4chan GET Encyclopedia

Posted as the first reply of a post (2GET) or to mark milestone posts, especially in /b/ (10,000GET, 100,000GET, etc). Originated on 2chan and rapidly adopted by 4chan. When a new posting milestone is near, /b/'s already high rate of posting increases tremendously, as the /b/tards scramble to score a GET. GETs often create new memes, which is the primary reason that they are considered desirable. GETs of interesting number combinations are acknowledged on other boards depending on how busy the board is and how easy it is to get one, but not the way /b/ does. However, interest in GETs has increase somewhat on /a/, probably due to the board having enough posts for high-number GETs to occur. In true /b/tard tradition, when a GET is seen as shitty it is blamed on the mods, as unreasonable as that might be.

The concept of "GET" originated on 2channel (where 2GET and 1000GET, the first and last possible replies to a thread, are the ones considered desirable), but is modified on 4chan due to 4chan being primarily imageboards rather than text-based message boards. On the text boards, 2ch style GETs are sometimes seen.

A failed attempt at a GET is known as a FAILGET, a term which is also used to describe a GET that sucks. Conversely, an awesome GET is sometimes called a WINGET. It should be noted that the boards are coded in such a way that GETS are automatically stickied (or at least, they were; autosticky has since been disabled).

GETs on boards other than /b/ are noticed and celebrated as well, especially on the larger boards such as /v/ and /a/, though they rarely get as much attention as /b/'s GETs. Sometimes, boards will try to "steal" each other GETs with their memes. /b/'s 10M "HazukiGET" is sometimes considered to be stolen by /a/, in turn /a/'s 1M MilhouseGET is considered to be a /b/ or /co/ theft, and so on - much myth surrounds these since the distinction between board userbases isn't nearly as clear as some would like you to believe, and if /b/ with its massive force tries to steal a GET it's over anyway.

First GETs

/b/ was reset several times during 4chan's initial, chaotic incarnations. The first GET did not arrive until April 2004.

1 on /co/ : a .gif of Zoidberg from Futurama attempting to use a slinky, and having it catch on fire.
10 on /jp/ : 10 on /jp/ Cirno from Touhou being promoted. A failget as she was going for the ⑨
100 on /jp/ : Cirno, with the image from 6666666 on /a/. Failed at getting 99. 99 was a text post of "Don't you think you're overreacting? We appreciate a new board but the reason all that was in /a/ was because it has its own community. Stuff happens on /a/ that you can't quite get anywhere else, and if you want to talk about vn's or something it was the place you were most likely to find someone with a shared interest"
999 on /jp/ : Overdrive animated gif from Touhou, in a Cirno thread. The user's name was ➈ ➈ ➈ ➈ ➈ ➈ ➈ ➈ ➈. Close enough that he should stop trying until it's time for 6666 and 9999.
1000 on /jp/ : "1000 GET" with an photo of delicious dumplings. Considered a minor winget.
6809 on /g/ : an image of the 6809 CPU, a NerdGet. The first known deliberate GET on that board.
6666 on /jp/ : 6666 on /jp/ is an upside down Cirno The first real winget.
6969 on /jp/ : 6969 on /jp/: ⑥⑨⑥⑨ A failed attempt at 6666 was suddenly turned into an unexpected winget, courtesy of Kohaku from Tsukihime.
10000 on /vp/ : A post stating 'I don't even play Pokemon!' in spoilers.
50K on /g/ : An animated gif of Win2k-tan doing the Popotan dance.
77777 on /i/ : 77777 on /i/: ███████Tripfag████████ get Two old superheroes from WWII comics talking to each other. Deleted almost instantly. The full image from 77777's post on /i/: InvadersGET
82042 on /lit/ : "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" Replying to a "post ending in X" thread, with the first -42 post deciding what book he would read. In Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, "the answer to Live, the Universe, and Everything" is 42.
99999 and 100K on /jp/ : 99999 and 100K on /jp/ Further proof that the creation of /jp/ is for the best of the /a/ board.
100K : "lol internet" Possibly the most relevant GET of them all. It was a random reply by an Anonymous who apparently was not actually seeking the GET, but has spawned an enduring and important meme. http://macrochan.org/get.py?sha1=BGGGMA5S7VLZYO5EB27E3ATAVGRLIDIB
100K on /u/ : "I has a flute" Since 100KGET was an off-topic, utter /b/tard failget that was promptly deleted, it was agreed upon in the aftermath to nominate a picture of Shirou Emiya holding a sword drawn by tripfag Velox edited into Chikane Himemiya holding a flute by tripfag Kebinu as the 'honorary' 100K get.
123456 on /g/ (2006-Aug-08) : "in this thread we wonder how the OP can function in real life without any critical thinking skills." Yes, a reply to a mouthbreatingly-retarded support question. 125K on /g/ (2006-Aug-11) : DANGER OF DEATH icon, warning people to stay away from using ZoneAlarm.
137K on /u/ : "damn I really wanna see Shiznat fuck their own kids wouldn't that be cool /u/?" No image. Posted in a thread featuring artwork of the girls holding hypothetical test tube children. Not only a failget, but a sad and telling indication of just how deeply the Shiznat cancer has metastasized itself in /u/. Met with derision.http://img155.imageshack.us/my.php?image=137000getusk4.png
190K on /e/ : "what's the source of OP?" Anonymous later commented that this was the most relevant non-/b/ get ever.
200K on /g/ (2006-Dec-26) : MacOS-tan LoliGET. "LOLI LOEV GET".

230K on /g/ : "Or maybe you're just a homo who can't configure his 'puter." Later regarded as more relevant than /e/'s 190k.
238K on /v/ : "increase contrast and brightness you fag" Referring to a joke screen about Doom 3 and Quake 4. Anonymous called it the worst fucking get ever.
300k on /co/ : "HomerGET". First recognized /co/ GET. Despite petitioning the mods, the GET was abandoned to die when it started to auto-sage.
310K on /tv/ : "You love them and their delicious love that never seems to work.", in a thread discussing the Season 6 finale of Scrubs, in which main characters JD and Elliot possibly get back together after being on and off for most of the series.
400K on /c/ : Desu GET. A picture of Suiseiseki wearing a nightgown. Decried by some for deliberately seeking a GET, which /c/ has never really cared about before. However, it was generally accepted as at least somewhat win. The thread quickly became an ordinary Suiseiseki thread.
400K on /g/ : 80px Jenny GET; "GETs are stupid."
400K on /tv/ : A macro of a Mudkip shopped into a screencap from Doctor Who, with no text. http://i11.tinypic.com/5yvdbpd.png
500K : "meh meh 500k or not?" Image of an blue LED, user was supposedly banned for this post. Everyone attempting to create a Blue LED-tan meme was also banned. The thread was the place W.T.Snacks said the telling 'You don't "get" /b/.' comment, exhibiting the lack of regard the Mods had for the original Anonymous Imageboard culture, and considered the moment from when /b/ stopped being the awesome place that it had been.
500k on /co/ : LiefeldGET. a picture of an infamously bad artist named Robert Liefeld with the text ¨I´m a good artist!¨. http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f55/malomeat/1181073975334.jpg
500k on /g/: Marisa Kirisame of Touhou, beating out numerous /a/ssholes flooding Lucky Star. It was subsequently argued whether this GET belonged to /a/, to /v/ or to fail, but this became moot as the thread ceased to exist within minutes.
600k on /co/ : Super Skrull GET. Image of the comic character Super-Skrull. Became recognized after the recent emergence of the Skrull meme on /co/. http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f55/malomeat/1181074301061.png
650k on /co/ : April O´Neil´s tits GET. Surprisingly win.
700K on /co/ : Slyde Get. A random reply by Anonymous containing only the text "Slyde", referring to an obscure Marvel Comics villain who has a following on /co/ due to a highly amusing appearance in a somewhat recent Spider-Man issue, in which he tries to act like he's Spidey's arch-rival and utters lines such as "Did you not see the Slyde Punch?". Due to Slyde's popularity on the board, it was considered a WinGET despite its ordinary nature.http://img260.imageshack.us/img260/3369/700000hk3.jpg
777777 on /co/ : AkiraGET. /a/ get in an /a/ related thread. http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f55/malomeat/1181073924802.png
800K on /co/ : Slyde Get 2. Unlike the first Slyde Get, this one was a deliberate attempt by the tripfag "███████Tripfag████████ !REDREDLOGo" (800K was also the first time the /co/mrades actually flooded the board in pursuit of a GET). It contained the text "SURAIDO GET!" (Engrish for "SLYDE GET", thus implying that Tripfag is a weeaboo), and a picture of Slyde being shot in the head during the Civil War: War Crimes one-shot, which is the 4th and most recent time that Slyde has been killed. While the GET received a somewhat mixed response (as it depicted the death of a /co/ favorite), it was mostly considered another WinGET.http://img178.imageshack.us/img178/2593/800000fm0.jpg Especially in light of it defeating a TrollGET attempt (a picture of Iron Man, who's widely hated on /co/, and the text "All hail", which ended up as /co/'s 799999th post. This FailGET was considered highly appropriate.http://img404.imageshack.us/img404/7003/799999bx3.jpg The other near-miss, at 800001, was a picture of Monty Python's Spanish Inquisition, with no text. This was considered awesome because, appropriately, no one expected it. Some argued that it would've made a better GET than Slyde, but others felt that its appearance immediately after the GET was even less expected and thus more appropriate.http://img266.imageshack.us/img266/7315/800001um4.jpg
888888 : "almost" http://img74.imageshack.us/img74/8932/almostfq8.jpg This GET spawned a short lived almost meme.
888888 on /co/ : Spider-Man floodGET. Fail like no other. http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f55/malomeat/1181074495966.png
900K : A picture of Raptor Jesus, then switched by moderators to a picture of a man with a donut on his penis. http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/1858/11350075438787ej.jpg
900K on /co/ : A random Anonymous reply saying "GTFO FAG" in a thread attempting to score the GET for Squirrel Girl, one of /co/'s favorite characters. Widely considered a FailGET. 900001, however, was another near miss by Iron Man, and was hailed as the true GET. It was also OVER 900000!!!.http://img157.imageshack.us/img157/9216/900001nq4.jpg
919K on /co/ : "Does Marvel know at all how much Sally Floyd is hated?

