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Random Access[edit]

  • Solid-State Drive - Solid State Drives are extremely fast, with no moving parts that could pose a danger. On the other hand, flash memory has a set amount of read/write cycles, providing about 10 years of life under heavy use.
  • Hard Drive - Hard drives contain spinning magnetic disks for high speed read/write. It's a miracle that this technology even works at all: Unfortunately it will also take a miracle to recover your data if the disk crashes.


Mediums for data archival.

  • Compact Disc/DVD - The most common disc storage medium, readily available in any computer.
  • Blu-ray - A high capacity disc storage medium, from 25-50GB.
  • LTO Tape - The highest capacity and most cost effective storage medium: is Tape. LTO-4 Tape can be $12 a 80)GB tape, and $50-100 for a drive.