy. Erika is still at Ryan's. I did get to visit her however. When I walked into the house, she was on the couch doing much of nothing. I said "hi", and she immediately recognized my voice and perked up to see me. Erika began walked over to me, but she didn't know the layout of Ryan's house very much so she tripped on a piece of his furniture and fell down. I could've sworn at that moment I saw a small smirk from Ryan, like he thought it was funny. It could just be me seeing things though. I helped her up and she gave me a nice hug, which Ryan made sure to cut short by grabbing her arm and suggesting to her she show me her room. So she did just that. We went up the stairs to her dwellings. It's a pretty nice, fairly large house, not as nice or big as Melinda's, but not bad. Her room is pretty plain looking, not much in it. As Erika was showing me around, Ryan made sure to follow me around and breathe down my neck. I'm pretty sure he was trying to discourage me from visiting again. I don't care much what he does.

09/09/07(Sun)23:22:07 No.39003990

His fiancee (grammar lesson: fiance is a man you plan to marry, fiancee is a woman you plan to marry) was nicer to me, offering me something to drink. She seems like an actual sweet person, I hope Ryan isn't a douche to her. I'm starting to feel like he only invited me to visit because he was pressured by her though. Erika told me that she really doesn't like it at Ryan's though. I told her she'd get used to it eventually, and that I wouldn't stop visiting her. I know what you're all thinking, but it's all I really can do. On the plus side though, Ryan and his fiancee are taking a weekend trip this weekend. And since Erika can't go, they've decided to leave her with me for the weekend. Why they would schedule a trip right after they adopted a new daughter, I have no idea. I don't mind them being absentee parents though, as long as I get to fill in. It should be fun for both of us, I was thinking Melanie and Amelia could stay the night one day too, so she can see them. So yeah, I'm still on the fence about them. Ryan, I don't know about. His fiancee seems okay, Erika says she's okay and at least nice. She's not being chained up in the basement though, so that's good. I guess it's better than where she was, but she did have her heart set on staying with me. Guess it's how things gotta be. I really hope she gets over being depressed about it though. Maybe staying with me for a weekend will cheer her up, or make her want to stay with me permanently more. I wonder sometimes if she doesn't sit up and cry in her bed or something when she's going to sleep, I try not to think about things like that. It's getting to me though, I must admit, not having her around.

Thread 37[edit]

09/16/07(Sun)00:52:22 No.39597448

Hello slashbeeslash, it is the blindmuteloli man here for another update. As you all know, Erika was coming over for the weekend. And that she did. Everything was good on Friday. Erika came over (Jim's kids couldn't make it, so it was just her and I). Ryan had to be a huge douchebag about it though, making sure to fully inspect Melinda's house before leaving Erika there. It was okay though, once he was gone we had a great time. We played checkers, watched tv, did any of the usual things we usually would. It was great having her around, and it was looking to be an awesome weekend having her around the whole time. I made sure she was fed, she took a bath. I asked her if she wanted my help (since she hadn't been in Melinda's bathroom much) but she stated very quickly she could do it herself. They grow up so fast. We talked about Ryan, and she said she still doesn't like him much but things are going okay. She's starting to warm up to his girlfriend it seems though, a bit. She didn't make any mean quips about her. Or it could just be Ryan's douchebaggery eclipses that of those around him. She cuddled right up to me on the couch, and Erika quickly grew tired. So I put her to bed, promising her we'd do plenty on Saturday and Sunday, which brought a smile to her face. I thought about us going out somewhere, we had to, right?

09/16/07(Sun)00:53:56 No.39597566

So it's about 1 am. I'm still up because I usually am, Erika is sound asleep. I hear a knock on the door. I go into ultra-paranoid mode, and I go down the stairs thinking it could be some thief/rapist/murderer/jehovah's witness at the door. As I reach the door, I grab my trusty weapon Melinda's lamp and opened the door. And what I saw was more horrible than any thief, rapist, murderer, or jehovah's witness: It was Ryan. His trip got cancelled. "I came to pick up Erika, our trip got cancelled." "You couldn't wait til morning?" I asked. "I thought it'd be better to get her now." he replied. "She's already asleep, do you have to wake her up?" I asked again of him. "I don't want to come all the way over here again tomorrow." he retorted. To which I offered, "I'll drive her over to your place tomorrow." To which he ended our conversation with, "Are you trying to kidnap her or something? Should I call the police?" Dick. So I went in and woke Erika up, who was not pleased. She wanted to go hug me goodbye at least in her groggy state, but Ryan said "You can talk to Jake later" and scuddled her away. Weekend ruined.