Like, has someone stood up at one of those editor panels at the convention and yelled into the mic "THAT FUCKING WHORE NEEDS TO DIE!"?"
Upside-down 616(the number of the Marvel universe)-GET. Sally Floyd is a dumb bitch reporter that told Captain America he's a bad superhero because he doesn't have a Myspace or watch American Idol or NASCAR. She (along with Cap's non-response to her bullshit) also represents the fact that Marvel writers have forgotten that Cap was unfrozen decades ago, not yesterday, and thus is well aware that it's no longer the 1940s.

950K on /co/ : "I do"

"ConfimationGET. A tripfag telling Anonymous that she read more Alan Moore books after enjoying Promethea. Not a fail get, but not very win either. http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f55/malomeat/1181074840482.png 

999999 on /co/ : "HEAVEN OR HELL: LET'S ROCK" with a picture of xj9 and Frankie. http://img406.imageshack.us/img406/9585/1181072476564xo7.jpg

1 Million

1M : orgasmGET "Female Orgasm" text with a sketch of Sae Sawanoguchi from the anime Magic Users Club in sexual bliss. http://macrochan.org/get.py?sha1=EPQKDCVYAXXBMCZYWFKB64EOFXVBYINH Seconds later, the post was deleted and mods stickied another post with the picture of a budgie in a jar originally named 'Bonzai Budgie' but quickly dubbed 'Bottle Budgie'. The post number was also changed to be 1000000 with many users believing the original 1M GET was false in preference of this.

1M on /a/ : Milhouse in a tuxedo, standing triumphant with the text "MILHOUSE GET". Widely considered the greatest get ever or the worst get ever, depending on if you were trolling or not. The gigantic red "X" and word "NO" that was subsequently edited over the picture thumbnail has contributed to the widespread belief that the get was fixed by the mods. Was nevertheless stickied and remained at the top of /a/ for days, igniting a shitstorm of argument, mainly by Haruhi fans who thought the mods had cheated them out of a get with a MySQL failure just before the get happened (Haruhi got 1000001). Dozens of calls went out for the picture to be deleted as Milhouse was not only not a meme but also off-topic; the mods ignored these calls, which all but assures it was indeed a mod get. http://i12.tinypic.com/2vinnyq.jpg
1M on /co/ : Fail GET. During the flood of /co/ by /a/ and several other boards just before the get, the actual 1M Get wound up as a deleted image (believed to be of Myron Reducto from the cartoon ´Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law´) simply stating "Reducto Get" next to it. Later the members of /co/ decided they wanted to pretend they had a good get and created a new image. The image comprises of a newspaper with a picture of supervillain Hank Scorpio reading " Supervillain Seizes 1M GET", with the theme tune for Hank Scorpio (from the credits of the Simpsons episode Scorpio originates from) posted with it. http://img128.imageshack.us/img128/6589/co1mio0.jpg This new GET has been called the RETCON GET, the term used for changing or adding information, used heavily in most comics.
1M on /ck/ : Ryu from street fighter and Cyclops from X-MEN shaking hands from capcom vs marvel. Ryu representing with the text "/v/" and Cyclops representing with "/co/" from their respective boards of interest. /v/ and /co/ steal the GET just seconds after a rush of spam during the last one hundred posts to the GET by /b/. Comments consisted mostly of RAGE and cheer from the native /ck/ as they were relieved that /b/ did not get the GET. http://img188.imageshack.us/img188/8999/covhate.jpg Considered an EPIC get with no other /v/ or /co/ posts spamming in all of /ck/ during the rush for the GET except this one and both /v/ and /co/ boards stealing a GET from /b/ successfully. This may be the first GET in history that two boards collaborated together to get a GET from /b/ successfully.
1M on /jp/ : 1M featured "Take it easy." GET featuring the original Yukkuri. Was stickied shortly after it was posted and stayed up for less than a day. Liked by many, and was said to become the new rule 1 of /jp/. Even the servers were taking it easy during the GET.
1M on /k/: A deleted post in a probable troll thread. No one is sure how hard it failed, but it had to be pretty bad.http://img252.imageshack.us/img252/2885/1mfailfs3.gif
1M on /m/: Love-Love GET featuring Domon and Rain from G Gundam. Happened on the same day as /a/'s 8M, but as usual /m/ is self-secluded and no one notices as a WIN GET passes by unruined.
1111111 on /co/ : ¨Is it can be NSFW Sunday?¨. Created /co/´s NSFW Sunday. http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f55/malomeat/1182583481429.png
1.25m on /co/: Holy GET. During a thread in which /co/ wrote their own bible, Nameless !2JF1umrU16 managed to achieve an overwhelming winGET with an unintentional typo and a cry for the thread to be stickied. Only he forgot to include his name after trolling /v/. He was later hailed Bearer of the Holy GET.
1.6M : ¯\(º_o)/¯ http://i10.tinypic.com/2a8kqrq.jpg
1.7M : User Domokun posted "ahhh", no image. Considered a fail.
1.8M : ¯\(º_o)/¯ http://i13.tinypic.com/33cuicl.jpg
1.9M : "190000 GET" text, with image of Waha looking under a girl's skirt http://macrochan.org/get.py?sha1=VR63UTZITMRAOLTMPUTA6GPNELY346B3

2 Million

2M : "Delcious sic? Ironing"/Fake "Delicious Ron" post. http://img385.imageshack.us/img385/7016/11236838023627fk.png
2M on /a/ : Mariya from the anime Otome Wa Boku Ni Koishiteru, with a facial expression similar to Grinbitch's "Oh ho, why not whore ourselves?" picture. Considered an even more collossal failure than 1M, Moot himself personally intervened, handing down the judgment "SHIT SUCKS FAGGOT" and banning the Anonymous who posted it. http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/2163/2mgethw3.jpg
2M on /v/ : Pipboy GET. An image of Pipboy, the mascot of the Fallout series. Considered a winget, especially since /b/ was heavily attempting to steal the get at the time. The image and the post were deleted after being autosaged.
2M on /co/ : Onyx GET. Notorious poster Wyatt Creed, known for repeatedly posting pictures of girls from the cartoons Horseland and Trollz, posted a picture of the character Onyx from the cartoon Trollz with the "Onyx GET" caption. Shitstorm soon follow. http://img518.imageshack.us/img518/954/wyattkingvq0.jpg
2.1M : Contained the text "Thanks b, I always change the background here to something cool on caturday." No image.
2222222 on /co/ : Contained the text "Oh, thats an important distinction." No image. Considered a failure, as Booster Poke came from the future half an hour before to declare that 2222222GET would have no image and be a failure.
2.4M : Contained an anonymous user replying to a gif of someone fucking a fleshlight with the text "I soooo want this now." Considered a failure.
2.5M on /a/ : March 27, 2007. Photograph of a woman with a mouth full of Nilla Wafers cookies. As the get neared, posting increased to such a furious pace that the entire ten pages was wiped clean in under fifteen seconds, and the get itself survived less than five seconds on the board before it too was pushed off. Multiple sources providing screenshots confirmed the get, at which point /a/ erupted in furious protest. The get had usurped attempts by at least four different factions (Haruhi fans, Touhou fans, Jun Watarase fans and Death Note fans) to claim it. Most infuriated were the latter group, who had hoped to secure the get with an image of the famous "JUST AS PLANNED" scene from Death Note, the anime version of which had just aired earlier that day. (Some trolls cracked that this was in fact "JUST AS PLANNED" to deny them the get.) Most of the vitriol was directed at the mods, featuring unusually harsh language; (one /b/-type image somehow squeezing in among a flood of anime images, a MySQL error just as the get happened, etc.) and, even worse than Milhouse, the image was a photograph, not even drawn (it wasn't even an amusing image to begin with). Most users believed /a/ gets could not possibly get worse than 2M; as usual, the power of FailGET was tragically underestimated.http://img244.imageshack.us/img244/8877/2500000failgetlc8.png
2.6M : Posted in a thread that had a picture of black Jesus, with the text "JESUS SAVES 4CHAN!" The get itself was the first responce in the thread, simply "lets hope".
2.6M on /a/ : A Yaranaika GET. Many Anonymous considered this as a WinGET since the many epic FailGETs in /a/, though there was some limited dissent, especially among those attempting to score the GET for Jun. http://img412.imageshack.us/img412/3413/2600000fz6.jpg It was followed immediately by a post containing a pic of Slowpoke and text claiming it to be a Mod GET. It was to moments later with another Slowpoke pic and the text "Damnit".http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/9657/2600001ym4.jpg Given that missing a GET by exactly one post is just as impossible to time as the actual GET, SlowpokeFailGET most likely really was the work of the mods.
2666666 on /tv/: "Can't Hardly Wait" GET. Picture of the movie poster for the film "Can't Hardly Wait" with the text "Can't Hardly Wait 2666666GET?"
2.7M on /a/ : "SMALL BOSS GET": a screenshot of the Nanoha StrikerS character Reinforce II (known on /a/ as "Small Boss") with the subtitle "Ah, looks like something really bad is happening." Some Anonymous felt that the text was appropriate given /a/'s spate of FAILGETS, but others denounced this as a FAILGET as well.
2.8M on /a/: Chidori GET: A screenshot from Full Metal Panic of Kaname Chidori saying "Isn't that a kind of rape?". http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/8484/1176736700426cr5.jpg
2.8M on /co/: Tony Stark GET: A screenshot from the Iron Man movie, along with the text: "Stark is one of the leading employers in North America, offering a comprehensive health, and dental package with a competative payrate.". http://4chanarchive.org/brchive/dspl_thread.php5?thread_id=2799641. Surprisingly considered win.
2.9M on /a/: "Cock goeth whence". Screencap from Romeo x Juliet http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/2500/1177279438780xe0.jpg

