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[s4s] is a board that was created on April 1, 2013. It is a board of many lulz and content creation, perhaps the last bastion of creativity on 4chan. From memes, to shoops, stickies, artwork and original music, esfores has a lot of content that needs to be preserved. As the new memes come out, we must not forget the ebin memes of the past.


  • March 31 – moot confirms /s4s/ is here to stay.
  • April 1 – moot adds /s4s/ – Shit 4chan Says under the header of “Unlike the other new boards, this is being added on a permanent basis. If it doesn't pan out or goes unused, you should probably check your privilege.” The board gets two stickies – a 5555 dubs GET and another saying “Post in this thread to have your privilege checked” Later the full joke kick’s in and moot changes the format and CSS to make it look like Reddit. On both /s4s/ and /b/ a popup about AdultCatFinder appears. A mod checks everyone’s privilege on the second sticky and an empty thread is stickied on /b/.
  • April 3 - /s4s/ becomes an official 4chan board, becoming a rules-free yellow board under the title of “Shitposting 4n Steroids”, but it’s not listed on the main page and many people complain about the name change.
  • April 7 - /s4s/ is renamed again, this time, to Shitp4sterS.
  • April 10 - /s4s/ gets renamed to Shit 4chan Says.
  • May 12 – moot opens the third Q/A, fucks with the CSS by forgetting a “ and jokes with /s4s/ by giving it Comic Sans.
  • September 9 – moot renames /s4s/ to its rightful name [s4s].
  • September 10 – moot in a glorious soup-induced delirium, adds :fortune: to [s4s]. Many rolls where had.
  • September 15 – [s4s], notorious for stealing GETs, has their 1M get stolen by /g/.


  • January 23 - A stickied thread on [s4s] becomes the first thread in 4chan history to reach ten thousand replies. The thread, which was posted by a namefag called 'Getter Robo' with the text 'LETS BREAK THE REPLY RECORD' and a picture of said robot exclaiming 'UOOH!', is nearly impossible to view without crashing the computer. The OP of the post received ten thousand replies, doubling the previous record set by a namefag called 'eternal samefig' on the same board, who vowed to reply to his post until 4chan died. The thread dies on February 18.
  • February 18 - [s4s] goes completely out of control after the aforementioned "Reply record" thread is un-stickied, resulting in a glitch in the system. This includes up to 26 pages being added one by one, resulting in threads linking to 404's, or 504 gateway errors, and multiple threads being made to "keep" the pages once the bug is fixed... only to be reverted later. The ongoing kek thread gets deleted as well.
  • June 27 - A Homestuck general is stickied on [s4s] after Homestuck generals were booted off of /co/
  • December 7 - At the request of an Anon on [s4s], moderator swaglord stickies a thread that repeats the phrase "wew lad" over and over.
  • December 10 - [s4s]'s font is changed to Comic Sans.



  • March 30 - [s4s] is "raided" by a Spanish chan (Hispachan?), thinking they were somehow causing damage to the board and 4chan as a whole. It was entirely ineffectual and did nothing but liven up the normally drab and shit filled halls of 4chan's most EBIN board.
  • June 21 - 4chan opens a banner contest with the reward of 4chan passes. The peoples of [s4s] make lots of banners; here is a list of them.
  • June 23 - A rolling /pol/ sticky about the UK referendum to leave the EU (Brexit) shatters the record for the most posts in a single thread in 4chan history, crushing the previous record set by [s4s] :(
  • July 4 - Moderator Swaglord makes a thread on [s4s] and embeds music into it, something about Independence Day.
  • July 16 - /r9k/'s 30000000 GET got claimed by [s4s], which resulted into /r9k/ deciding to raid [s4s] and vice-versa. It took 30 minutes until mods started banning people and deleting threads on both boards. Big keks were had.
  • August 19 - Swaglord stickies a thread on [s4s] where they pretend to be /qa/, another mod stickies a thread on /qa/ where they pretend to be [s4s], lulz ensue.
  • November 4 - Hiro takes a modified 4chan logo (now featuring a picture of Keksandra, [s4s]'s board-tan, checking 'em) from a malicious ad-reporting thread on /qa/ and makes it the new homepage image, as suggested by a user. [s4s] celebrates, while some /a/ and /qa/ members complain that Keksandra is replacing Yotsuba. A few hours later on /b/, Keksandra gets sexts and declares herself the new mascot of 4chan, causing a slight meltdown. The thread is filled with dubs checking and Keksandra porn.






[spacies] kot agrise!! [buzz litebeer] eye donut askosiate wif.. EMMAS [spaceinbadere] IDS'E DIM FORE SKITZOMANIA BRUVER YEEEEEERRRRRRR [ ] dis hat gurl... rocks my're worlde....... [space is da place] my're wurlt iss krumberling......

  • November 6 - gurt sticker~!
  • November 7 - a bury beary buries berries! STICKUREDE
  • November 13 - El perro stretchy turns 1! stickeroonie'd!
  • November 15 - 99+88888(spike) = π
  • November 16 - The heroes of esfores completed the memetable! They did it! YEAY!
  • November 18 - no recollection of important events
  • November 21 - nothing important happened
  • December 14 - kisse unlog'ted w00te~!
  • December 19 - bury haty stick! BURRY HATYY STICCK!


  • January 8 - iisy colde 9999 getse stickerooni'd~! BBRRRRRRR *shibere shibere*
  • January 13 - ane ebin breade kets dda stikk! 77777breade~!
  • January 16 - watch dis doge as he eats chinese puude en JUS 4DAES inb4 stiggy!! YONDEZU!!!
  • January 22 - RHINOFREN WINZ DDA 88888! 88888! 88888! STICK'D ANNE CHEKERINO'D!
  • January 28 - 00000 konfrerms esfores bes barde! st1k'd! W00000T!
  • February 5 - 111111shep! LOLESTICK
  • February 14 - Yune gid e snoggle stackerino 4ne vilantinerino's~! STICK"RD
  • February 19 - bloge sticker mobed 2 /binteroni/
  • February 22 - 2-22-22 nebarn firongetti
  • February 23 - HOO GODE I'DE? )YOO('NE GODD IDDE! STIGG3R'D
  • March 4 - da clopster sticky eberynyan ax'd fo
  • March 28 - an hole monfv wif onle won stixer... hnnhhhmmm... UNDIL, 77777GET WW1NZ BAKE LE HARTES OB DA MODGODS W00T~https://archive.ph/UjdyU
  • April 1 - esfores celenbrays ids 9'tth bday! WOOT~! STICKY
  • April 16 - Spikedog turnes ni! He gids node 1, bude 2 stickers~! WOOTWEMAMA!
  • April 23 - hop in dis sticker dood~! LOLE!!!!~11~!!!!1
  • April 25 - mario-chong sama le w1nz 222222 GET~! WO0T GET STICK'd WoOT~! ANUVA ST1*K; WISHE FISHE KISSE
  • May 14 - le "can i come in?" kuma STICKE"RD
  • May 17 - DA CRABE STIK
  • June 16 - E MAYGEY STICKERE! WOo0T3!!5!
  • August 28 - CRAETURA STICKER!!!!! WOOTE/~!
  • September 12 - a CORNEY sticker!! LoLE!!!!
  • September 21 - Turtlel Strummin....... STICKED!
  • October 1 - BIRTHDAY YES 19TH
  • October 25 - Pierats stole le 444444 GET! Hohnoo, scurbvvyy adbentru're lole!!!!! STICK'D!
  • December 22 - I AM A ROBOT BEEP LOLE



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