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[This post has not been verified as genuine, but the only alternative is that the author just was uninterested in finishing his story, so here it is. Posted, or possibly reposted, to /r9k/.]

09/06/08(Sat)02:12:09 No.1461065

Hello everyone. This is blindmuteloli guy, here again for one last update. I know I left you all hanging for a while, but I had real life business to attend to. I had a lot of things about myself and my situation that I needed to improve, and I could no longer justify spending so much time on the Internet. So first, I'll talk about how I've been (I know, I know, get to the loli faggot). I still work at the same "restaurant", but I've been upgraded to assistant manager. Thus, I make more money (though I'm not a rich man still) and I'm able to support Erika and I living alone in an apartment, paying the rent all by myself like a big boy. We left on good terms with Melinda, and we're still good friends with her. I have yet to pursue any higher education but I'm working on it. I also finished that anger management course with no troubles. Now for the person you really care about, Erika. She's started school, and she performs very well. Her teacher tells me that she's exceptionally smart (although that could be the usual idle flattery from teachers, here's actually more to Erika's teacher too, but I'll tell you later. ) and she's made a lot of friends. No boyfriends yet though. She told me that the boys are all immature and that she much prefers me. I won't argue with her. Nobody's bullied her either. She has a nice plump little aide who escorts her around the building. She stopped talking, and hasn't yet restarted. I've generally dropped the issue. If she doesn't want to (well really she can't), it's her choice. Her father is still in prison, and I hope he stays that way. His lawyer has tried to harass us a few times, but I've never given in to him.

09/06/08 02:13:34 No.1461073

Cheryl, unfortunately, died. Her cancer was fatal. It was really depressing to watch her deteriorate slowly. She fought it until the end, but she slowly became more docile and grandmother-like. On one visit, she even told Erika and I that she loved us both. I normally don't get emotional, but I started crying. I was there when she died. She looked peaceful, as if she drifted away to sleep. I hope she was peaceful. I think Erika and I really did make her feel useful, or at least like she had good friends. Gloria took it pretty hard too. On a particular night, she tried to kill herself. That's a long story though, and I don't feel like telling it. She's slowly coping now though. Sharon gave birth to her baby, James. He's a cute little guy. Mark is still there too, and he's still Mark. Even though they divorced, they somehow still seem to have an odd one minute antagonistic one minute romantic relationship. Sharon has a positive influence on him though. He tries to be less insensitive (trying being the key word, although I'm glad that he makes an earnest effort). His mom died too, but she was an old bat anyway. My younger sister finally got herself straightened out. No more promiscuous sex, no more drugs, she's back on track. And no, I didn't bang her... maybe. My older sister still makes more money than me and loves to lord it over me. My parents are still very supportive and love Erika.

09/06/08 02:13:58 No.1461076

Jim's wife ended up divorcing him. I sort of saw it coming. Jim is a bum and a slob, though a good-natured one, and Cynthia is an uptight, business oriented woman. The kids took it kind of hard. They used to come over to my place a lot when mommy and daddy needed to "talk". Jim gets to have custody of the kids on the weekends. It actually worked out for him in the end though. Jim met Erika's teacher, Brooke, at a PTA meeting and they hit it off. Brooke is a pretty young teacher with a nice body. Erika says that the boys in the class make perverted comments about her. To be quite honest, I wanted a crack at her, but Jim got her first. I don't really see the attraction, since he's a middle-aged, slightly overweight guy and she's young and perky but I suppose it's not my place to interfere. Ryan and I went our separate ways. I told him that maybe someday we could be friends, but that I had to focus on my primary obligations to my daughter first. He agreed, and he said that he envied me. Here's what he last said to me: "Jake, you're an underachiever. You're not the smartest or the strongest, you pretty much suck at everything. But you try hard and you're a good person. I envy you, because I don't know the unselfish love you have for Erika." I've gained respect for Ryan. Or rather, more of a realization. He's complex individual, just like the rest of us. He does do bad things; he hurts other people and he sociopathically manipulates others, but he does have the same emotions as everyone else.

09/06/08 02:14:25 No.1461083

Melinda is still living in her same big house. Her dad was pleased as punch when I moved out, saying he didn't want my "dirty insemination" (his exact words, each sylablle enunciated with his cantakerous tone, little droplets of spit escaping his mouth with each sound) spoiling his good daughter. Melinda is still single too. Luke's tried off and on to get back together with her, but with no luck. As for Luke, he's still the same guy. He still watches the same anime and is still sort of a pedophile pervert. There's actually a funny story about him. I was reading a doujin on my computer, and Erika asked me what I was doing. I told her, and she asked me what it was about. I said that a guy leaves a little "present" for his sister in her panties. She inquires more about it, so I finally tell her that he jerked off into them and let them for her to change into. A few days later, Luke, being the kind guy he is, bought Erika a present and happily informed her that he had a gift for her consumption. She was horrified and ran away. And that's really how everyone's been. If there's anybody I missed, you can be sure to ask me about them.

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