3 Million

3M (2005-Oct-16): "TIME PARADOX/What a lame GET/Surely you jest". Accompanied pic was Waha and Pedobear with an explanation of how they're seen in Japan and in America. The post had a file with a UNIX timestamp after the 3,000,001st, and the poster PixelHotness being friendly with the Mods, caused some users to believe it was faked.
3M on /a/ : FILE DELETED, following a massive spate of MySQL connection failures, possibly caused by an anti-flood feature. Pushed off the board almost instantly. Text was the smiley "XD". Badly photoshopped "proofs" trying to claim the GET filled the board afterwards. Since the image was deleted, some users settled on a "blank" image from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni as a placeholder. 2999999 was about Lucky Star.
3M on /v/ : 80px "ArmpitGET". A picture of Reimu Hakurei from the Touhou games, arms raised over her head and baring her infamous armpits. Finally became 4chan's first TouhouGET, but lasted less than a minute before being bumped off in the rush of posting. Was not stickied. Some malcontents accused /a/ of stealing their get and have begun plotting to steal /a/'s 3MGET, unaware or ignorant that (1) Touhou is a video game series and (2) the mods and /b/ are already engaged in stealing /a/'s gets. Widely considered a FAILGET.
3M on /co/ : A failget. A reply to an attempted get involving Shego from Kim Possible that read "Close, but no GET".
3.3M : Contained a screencap from a Japanese TV show, with the text "OH SHIT SO CLOSE LOL" in the post.
3333333 on /a/ : "3GET". Animated GIF of Konata from Lucky ☆ Star. Somehow appropriate, due to Konata's " :3 " expression. Wasn't stickied until after almost an hour and a half had passed. http://img150.imageshack.us/img150/9471/timoteiim8.gif
3.4M on /a/ : HaruhiGET. Considered an infinite/epic fail due to making a thread dedicated to the beloved characters Kamina from the anime Gurren-Lagann a failGET. http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f55/malomeat/1180061823129.gif
3.5M : Logic puzzle blueprint with the word "FAIL" written in.
3.5M on /a/: Text GET: "/a/radio sucks". Epic in its understatedness and considered a WinGET by most.http://img170.imageshack.us/img170/9991/35milonang2.jpg

4 Million

4M : Picture of girl's volleyball team in very revealing briefs. There's a faint logo that says "Force Volley" Text: "If I see that duck 4m more times..." Stickied as the last post in /b/ for a short time. http://macrochan.org/get.py?sha1=YHMZOVY44GD524U55VRSZVVV3TD274NE
4M on /a/ : The text "hey does anyone know of any cool anime about pigs?". The picture, along with the pictures of almost every post on the board at the time were deleted. Due to the overwhelming amount of faggotry and spam going on during the night, 4M was bumped off in a matter of seconds.
4M on /v/ : Yotsuba is always welcome on /a/ Half of a picture of the Pokemon Bidoof as someone attempting to create a larger image by posting parts of the image. However, the actual image contained within 4M was of improper size and proportion, causing people to claim SHIT SUX.
4040404 on /a/ : Yotsuba is always welcome on /a/ An image of Yotsuba looking excited, with the text "Is it get yet?". It was stickied in /a/. It was still considered a WINGET by most of /a/, who were happy to see it after the faggotry of the 4M GET.
4444444 on /a/ : sauce/moar? A reply to a thread featuring Tohsaka Rin from Fate/Stay Night saying ¨sauce/moar?¨. Epic FailGET. Blamed on summer newfags. It was likely a troll considering the source was already on the picture.
4444444 on /v/ : Tripfag GET A picture of Scorpio from the PS2 game "Devil Kings", during his "M'LORD" face, which is often used as a response to offensive or shocking OP images. Was taken by the Tripfag Adol Christin, though the archived thread displays mixed feelings about the get(About 1/4 win, 1/4 acceptable, 1/2 TRIPFAG GET IS FAILGET).
4.5M : A text post containing only the word "eee". There was no image. Widely considered a failed GET. The clamour to get the 4.5 millionth post caused a lengthy MySQL failure. -01/22/06
4.5M on /v/ : A shiny Charizard.
4.5M on /a/: A hybrid GET of Azumanga Daioh, Twelve Kingdoms, and Giovanni from Pokemon, with the text "GETs considered harmful". At first it was considered an IronyGET due to the irony of the message, but became a WinGET - because of the surprise image of Giovanni punching Chansey, Giovanni became an instant hit on /a/, spawning off dozens of Giovannipunch shoops and his rising GAR status.
4.6M : "I'll win this stupid GET-contest with perfect timing. You'll see" http://macrochan.org/get.py?sha1=EAJ2U4L63TQRJW6JXXHAY4LCBIOUY54L
4.7M on /a/: "And no that is not the pasta of the copy where I exactly type this entirely all. Have sexual intercourse." Posted in a thread full of copypasta. Was considered a failGET due to Giovanni GET being one post off, although others considered it a WinGET due to how ridiculous the statement was. http://img102.imageshack.us/img102/716/a4700000.jpg
4.8M on /a/: "GET, GET, GETTER GET!" The raging war between /m/ and /a/ continues with this stickied GET featuring Getterbot (oh, the irony). 4799999 was a picture of Konata from Lucky ☆ Star doing the victory sign with the text "Ha!" that was also stickied; user was banned.
4.9M on /a/: KITTEH get. From the swimming anime Umisho. Lucky Star failed to get a get again at 4899999.