Thread 38[edit]


> Writing threads by moonlight > Winning loli by daylight > Never run from an easy fight > He is the one named Sailor Jake > He might turn his back on his friends > Rarely lasts until the very end > Oh god is he the one on which you depend? (You're fucked) > He is the one named Sailor Jake > He is the one named SAILOR JAKE

Well I think that serves as an adequate introduction. Now to bidness. Ryan has reached far more epic levels of faggotry than ever assumed possible. I overheard him possibly discussing getting a restraining order on me with his gf. Was he kidding? Maybe, he's still a douche though. Erika's starting to get affected by him though. She's not as happy as usual. I can't describe it, but she's losing her usual chipperness. Eventually she'll adjust though, she'll have to.


In other news, I'm back to living with Luke. Now how would this be, you would ask. Well he got back together with his furry girlfriend, who is a fursuiter. I've mentioned her in the chat a few times. They came to Melinda offering to pay rent to stay at her place, and she gladly agreed. I didn't think she'd want Luke being near her at all, but apparently she takes a different perspective on it. She told me that she loves to "exploit that fat ass and his weird bitch girlfriend". Luke has gladly taken the opportunity to flaunt around he has a girlfriend (even if she is a slightly overweight furry with weird hair), so Melinda and I have fought back a bit acting like a couple too. The house has sort of become a war zone, with both "couples" (well I don't know if me and Melinda are taking it seriously) trying to outdo each other. Luke and his gf have even made out right at the table. Imagine this: two fat seals trying to have a wrestling match. Blubber slapping against blubber. The two gelatinous forms come together, and they melt into some haze of lard, where the lines of individuality blur and it's impossible to tell them both apart. It's like something right out of the End of Evangelion. Icky gross. Melinda did in fact kiss me on the lips though (not for very long though). I don't know if she's doing it just as part of our little "war" or if she's serious.


We both got invites to another event too... Sharon and Mark's wedding. Yes, she's settling for that douchebag. I was thinking I might bring Ryan, but by their powers combined they might form some Captain Faggotry and pollute the world with their filfth. I have a feeling somehow though that Jim made her invite me. I've been seeing a lot more of Jim's kids too, since he needs a lot of babysitting done. Melanie I think has still taken a bit of a liking to me, she's always asking me about Melinda. Amelia asks me everytime if I've brought Erika over, which I always have to sadly say no to, since Ryan refuses. She agrees with me that he should be impaled on a spike. Oh, if only. I'm pretty sure I can hear Luke fucking his girlfriend (who I hope isn't wearing the suit) right now. If them kissing looks like seals wrestling, then them having sex would look two manatees engaging in some ancient tribal cannibalistic ritual. I just hope they don't break Melinda's bed. And for the record, I have never posted at 7chan. Haha kirby! I have ruined the plan you may or may not have.

Thread 39[edit]

Anonymous 09/26/07(Wed)00:39:36 No.40658859

Hello hello /b/, blindmute loli guy here again. I haven't gotten to see Erika since my last post (Ryan making excuses why I can't), so nothing to report there. I could say he's a douche, but that's not only stating the obvious but being redundant. Haven't heard anything about a restraining order yet though, I wouldn't put it past him to try however. As you know, Luke and his furry gf have been staying with Melinda and myself for a bit now. One of these days it's late at night, I just woke up from falling asleep. I hear noises from Luke's room. So I'm giggling and getting all giddy like a schoolgirl since haha it's Luke and his fat furry girlfriend and they're having sex teehee. So I decide to do a little bit of sneaking around. Crouching down, I creep through the hallway, silent as Daniel Benoit and as swift as 747. And then I crept my way up to the door, to see that it wasn't Luke's furry girlfriend. Guess who was getting toasted like a Poptart by Luke? None other than Melinda. It was one of those sitcomish moments though, where a character sees something obvious before them and they take a few seconds to realize it, then go "wait a nigger lynching second..." and it hits them. Now you see any logical person would've realized this. It doesn't make much sense at all that an ex-boyfriend would decide to move into his ex-girlfriend's house when there are multiple other housing options available.

Anonymous 09/26/07(Wed)00:40:04 No.40658916

I walked away, and neither of them saw me. So I suppose this means my chances with Melinda are done, I'm out, Luke's in. As for furrybitch I don't know where she stands, maybe Luke is trying to build up some sort of harem. I should have learned by now that any girl I try go after is going to ignore me for their ex-boyfriend it seems. Maybe it will be a lesson that sticks this time. Indeed, this update is quite short, but I thought it was something funny and/or pathetic you all might like to hear about. I wish I had more about Erika to say, but Ryan just seems to be getting worse with his shit. It just doesn't seem like she's adjusting very well to him, but I suppose these things take time. She'll get used to him eventually, she may never like him, but there's not that can be done really.

