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The Bibliotheca Anonoma Wiki has special features and extensions that editors can make use of.

There are also more advanced features that can be utilized, found in this guide: MediaWiki/Editing/Advanced.

Miscellaneous Templates

  • Template:Quotation - Quotes in a little textbox, with author and publication specifiable.
  • Color Templates - Color templates you can use to give text different colors.
  • Special:Interwiki - You can have interwiki links to related pages on other wikis or websites: [[mw:Help:Editing Pages]]. Ask an admin if you want to create more.
    • The Know Your Meme interwiki link uses subdirectories under the main /memes directory, so if it were /memes/subcultures/association-football, use {{kym:subcultures/association-football}}.

4chan Templates

  • Template:Greentext/Template:Gt - If you have greentext from 4chan, just copy and paste, enclose the lines with this template and it will look perfect.
  • Template:Fortune (proposed) - Using the RandomSelection extension, randomly display a line from a preset array. Could be used to resurrect the 4chan fortunes function: or provide BSD-style fortunes.


Inline Code

You can use inline code here:

{{Ic|your inline code}}

If there are errors, enclose your code in nowiki blocks.

{{Ic|<nowiki>Weird HTML block code here: <p></p></nowiki>}}

Block Code

Block code can just be indented with spaces to turn them into monospaced blocks with no text wrapping.

You can also avoid adding spaces by using Template:Bc (or Template:Lc for line numbers):


By specifying the language to use, you can get syntax highlighting as well. Here's a long list of supported languages.

# says hello
print "hello world"

# says goodbye
print "goodbye world"
# says hello
print "hello world"

# says goodbye
print "goodbye world"

Code with Header

Note: Header code is currently not highlighted and may need nowiki tags, but we're working on it.

Just like on the Arch Wiki, it might be useful to provide a header to the code to state a filename or something.

# The content of a file is included here.
echo "Hello World"
# The content of a file is included here.
echo "Hello World"

Advanced Block Code

The SyntaxHighlight Extension is utilized in the code formatting templates above, but you can use it directly to make use of special features.

1 def quickSort(arr):
2 	less = []
3 	pivotList = []
4 	more = []
5 	if len(arr) <= 1:
6 		return arr
7 	else:
8 		pass
<syntaxhighlight lang="python" line='line'>
def quickSort(arr):
	less = []
	pivotList = []
	more = []
	if len(arr) <= 1:
		return arr

Uploading Files

You can upload images, pdfs, or webms (strongly preferred over gif, please convert) for media that is closely tied to the wiki at Special:Upload. You can even upload multiple files using Special:BatchUpload. File size limit is 50MB.

Some Files Go on Eikonos

Eikonos image embed test.

Some media is interesting in itself, such as screencaps, greentext, and reaction images. Eikonos is our image tag database system that works as an online museum gallery to sort and organize our large collection of images.

These should be posted to Eikonos and linked back here instead. The exact size of the preview must be specified. See the syntax below, and an example to the right.

{{#eimage:|200x100px|thumb|inline|Eikonos image embed test.}}

Embedding Videos or Music

Use the EmbedVideo extension to embed YouTube videos and such.


Categories are crucial to the organization of data on this wiki. Despite their name, they function similarly to tags: they can be user generated and pages can have multiples of them.

Subcategories are easily made by marking a parent category in a category page.

  • In the editor, at least on a desktop, there is a MsCatSelect system allowing you to visually choose which categories to apply from a combobox (whereas the manual way requires you to think them up).
  • Dynamic Page List can also be used to produce a list of pages matching a certain category.
  • Category Functions can be used in tables showing pages with columns marking which ones are in which categories.

Adding Images

Adding External Images

Downloading the entire internet via dialup.

While it is much better to upload images to this wiki to prevent dead links, in some cases you can use an EImage link to embed an external image, such as from Eikonos, and in rare cases, Imgur or Flickr. An example is shown on the right.

In general, the external image format is as follows. More details can be found at the EImage Documentation. Imgur IDs can be used straight up.


Table Design

You might find it useful to have table column coloring templates, which can highlight table cells with some text. wp:Category:Unified_table_cell_templates

See this guide for usage instructions. Note that templates that are not yet on the wiki need to be copied over to work.

Design Models

The Bibliotheca Anonoma is descended from various model wikis that templates were directly copied from, or otherwise inspired the MediaWiki instance.

  • Arch Wiki - The code templates, template documentation system, and Note boxes are inherited from here.
  • Traveller RPG Wiki - The cargo templates are heavily influenced by their implementation here.
  • - Their VIP quality templates are just plain hilarious.
  • Wikimedia - Lua templates and other complex templates are imported from the less complex Mediawiki instances at the Wikimedia Foundation.
    • Templates from Wikipedia are generally avoided since they tend to be significantly more complex to provide all features for its broad userbase.