5 Million

5M : A picture of a cat taken at an angle that made the cat seem larger than it was. The post read, "Needs more towercat." -02/18/06(Sat)15:09
5M on /v/ : A deleted image with the text: "GET, GET, GETTER, GET!" deleted almost instantly due to other people trying to get the GET. Definite FailGET.
5M on /a/: A deleted image with the text: "Lucky Star GET!" http://img33.imageshack.us/img33/4520/a5000000.png
5.3M on /a/: Ghost in the Shell get. Closely followed by Asuka being an hero at 5300001. Both sticked.
5.4M on /a/: "milf is film backwards". HUGE FAILURE FACEPALM.JPG/GIF/PNG/BMP/ETC. Lucky ☆ Star missed at 5400001 yet again.
5.5M : A picture of a duck about to get cut in two with scissors, captioned "LOVE IS OVER". The post read, "Your mother is a whore /b/".
5.5M on /a/: A deformed Rika (Higurashi Kai) image macro (via Churuya) "Nothing to LOL about".
5555555 : A .gif of Osaka from Azumanga Daioh. No text.
5555555 on /v/: Monty Python get. Image of John Cleese at a desk (the infamous "...and now for something completely different" image). Widely considered a WINGET, but then modfags banned the user, possibly due to the fact that the get was not /v/ related.
5555555 on /a/: Cirno get. Was stickied, with modfags and Touhoufags stating it was a WinGET and everyone else telling them to gb2/v/.
5.6M on /a/: "NUTBLADDER = EXPLODE" GET = GOT. GetGods love Hidamari Sketch, and so does /a/.
5.7M on /a/: "conti get". Approved by Anonymous but considered a Semi-FailGET. Firstly, newfags assumed it was a Gurren-Lagann GET because of the wallpaper's style (although GAINAX produced both FLCL and said show); /m/orons also tried to say they stole the get, despite Canti being a ROBOT that isn't necessarily placed in the MECHA category. Secondly, the OP was using Windows Vista along with his real name "Phil" present on his desktop (thankfully "Phil" didn't use a tripcode). Thirdly, Canti's name wasn't even spelled correctly.
5.8M on /v/: Lucky Star get featuring Konata in a cardboard box labeled Gundam. Particularly infuriating to /v/ as "Lucky Star will never be a get on /v/" was a sticky for quite some time during the 5M get.
5.8M on /a/: "DESU THIS" get. With all the RM fags moved to desuchan.net, there is a very lacking amount of support for the series anymore. And thus, including that the picture features male cosplayers and an airsoft, this is labeled as a FailGET but instantly turned to win once the USER WAS BANNED. http://i4.tinypic.com/30l2e1c.jpg
5.9M on /a/: See /a/'s 4.8M. A successful Lucky Star GET, until justice prevailed and thread purged due to not being stickied.

6 Million

6M: A picture of Senator Bill Frist holding up a card. The post read, "In after 6MGET." MySQL Connection Failures caused /b/ to hang at post 5997855 (a kid in a small hotrod flanked by two men with the thought bubble "Carborator?" and accompanied text: "Hey kid I'm a carborator.") The 6MGET was posted shortly after. -03/23/06(Thu)14:02:29 http://macrochan.org/get.py?sha1=AOQZRSM37WNTHN3QM7C52NNPMNK5URRE It was denounced by some as a FAILGET, but ultimately was accepted by most due to the nearly infinite potential for photoshopping.
6M on /v/: PizzaCatGET. A screencap from a Samurai Pizza Cats video game stating "We have won!!" with no text. Status is currently debated. Some claim that /a/ stole the GET, but although /a/ was indeed heavily attempting to steal the GET (5999999 ended up being Jun Watarase), the image came from a video game, and most of /a/ admitted defeat, making a ste/a/lGET unlikely. Considered a WinGET.
6M on /a/: A deleted image with the subject: "Yoko GET". Quickly purged due to a rush of faggots trying to get a GET.
6M on /co/: A post consisting of "*holds up spork*" in reply to an attemtped GET involving a bear with a machine gun surfing on a shark.
6.1M on /a/: September 16th, "SPAM MORE FAGGOTS" Tripfag (Penis Engine Mechanic !PenisjjSpE) get with a picture of some random Japanese voice actress. Decreed a failGET in addition to stealing what potentially was suppose to be a GAR Kittan GET (Gurren-Lagann 25 just aired that day along with a rush of SHITSTORM on /a/) along with a mixture of Lucky Star GETS and robot-lover ([email protected] Xenoglossia) GETS. However, the irony is quite delicious. (Kittan was "redeemed" later in the day by 6111111 "GET": a topic consisting of a screenshot from the infamous episode 4 depicting Kittan and his 3 sisters waving their rear-ends around, accompanied by text linking to the post itself. This was stickied for around an hour and declared semi-win, but not an actual GET.)
6.2M: "It's 25 posts away", replying to someone asking what 6.2M get was. http://macrochan.org/get.py?sha1=UWKLA3NSH5QDHFBY7HO6SSKDWRYFWEHX
6.4M: MudkipsGET http://i3.tinypic.com/2e2nnkx.jpg
6.4M on /v/: Septemeber 20th, N64GET. Image of a Nintendo 64 console. Given that the image is fitting for the post number, it is widely considered a WinGET regardless.http://4chanarchive.org/brchive/6400000/n64+get/
6.5M: A picture of a naked, sleeping pokemon. Mistaken to be furry. There was no text included. 4/7/06 (Friday) http://macrochan.org/get.py?sha1=CHGV3UNTT4TYRYWGSWJVQ2GHNKGOBMNX
6.565656M: 2006/04/09, A picture of Faye Valentine From Cowboy Bebop, with the text "iv got 90 minutes left till ut2k4 is done, what should i do? pic unrelated." http://oi55.tinypic.com/55mscj.jpg
6.5M on /a/: Jun get! A WinGET on 4chan's 4th birthday.
6.5M on /v/: delayclose.jpg.
6.555M: Elvis carrying a Jesus-Man cross and smiling.
6665666 on /a/: Palindrome Jun GET! Second Jun get within a week. http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/8137/a6665666.jpg
6666666: A Thai ladyboy named Love with the text "Remember Remember The cocks of November" (a reference to the poem about Guy Fawkes which was very relevant for the time). Dividely considered a failed GET, while others chuckle at it being the perfect GET. It was hated perhaps due to its usurping of the GET from the Desu~ and Gaston camps. This was followed by the board crashing. Can be seen at http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b321/dutchprincess/666get.jpg
6666666 on /v/: New Dracula GET. Image of Graham Jones from Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow with the text "NEW DRACULA GET". While most newfags saw this as a winGET due to the relevance of the image and the number, the rest of /v/ declared it a fucking failGET due to the fact that Graham was NOT the new Dracula in Aria of Sorrow, and that he had previously been known to /v/ as an extremely horrible Ultros clone (even by /v/ standards) that laughs at his own jokes and tries to explains his own punchlines.
6666666 on /a/: Against all odds, Upside-down Cirno (9 -> 6) was the get (which was accurately predicted right before the get). Thread got purged in a mere 2 minutes. Also see 5555555 on /a/. http://img26.imageshack.us/img26/7098/a6666666.jpg
6.7M on /a/: FailGET consisting of a broken Lucky Star thumbanil of Tsukasa revealed to be a picture of Neuro. Amusingly it worked with the posted text.
6.8M on /a/: Ruri GET, from the anime Nadesico.
6.9M on /a/: BEFRIENDED! get, WinGET. Picture of the married couple of the White Devil and her lesbian partner from StrikerS. Appropriate considering their most pleasurable position asides from the symmetrical docking shown. http://i243.photobucket.com/albums/ff106/a6900000/a6900000.jpg
6969696: Image of a shota and a loli with no text. Deleted after a few minutes. April 20, 2006.

7 Million

7M : Initially "FILE DELETED", as a result of a spam script that quicky uploads and deletes pictures. Coda retrieved the info of the image from the database and its checksum was md5: d24e105e330f276be0e7bd56f95d4fdf, which corresponds to a picture of Chopper Dave from Sea Lab with the photoshopped text "UH OOOOOOOH" -04/20/06(Thu)16:17:38 http://macrochan.org/get.py?sha1=OJFJ5LPAPF3SLIXUFHR23G2SO3WHRB4M
7M on /v/: DELICIOUS CAKE GET. WinGET on a win day with Sonic confirmed for SSB: Brawl among other things. http://4chanarchive.org/brchive/7000000/cake+get/
7M on /a/: DRAGONBALLS GET. Major winGET for /a/ considering the faggotry for its "real" gets.
7.5M : A picture of a cat, sitting in front of a table, pictured with an empty plate and a fork. The image read "Keep your fork: There's pie". The thread was deleted, but pictures of the thread were captured. Thursday, 5/4/06. http://macrochan.org/get.py?sha1=HVP4YZY3UEXQDQP5F2NA5LJF2HYJ4FIV
7.5M on /v/: XBOX Kid GET. An MS Paint image of the XBox kid. Mostly considered a WinGET, the thread very quickly turned into an XBox Kid shoop thread.
7.5M on /a/: Akira from Lucky Star in a kimono singing. No text. Thread quickly followed SHITSTORM and PROMOTIONS, ending with a PROMOTIONS picture.
7.6M on /a/: FREDDY GET. Picture of Freddy from Cromartie High School with no text. Instantly declared a WinGET.
7.7M : A portrait of Captain Picard from Star Trek with the caption "CP", in response to a child porn post. Had a minor following for a while; "CPGET NEVER FORGET".
7777777 on /v/: METALSEADRAMON GET. An image of Metalseadramon from a Digimon anime. Despite Digimon technically being a video game, users representing /a/ claimed credit for the GET, resulting in initial hatred for the GET and further fueling the fires of the hatred between /a/ and /v/. However, the GET was later turned to win when an anonymous user inverted the image and revealed that Metalseadramon's facial expression and position bore an eerie resemblance to the Xbox Kid.
7777777 on /a/: "Lucky-Star-Sucks GET!" Also commented on SaiMoe winner and what to do if it was a get. However, this post was not significant; what was was 7777775, which had Yami from Yu-Gi-Oh on his posting spree of hitting 5's extremely often. Was declared King of GETS soon after.