Thread 40[edit]

Anonymous 09/30/07(Sun)00:32:07 No.41092461

Blindmute loli guy here. I have something serious to discuss, but it's a bit hard to talk about. I've debated if it's something that I should even make a thread about it, but I've decided to. I went over to Ryan's house to see Erika. She greeted me as I arrived, I tried to give her a hug, but she pulled away from me. Odd, but I thought she may just not be in a touchy mood. As they day went on though, she wouldn't let me touch at all, pulling away whenever I would try to. I was a bit frustrated, but I decided just to not touch her and not push the issue. So the day went as usual, I went home after a bit, and continued with my usual business.

Anonymous 09/30/07(Sun)00:33:57 No.41092592

But as I was home, it stuck with me. Something just seemed out of place. And then it hit me, and I didn't like what had hit me. I went back the next idea, even though Ryan said it wouldn't be a good day to come. I came anyway, and Ryan was not happy to see me. Looking at Erika, I asked her to show me her back. She hesitated, and then refused. I asked her again to just show me a little bit, and eventually she did, and I saw exactly what I didn't want to see. An ugly looking bruise. It wasn't the only one though, as she lifted it up more there were more bruises, marks all over her. I knew exactly who did it once I saw them, and I really was fucking pissed. I went right for Ryan, who was in the other room, and I probably could've stabbed him right there. If you haven't been paying attention, I just found out Ryan was physically abusing Erika, she had bad bruises and marks all over her. I grabbed Ryan, pinned him up against a wall, and was just screaming at him. His girlfriend was getting frenzied, trying to pull me away from him, and I almost hit her. I let him go though, and tried to cool down, breaking tons of his crap in the process. I realized that this was probably very much upsetting Erika though, so I tried to really calm down. Ryan had a look the whole time like he was going to die, as he should've since he was very close. I went to their phone to call CPS, and his gf for a second tried to convince me not to.

Anonymous 09/30/07(Sun)00:34:18 No.41092624

And then I realized something else: he does it to her too. I hated him, I still hate him, I will always hate him. CPS said they'd "investigate the matter". And I was pretty much shocked that this was all that they could offer me, a visit promised to occur within the next few DAYS when I specifically said it was urgent. So I called the police, who actually arrived. And then I saw that Ryan who was in the living room when I last saw him had left when I was on the phone. I threw his phone up against the wall and it shattered into pieces, but I looked at Erika and she was crying her eyes out. I wrapped my arms around her, trying not to hurt anything, and told her that I hoped I didn't scare her. The police came, and both I and Ryan's girlfriend gave our sides of the story. And that bitch actually had the nerve to claim that it was ME that did it. And of course the police not knowing anything about it really, could only put equal weight on both stories. Erika had become sort of out of it at that point, she wasn't able to write anything and wasn't responding in any way to what the officers were saying. She gave slight nods to some questions but they still couldn't make much of what she was trying to convey. They did agree though that for Erika's safety, she should be removed from Ryan's house at least for the moment until more conclusive proof can be given. This relieved me a bit, that they were going to do something.

Anonymous 09/30/07(Sun)00:34:46 No.41092668

Once Erika was better at CPS, she revealed the whole story. Ryan would hit her sometimes, sometimes trip her while she was walking, and things I wouldn't want to go into detail to. Nothing sexually abusive though, which was slightly another relief. Then he would tell her that if she told anybody, he wouldn't let her see me anymore. So basically he used me against her. I still feel terrible about it. The only reason he was letting me see her is because he could do this to her. His gf I imagine wouldn't want to press charges against him, but that doesn't mean he gets off scot-free for sure. He came back to his place at night, and was arrested, and is awaiting a trial. The only thing is that if he was to get convicted of anything, Erika would probably have to testify against him at a trial. I don't know if she would want to do that. I'm hoping that it doesn't get to be something publicly known, I wouldn't want to put Erika through that. Only Ryan, his gf, me, CPS, and the police know to the extent of my knowledge, I haven't told anybody else. Ryan or his gf better not, but that wouldn't be something they would want to do anyway. Erika's been at CPS ever since, I'm hoping she isn't severely traumatized by this, but I know she won't be the same for a while. I still don't get it, why anybody would want to do something like that. Sometimes, I really just think humans are disgusting.

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