8 Million

8M : Was thought to be an autopost by moderators because it was instantly stickied. It was later revealed to be simply stickied automatically. The image was a picture of George Zimmer with the text "HI, I'M GEORGE ZIMMER, FOUNDER AND CEO OF MEN'S WEARHOUSE. THIS IS 8000000 GET. I GUARANTEE IT". -05/18/06 http://img280.imageshack.us/img280/5255/8mget1qj.jpg 8M on /v/: FAPPAN GAEMS GET. Allegedly an image from the erotic visual novel Tsukihime, with Ciel still in shirt and panties but well lubricated. Both /a/ and /v/ rejoiced, some fapped, all got hard.
8M on /a/: Deleted image with the text "CIRNO!" As usual, /a/ imploded on itself in their strings of (proper) FailGETs and /b/-level flooding faggotry.
8M on /co/: "HHH GET". An image of wrestler HHH. Presumably stolen by another board.
8.5M : Text response "misfire" to a failget of Azumanga Daioh's Chiyo chan (No. 8499964). 05/31/06(Wed)19:59:35. http://macrochan.org/get.py?sha1=LJOTTSRJQLKOAOY2QPKXFVEVY7SWUVR5
8.6M : June 3, 2006 4:18. "Can't find shit in Piratebay anyway. ISO Hunt. silly canada." with The Nigra. http://macrochan.org/get.py?sha1=DE6YR3LMOTBAMH4ZZJNR7ACDPYI7NKL4
8888888 : Text "WCubTtenUdIi1sc", image deleted. Supposedly by a GNAA flood http://macrochan.org/get.py?sha1=SCGOZWTN4OJIILPFCSVFDLZWYDERKXO4
8888888 on /v/: 8.8GET. A screen shot of Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, a.k.a. 8.8.
8888888 on /a/: f-f-f-f-failGET. text-only reply to a Card Crusher of Anonymous crushing the get. Instantly proclaimed a true failGET.
8.9M : "All I know is that Hitmonlee was a much better pokemon than Hitmonchan. Therefore, i'll wait for a 4Lee thank you very little." Copypasta taken from a random user on GaiaOnline in a thread discussing what 4chan is.b

9 Million

9M : June 14, 2006. A picture of a fallen Haruhi Suzumiya, over the text "GAFLBLABLFABLGHAGLBLGHALBL". The picture was posted with no accompanying text. http://macrochan.org/get.py?sha1=6OGNPRBZJBCEHAROQPCSP4C53BPTKLNR
9M on /v/: December 17, 2007. ur a faGET. MSPaint comic of Dante and Vergil of Devil May Cry. Mixed reaction.
9M on /a/: True MOE GET with a picture of Tsukasa from Lucky Star. Very mixed reaction. Most pictures posted were surprisingly on-topic, mostly consisting of Lucky Star and Hayate the Combat Butler. Followed by the usual filler of shitstorm and LS/GLfags after the sticky and picture limit maxed.
9M on /co/: WOLOLO GET. An image of a /v/ meme that read "Shit was so WOLOLO"
9.1M : June 16, 2006. A picture of a naked catgirl, leaning forwards and resting her breasts on her forearms, with the caption "BIG FAT CAT TATS". Accompanying text reads "Is it Caturday yet?" Since this was posted on a Friday, an argument immediately ensued about whether or not the GET was furry (and therefore a failget) or not (in which case it would be a successful GET). http://macrochan.org/get.py?sha1=NZ2EO2ZZLJELSG5RKKY4Y6ZVOMHQSG5P
9.1M on /a/: True MOE GET with a picture of Tsukasa from Lucky Star. Happened in an epic sticky. Mods quickly deleted it to keep the thread from degeneration.
9.2M : June 19, 2006. Cover-Tom with no text.
9.3M : June 22, 2006. Lite-Brite rendition of Cover-Tom, accompanied by a USSR-theme hack (see above).
9.3M on /v/: December 27, 2007. sageGET. Happened in a Lucky Star thread where a single tripfag (Captain Falcon !!kczIJ2wJyBJ) was repeatedly saging the thread (and unintenionally getting the GET in the process).
9.5M : June 27, 2006. Haruhi Suzumiya spinning her finger, an American flag behind. Text reads "EPIC HARUHI".
9.7M : Kaiju's Dr. Cube Communism July 1, 2006. A CCCP special picture of Kaiju's Dr. Cube Communism picture. The text read "Get Got?" and was posted by Riker-chan. He later posted a cam set featuring a bag of red Swedish Fish reading "9.7 Mil Get!".

9.8M on /a/: 2pac GET. In the fog of the split of /a/ into itself and /jp/ that has left /a/ in despair (as 9799990 predicted), 2pac came back from the dead and thugged up /a/ wi DOUBLE NIGGER.
9.9M : July 5, 2006. A watercolour Mudkip, with "9.9 get" scrawled on it in thin, black letters. No text. Rumored to be fixed by mods. A mod did not do it. http://i16.tinypic.com/2h6hcwk.jpg
9.987M : July 7, 2006. Honorable mention - picture of the apparently "happy" word "Huggbees" from the cartoon Freakazoid. Text was "9987000 GET?" - guessing your post number had been done before, but to be this accurate for a minor GET was well received by /b/.
9999999 : July 7, 2006. A 17x11 picture of the Japanese flag. For those with firefox 1.5, the thumbnail image that is shown in the address bar of the image stretches and the red dot of the Japanese flag is transformed into a stick man similar to that of of a male restroom sign. Manyviewed this get as a fail get, but better than the 10M get, but most people failed to see the hidden image. No text. http://macrochan.org/get.py?sha1=W5OR6HMPP5UIVOF2V6OYJ3VAAF3LC6CH

Late in the evening, the linked image was changed by mods to a Canadian flag with Keneda in the bottom right corner, but the thumbnail of the Japanese flag remained.

10 Million

10M : July 7, 2006. Hazuki riding a merry-go-round horse in a bikini. Text reads "hazukiget". A recent edit to this section suggests that someone named "Shii" posted the GET. However, since no name was included in the post, not even in the email field, the poster will forever be thought of as Anonymous. Currently considered the biggest FAILget of them all. ~07/07/06(Fri)18:41:05 http://macrochan.org/get.py?sha1=S52QZ7DJHTW475DU3ORGO4BV7H4LD6TO (Downloaded from http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/view/484, based on the filename)
10M on /a/ : 10M on /a/ Kagami SIP get. Flooded off in a matter of milliseconds. Spawned the minor temporary meme "no thread, No Proof, NO GET".
10.1M : July 10, 2006. A gif of the football player Zinedine Zidane headbutting an Italian player in the final of the Football WC 2006 in Germany. Considered as one of the best GETs, simply because of the awesomeness of Zidane's headbutt. Includes text "THIS IS 10M100K GET .OH YES IT IS." http://macrochan.org/get.py?sha1=O3F55EDVIMN7JALNTGECLPVADSGF6UFI
10101010 : July 10, 2006. (Binary get) Text "give her our adress, /b/" without a picture. A failget. http://macrochan.org/get.py?sha1=HJQE3QAG2DS2NU57BPQEX3K4MXQTT3MM
10.5M : 2 Jailbaits posing in Charlie's Angels Stance. Wrongfully accused as a CP GET. http://macrochan.org/get.py?sha1=VZ23UJWEQ6A4PDBJPVIVBVXP4E2Y4OTZ
10.7M : Tom the Cat, a "does it win or fail" debate thread followed. http://macrochan.org/get.py?sha1=7RIQLPBJML6JVNCZHQECVR6DFP2JKGCJ
10.9M : 10.9M GET July 28, 2006. A blurry close-up picture of panties belonging to a self-proclaimed trap (identified as Ender/Sarah, owner of FFShrine.org), posted in response to "please for the love of god, no one ask him to post panty pics x_X". The GET was not stickied, instead the mods chose to sticky a thread full of baby-furs comics.

11 Million

11M : July 30, 2006. Five black rangers with sunglasses and Afros with Happy Negro in the place of Zordon. Logo said Pools Closed Nigra Rangers. The text accompanying the picture said "GET'S CLOSED." Generally considered a winget (possibly one of the best). http://macrochan.org/get.py?sha1=CTXNFSGE4BSM2QW2ZVEXJ3WSUEMDTHKF
11M on /v/ : *BANG BANG* GET featuring Luigi being the wiNNer of a round of Super Smash Brothers: Brawl. Instantly considered a wiNGet.
11.1M : August 1, 2006. A failGET. A single text response, "You are a god."
11111111 : August 2, 2006. An image of two asian women and one man, fists raised as if in a cheer, and the word "PENIS" with no wordfilter colors. About 2 hours after the GET was posted, the image was deleted and the thread stickied.
11111111 on /a/ : Hinagiku GET in a Hinagiku (from Hayate the Combat Butler) thread. More win considering they were trying for the GET.
11.3M : A picture of a demon raping two women with the caption "The time has come." http://macrochan.org/get.py?sha1=JCYGAUBT2DLXII544MBGNGQO4VY2BMJJ
11.4M : Apparently a page of "DESU DESU DESU DESU" written over and over again. http://macrochan.org/get.py?sha1=IBT4WYO3L4RDLXFLFRF6ZPCGUAB6ENKT
11.5M : A picture of NIGRA CELL edited to say "ZA WARUDO", with the text "ZA WARUDO. Give me my internet." The OP linked to another post (allegedly made by him,) predicting that "ONCE AGAIN, THE GET IS FAIL, THANKS TO ANONYMOUS." Rapidly saged. http://macrochan.org/get.py?sha1=BTHZPU7T2Y7KLAF7S56CIIXESLSLBHIA
11.6M : August 13,2006. Text reply, "You want rare and exotic?

Find hentai in which the girl involved is clearly enjoying the sex. As in, none of this "emotionless", blank-look-on-her-face "stay in one spot and don't do anything" shit." (To someone requesting lesbian breastfeeding) http://macrochan.org/get.py?sha1=DIZZVSM7ATK7I3MZ3RXRABMGIRYCTHIE 

11.7M : Text reply "Actually, yes. Everyone dies." Used in a topic about the movie Pulse, and how half the world population dies due to the computer virus/undead creatures. Became a mildly successful forced meme for a few minutes, much to the delight of the Anon who made the GET.

12 Million

12M : No picture and thread was removed before 500 posts and opnly thirty minutes after it was posted. Text, "At seventy you are but a child, at eighty you are merely a youth, and at ninety if the ancestors invite you into heaven, ask them to wait until you are one hundred..........." General concensus is that this GET failed harder than 10MGet and is now considered the "poster child" of Failgets.
12M on /v/ : Sage post: "Was this thread necessary? Think about it."
12M on /a/ : Cory in the House Nintendo DS cover. User was banned. Happened in a thread which opened with a screenshot from /v/ with Yami saying "If my post ends in "5", /v/ steals /a/'s 12M GET". The image might really have been something else which was put as "image deleted" and replaced with the Cory cover by a mod after the fact.
12.2M : A response to a post of Porn from "The Iron Giant" with the text "GODDAMMIT /b/!" No image was attached.
12345678 : August 31, 2006. A Warhammer 40k picture depicting the Horus Heresy edited to Meximoot and Anonymous. Most of /b/ saw this as one of the worst failgets ever, inspiring 7chan members to spam the topic full of propaganda telling /b/tards to leave 4chan.

13 Million

13M : A comic with Doug and Skeeter
13M on /a/: Who knows? GET was flushed withing microseconds due to Yami advertising other boards and /a/'s own faggotry.
13333337 : A picture of a male Yoshi orgy.
13.6M on /a/: Clovisland GET.
13.7M : 13.7M GET October 02, 2006. Picture of a hamster with a carrot in it's mouth, with the image macro "i has a karot", the GET died however as a result of an individual spamming a phrase repeatedly that said: "FAILGET, MISFIRE, AIDS, ETC" along with a website spam. The thread was eventually saged before it became stickied and fell to the bottom of the page in moments.

14 Million

14M : October 08, 2006. Picture of Desu with the text "Desu get ~desu".
14M on /codegeass/: Brehznev get.
14444444 : Picture of Ivan Drago from the film Rocky, considered a complete fail GET for the first couple of posts, but upgraded itself to a decent GET. There was no text from the OP. The thread got stickied.http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/1117/untitledlx8.jpg
14.5M : A picture of a ferret with chapstick, OP left no text. Considered a FailGet. http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/7637/1161255553046hl1.jpg

15 Million

15M : October 28, 2006. Although a sticky was created, few people actually witnessed the 15M get post. The 15M get was a picture of the Mooninites from ATHF with the text "SPACECATAZ" http://www.cerbr.us/files/pic/4chan/postget/15milget.jpg
15.2M : November 01, 2006. A picture of a Deku from The Legend of Zelda, with the eyes colored Red and Green,along with the text "deku get, ~deku".
15.3M : November 03, 2006. Picture of man smoking a pipe, saying, "In Canada, AIDS comes in bags," with the text "AIDS AIDS AIDS". Although the GET was not a meme, it was still considered to be the first WinGet in a long time by most users. Similarly, some users said that it was a step towards redeeming the 15M FailGet.
15.4M : November 05, 2006. In response to a thread of someone trying to get, the post had no picture and the text "no me." It was debated whether or not this was win or fail.
15555555 : 80px November 11, 2006. One thread in the inevitable flood of posts, with a picture from some manga and the text "lay doze hoez". Whether it was a win GET or a fail GET was argued upon in the thread.
15555555 on /a/ : Kallen stealing Yami's GET. Considered better than Yami getting the GET himself.
15829229 : November 16, 2006. In >>15827097, a Borat imagemacro saying "GREAT SUCCESS!" was posted, predicting that ">>15829229 WILL BRING UPON THE END OF THE WORLD AND /b/ THE GREATEST GET EVER!!!!!!!!!" /b/ was temporarily excited about this new arbitrary GET and speculated what it might be. Soon enough, >>15829229 turned out to be a post simply saying "not enough nerve endings," in response to a girl (?) who said "I'd trade my vagina for a PENIS anyday" in a thread about gender swapping. /b/ was ambivalent about whether this constituted a satisfactory GET.

16 Million

16M : Real 16M GET Fake 16M GET November 20, 2006. 16M was an image of Habbo Hotel. In the image two Habbo men in blue banana hammocks were circled and beside the screenshot, an image two men from a gay porn site wearing the same outfits. Unanimously considered a horrible get, it was briefly stickied but deleted within 10 minutes. Trolls tried to claim that 16M was a furry get, posting this image as "proof", but it was later revealed to be an obvious shop.
16m-/v/ : June 8, 2008. a picture of the cover for game Dead Rising for Xbox 360 with the title replaced with "PS3 LAUNCH" posted by Edmund Burke.
16161616 : November 23, 2006. Ultimately called a win due to the suckage of the previous gets. The picture was thought to be called "Daddies Girl" with "16161616 GET" written next to it.
16.8M : December 06, 2006. This get was small in notice as it happened during "low" traffic hours, but it was a get nonetheless. It was a non-image post with the saying "Fuck You Kangajew" in response to a religious mockery thread. This was concidered a FailGet by all who witnessed it. It should also be noted that some are trying to force this phrase as a meme, though it is failing and has faded out of existence. What the hell? The link is nothing like that. Who fucking wrote this?

16.9M : 80px December 07, 2006. A reply to a thread started for the sake of flooding for the GET, it had no image and was a nonsensical word "theth". Although it was considered to be an epic fail, afterwards it had multiple threads with theth macros and posts.

16999999 : Fake 16999999 GET December 08, 2006. An attempt to claim 17MGet by a furfag who posted furry buttsex. This was concidered by some to be a WinGet due to the nature of 17MGet; though by the end the confusion following 17MGet, it was aptly named a FailGet similar to past FurGets.

17 Million

17M : False 17M GET One depiction of 17M GET December 08, 2006. 'HUEG GET', an image of a huge vixen.http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/9751/1165700927393xr0.jpg The image was deleted within seconds after it was posted, due to the massive amount of traffic the server was experiencing at the timehttp://img87.imageshack.us/img87/5902/1165701010156nn0.jpg, and many have thus shopped fakes.
17M on /v/: June 30, 2008. Action Hank from Dexter's Laboratory smoking a cigar with the text "What did you just say, motherfucker?"
17171717 : December 12, 2006. This image with the text '17171717'. It sank to the bottom within the hour. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v218/piratefrog27/CHOMPYGET.jpg
17.3M : December 14, 2006. text post consisting of "dude, get a life, stop coming to 4chan" in response to a shitty thread about "people who you love but who doesnt love you back/your afraid to tell you love." Immediately declared an "ULTIMATE FAILGET."
17.5M : December 18, 2006. :3-chan, from the "JESUS CHRIST IT'S A LION GET IN THE CAR" fame. Response to a thread about a user who had just purchased a flash drive and was looking for images to put on it.
17.7M : December 22, 2006. Perhaps one of the most successful trolls in 4chan history, depicting a picture of Cockmongler. The thread was saged and many people refused to post in it due to the fact that it would only make the troll more successful. Epic win. http://img138.imageshack.us/img138/2420/thread177mgetuv4.jpg
17777777 : December 24, 2006. /b/ froze for a few minutes while everyone frantically tried to post the get. Ultimately, when /b/ loaded again, it was an image of Naruto with the text "KAGE BUSHIN NO JITSU GET." Classified instantly as a failget.
17.9M : False 17.9M GET December 26, 2006. A text reply to a "Post from your wii" thread, it read simply "Non-wii post". Considered a small winget because it happened in the middle of the HUEG nyoro~n spam, and everybody was expecting the get to be wasted to that raid. Pissing in an ocean of piss, etc.

18 Million

18M : December 28, 2006. A picture of a stringed up cat with a CD at the end (Torturecat). Accompanied with text saying "meh meh -val-".http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/1463/1167271480210bj3.png
18.5 : Nobody thought 18.5M would be in an EFG Flood thread January 5, 2007. Happened in a thread where someone was spamming images of EFG. Considered a FailGet fit for Epic Fail Guy. There was no text. http://img480.imageshack.us/img480/1835/damngetpr5.jpg

19 Million

19M on /v/: August 21, 2008. An post without an image saying "FUCKING JAPAN TIME" during a japantime revival thread. Was followed with many shouts of SAKURAIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, with many believing that Sakurai had come to troll /v/ one last time, stealing their get. Generally considered to be a failget.
19M on /a/: February 18, 2009. GARUTO get. Due to recent Naruto chapters of him fighting village-destroyer Pain, a flash of Gaiafag mobs invaded /a/ with this forced meme featuring Naruto wearing Kamina's glasses, thus the deeper shithole /a/ already is. 19000001 was also GARUTO get. True get was Imoutits at 18999999.
19M : 80px January 13, 2007. One of many threads posted in the great flood; the picture was of an owl fancifly carved out of a watermelon with the macro "HOLY SHIT - THIS IS AWESOME", accompanied by text "random get!". Considered to be not a great GET, but not a bad one either. Also noted that 18999999 and 18999998 were the Cockmongler and :3chan respectively.
19.8M : January 30, 2007. Second DESU GET was got in a Suiseiseki flood. Picture was of Suiseiseki (obviously) and text was a flood of "desu" (obviously). Significant because it's the first repeat GET in 4chan history, not counting minor GETs. http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p152/kytemidnight/DesuGET.png
19969661 : 80px February 2, 2007. A picture of some CounterStrike terrorists, with the text "These men are mooninites." This was a test on the terrorist->mooninite wordfilter, and was a win (though the post that pointed out that it was a special number won more). The relevance of the number is that it is indeed an upside down reverse palindrome GET.

20 Million

20M : 80px 80px February 3, 2007. Naked Asian chick. Fail get. Upon taking a closer look, 20000001 was the same exact picture as 20M get, except it had the text "THAT FUCKING CAT!" next to it. Due to the large amount of MySQL errors around the time, some believe 20000001 was actually the real 20M get. Not even stickied. Upon being clicked, the image was really an image of Naruto. The post's full image when clicked.
20M on /v/: Get out /a/. OH WOW. Oh, and /a/ was too busy creaming in orgasm due to Code Geass R2 live from Japan that just ended. (Technically that Pokemon image has some relevance to /a/...)

21 Million

21M : 80px February 22, 2007. Picture of Natalie Portman, with the text Portman GET. The fail of the get is masked by the fact that seconds after it was posted, it was sage'd off of 4chan due to the massive spam.
c 21.2M : 80px February 25, 2007. Text in a grouphug.us style topic, simply stating "I think I might like the cock." Debated as to whether or not it was a win or fail.
21.6M : March 4, 2007. In a thread which was trying to get 21.6M get but ended up getting the 21599950th post. But on the 3rd post in the thread, someone replied and that which just so happened to be 21.6M GET. There were debates on whether this was a fail get, but the majority of the thread were saying it was a Win GET, most likely because of the irony. http://img156.imageshack.us/img156/6370/1173050312996gy0.jpg

22 Million

22M : 80px About March 11, 2007 at 05:50:00. One screenshot has it as "THIS THREAD DELIVERS" but it might be a shop.
22222222 : March 14, 2007 at 18:42:18. It featured a fat woman with the accompanying post "FATGET". OP was banned soon after, and "FATGET" was wordfiltered to "I AM A HUGE FAGGOT. PLEASE RAPE MY FACE." in large bold font with the <blink></blink> tag. Generally accepted as lesser win, at the least.
22666666 : 80px March 22, 2007 at 00:18:00. Although not intented to be a GET post, it happened to be.
22.8M : March 24, 2007 at around 2PM GMT. OP posted a picture of what can only be assumed was himself, and the post made directly after that were the words "WELL TEN". While this is still a 'meme-in-progress' most /b/tards know that the perpetuation of such faggy memes will cause insta-death. Considered epic fail.

23 Million

23M : GET with Flashing Background at the time. 80px 80px March 26, 2007 at 14:07:18. Morons think this is a modGET due to the numerous MySQL connection failures occurring directly before the GET as well as screenshots of what appears to be a sticky without a picture, because they are morons and don't understand the internet. Also, Pokemon GET. An hour or 2 after, the OP of the GET was banned, due to the fact that moot and the admins are trying to return /b/ back to its former glory. http://4chanarchive.org/brchive/23000000/23M+-+INFERAPEGET/
23333333 : 23333333 GET Vincent Van GET.
23.4M : Brolly is not a meme. The get was said to be maximum
23456789 : 23456789 GET April 1, 2007 at 19:48:43. Text, "Hey it's Domini-chan." Domini-chan is a camwhore.
23.8M : 23.8M GET April 6, 2007 at 06:14:11. "MEOW GET" accompanied by picture of kitten. http://4chanarchive.org/brchive/23800000/23.8M+meow+get/

24 Million

24M : 80px April 08, 2007 at 12:07:09. "Party hard get" accompanied by picture of dancing fag. User was later banned for this GET. http://i12.tinypic.com/2q313d2.png http://4chanarchive.org/brchive/24000000/24M+-+party+hard+get/
24.3M : 80px "Epic Fail get," a picture of Epic Fail Guy with the text "I REALLY WILL." Due to it being epic fail guy, this was automatically considered a fail get. Wasn't even stickied. Ironically, an attempt at 24M GET which ended up being 24000001 was an Epic Fail Get.
24.4M : A single text reply, "murk loar".

Was dubbed as a WIN and GET!! in first few replies, but ultimately seen as a failget http://i11.tinypic.com/2zs9ts0.png.

25 Million

25M : 25M GET "Dearest /b/, if 25m GET is fail, ill become an hero." Hours afterward, /a/ came along and made quite a combo out of it (see screenshot) http://i15.tinypic.com/42jjkhy.jpg http://4chanarchive.org/brchive/25000000/25M+get/
25252525 : 25252525 GET Instantly a failget. Picture supplied (Prof.jpeg) was a bearded Jesus lookalike holding a cat, with the text "jesus,lol get".
25.9M : 25.9M Camwhore GET Blurry pic of a camwhore. Went unnoticed and was almost immediately hidden in the thread.

26 Million

26M : Thread 26000001, the "true" 26M GET. Just the word "get" with no image. Considered a failGET. The following post, 26000001, was widely considered the true GET (image of Slowpoke followed by "Hi guys, am I late for 25M GET?"). Considered a win GET in that slowpoke not only was late for 25M, but was one post late for 26M. http://4chanarchive.org/brchive/25999910/26M+get+get++no+images/ http://4chanarchive.org/brchive/26000001/26000001+slowpoke+get/
26.33M : A picture of a toyphone with the text:

1. Post your telephonenumbers. 2. Call someone. 3. ??? 4. PROFIT

27 Million

27M : DIABEETUS GET. An image macro of a cat resembling Wilford Brimley and containing the word "Diabeetus".

28 Million

28M : 28M GET Crymoar GET. Posts in /a/ claimed credit for this GET, resulting in a wave of /b/tards spamflooding /a/ with scat pr0n and bukakke pics. Most of which /a/ secretly enjoyed, so the internal raid was fail. It is unlikely that 28M was /a/'s doing, as /a/ at the time was busy spamflooding itself with Lucky Star threads and would likely have chosen same for /b/'s consumption.
28.4M : 80px "She walked the plank". Response to a "Jolly Roger-chan" thread.
28.5M : 28.5M GET 28.5M Thread "Cum in your father, eat your mother, slap your sister with your hand." Responce to a "Where should I cum?" thread. It is considered a WINGET.
28.8M : 28.8M GET "You were in fucking 3rd grade. I stopped reading there, you're obviously a stupid moron." Response in a relationship thread, full of emo faggotry and fail.
28.9M : "wouldn't it be penes?" Response to a thread about women with penises.

29 Million

29M : Jackson 5 GET, widely thought to be mod/m00t faggotry. There was MySQL errors right before the 29M GET, so pics were not accessible to lurkers. 29.5M : "POST SOMETHING EPIC FOR GET". Was considered a FailGET by many at first, but eventually most came to accept it as a WINGET.
29999999 : 80px Barker GET. An image of Bob Barker accompanied by the text >>29999999 Barker GET. Given the date (Bob Barker retired that day after fifty years on television) and the accuracy (predicting itself as >>299999999) widely considered a WinGET and the true 30M GET by those who consider the Power Puff 30M a FailGET.

30 Million

30M : 30M June 16, 2007. A fairly controversial GET of the anime versions of the Power Puff Girls surrounded by Cartoon Network American characters with the Anonymous text, "Shit. Getting closer". There were suspicions of a joint effort by the denizens of /a/ and /co/, but while some of those boards claim credit the sources are mainly unfounded, making a /co/oper/a/tion unlikely.
30.2M : 30.2M June 18, 2007. A response to a "Would you hit it?" thread. Not that exciting.
30303030 : June 19, 2007. A response in a thread about Velociraptors eating children. Was an image of a hedgehog on a couch making an angry-looking face. Accompanied text was "Fucking Hedgehog GET". Considered a WINGET by all that saw it.
30.8M : 30.8M June 24, 2007. "As my last act of loving kindness before consigning her still twitching body to the deep". A reply in a "would you give oral to a 14 year old?" thread.

31 Million

31M : 31M 31M: It took 9 uneventful days to get from 30mil to 31mil, the fastest at the time for /b/ June 25, 2007 The classic copypasta picture of a dude with a Bowler, standing infront of a house that is on fire with his right thumb up, and the house has 4chan written above it. At the bottom it says "AND NOTHING OF VALUE WAS LOST!" Considered a FailGET.

32 Million

32M : 32M July 5, 2007. A response to a thread trying to get the GET; no picture, just the text "[Razor] GET!".

33 Million

33M : 33M July 15, 2007. SharkGET.
33333333 : July 18, 2007. HaruhiGet. This get appeared on /b/ and not on /a/ which was a suprise for most /b/tards. Very few thought that this win, the rest saying it was a weeaboo get. The user who posted the get was later banned for it, and there was much rejoicing.http://i18.tinypic.com/4pesq6q.jpg
33445566 : July 19, 2007. Response to copypasta of a man finding a 4chan folder on his son's computer. Mixed reaction. http://i9.tinypic.com/52zt00m.png

34 Million

34M : July 25, 2007. Image of the Statue of Liberty kissing a statue of blind justice. Was posted by a secure tripfag. Considered a failGET by most, though some it was a decent GET. Was deleted by the OP while in the process of being archived.

35 Million

35M : 35M August 4, 2007. Image of Abyssic Hate's (Australian Black Metal) album art, Suicidal Emotions. Instantly regarded as a failGET. 35000420 : August 4, 2007. LogGET. Image of a boy holding up a log from an old Ren & Stimpy cartoon. Regarded as a far superior GET to 35MGET. http://4chanarchive.org/brchive/dspl_thread.php5?thread_id=35000420&x=420+log+get
35.5M : August 8, 2007. DuckrollGET. The Duckroll picture, no text. No suspicion of a mod's work and therefore regarded as a winget. http://4chanarchive.org/brchive/dspl_thread.php5?thread_id=35500000&x=35.5M+duckroll
35.6M : August 9, 2007. CuntGET. Image of a close-up of a vagina with a lolipop inside with the text "HEY /b/, YOU LIKE LOLIPOPS?!" Although the text implies that the image may be CP, the image was not deleted due to it being impossible to tell. Mixed reaction, with about 1/3 of /b/tards claiming WinGET, 1/3 claiming FailGET, and 1/3 claiming "35600000 is NOT A GET you fucking newfags!" http://4chanarchive.org/brchive/35600000/you+like+lolipops27/

36 Million

36M : August 12, 2007. DraeneiGET. Fanart of a topless female draenei (a race of World of Warcraft) with the text "am i a meme yet?". Regarded as an even bigger FailGET than 35M. As usual, some /b/tards called ModGET (a practice that is noticeably getting tiresome, with one poster spamming "MODGET BECAUSE I DIDN'T GET IT!" in retaliation).
36.5M : August 17, 2007. FaithGET. A picture of Faith, the bipedal dog, with the text "36500000GET." As is the norm with GETs these days, it was first considered a winGET, then a failGET, and then just a fucking argument. However, there is also an argument if the 100k/500k GETs are even considered GETs anymore.
36.9M : 36.9M August 21, 2007 Tuesday at 08:25:36. An obvious newfag and/or gaiafag trying to be epic with a GET. But he failed even worse than EFG by putting "36900000 get?" Questioning his attempt and courage at trying to make a GET. He also failed again when he posted an object used by virgins.

37 Million

37M : 37M August 22, 2007. A picture of Slowpoke with the text "OH THE IRONY". It was instantly considered a failGET by everyone except the usual newfags that think everything is "EPIC." Interestingly, it is the second time that Slowpoke became a GET, and although the last time Slowpoke was a WinGET, most consider this a FailGET due to the fact that Slowpoke was actually on time for once.
37.5M : 37.5M August 26, 2007. Just the letter "u" as part of a reply for "sux" in 3 separate posts to a looking up picture of a guy wearing only a skirt and having his cock dangling. Instantly a failGET and further emphasizes the argument that the 500k posts should no longer be considered GETs when /b/'s post rate is taken into consideration.

38 Million

38M : August 31st, 2007 at 12:37AM EST. Pretentious-Faggotry-GET. It contains a bizarre image of a large silhouetted citadel in a red background accompanied by a huge wall of text that made almost no sense. Such a horrible GET that calling it a FailGET would be an insult to FailGETs. http://img54.imageshack.us/img54/3179/38mgetox4.png
38888888 : September 9th 2007. PenisGET. A trio of images of two girls playing basketball at a distance, with a penis in the foreground, accompanied by the text I LIEK TO WATCH! GET. Mostly considered a WinGET. http://4chanarchive.org/brchive/38888888/i+liek+to+watch+get/

39 Million

39M : September 9, 2007 at 10:35PM EST. A picture of a BOX FULL OF AIDS with the caption "I BELIEVE THIS IS YOURS". /b/ doesn't realize that modgets don't actually exist because /b/ is full of a bunch of children that don't know anything about 4chan. Almost all of the old school 4channers have left 4chan because of this. Either way, it cannot be considered a FailGET due to the fact that it is strangely appropriate for the current state of /b/. http://img503.imageshack.us/img503/1084/39mshitgetwd1.png
39.2M : September 12, 2007. libidoGET: A picture of Kurt Cobain, smiling, with the text "A LIBIDO".
39888888 : September 18, 2007. "LOST: THE GAME" image accompanied by the text "39888888888888 get". Mostly considered win. As a matter of fact, this also broke 4chan and all of servers had to be fixed immediately after the rush of /b/tards trying to get this non-get. /b/ really lost the game on this one. By the way, you just lost the game.
39.9 : September 19, 2007. The letter "g", a reply to a thread trying to get the get. Deemed a failGET by most. http://img116.imageshack.us/my.php?image=1190196985712ny6.jpg

40 Million

40M : September 20, 2007. High school picture of some homosexual, with the text "hey /b/, Do I look cute?" A cataclysmic failGET; the failure of this get was so intense it could be seen from the past. http://img225.imageshack.us/img225/5500/faildv1.png Although it was stickied, it was subsequently deleted in less than an hour.
40404040 : 40404040 September 23, 2007. EFG's feet, which was the third part of an EFG combo. This is coinsidered a triple-failGET, because 1. it's EFG, 2. it's a combo, and 3. 3-piece combos don't count as real combos and are rightfully considered fails. What made this GET humorous, however, was this. The objective stated by the OP was a "3-hit fortune combo". This, effectively, was what EFG got.

41 Million

41M : September 29, 2007. BeefGET. Image of Captain Beefheart with a fortune, but no other text. Yet another failGET in a long line of failGETs. Doesn't even deserve funny or mocking text here. http://4chanarchive.org/brchive/41000000/41M+get/
41414141 : October 2, 2007. Dragon Porn. Image of two dragons fucking. Hardly any attention drawn.
41999999 : October 7, 2007. A picture of a white mouse, fortune "Very Bad Luck", text "The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything". The true 42m GET.

42 Million

42M : October 7, 2007. Pizza GET. A picture of a pizza burned to a black, charcoal-like crisp. Extremely copious amounts of fail. http://4chanarchive.org/brchive/dspl_thread.php5?thread_id=42000000&x=42M+get

43 Million

43M : October 16, 2007. DSFARGET. A picture of the meme DSFARGEG.
43.6M : October 26, 2007. WalrusGET: An imageless post containing the text "huge fucking walrus".

44 Million

44M : October 31, 2007. CockphoneGet. A responce to a thread which said "looking for the pic of the asian chick with the dick on her ear saying HERROO!?!". The responce said "amidoinitrite". The answer was no, because the picture posted was of a non asian chick holding a double ended vibrating phalis to her ear and mouth making a "ch" face. Debatable winGET.

48 Million

48M : 48M failure: Epic Fail Campaign December 10, 2007. Ron PaulGET. A response to an EFG thread where EFG was trying to get the GET. No image. Most deem it a failGET but still in consideration, as it's in an EFG thread but it's mother fucking Ron Paul.
48484848: December 18, 2007. KIM FUCKING DEAL response to a thread about female musicians that don't suck ass.

50 Million

50M : Emo GET. A picture of some bosnian whining about his LJ getting hacked blah blah blah. Only received 13 replies before it was either deleted or ignored. The fail of this GET is so unimaginable that science has not found a way to properly measure it.http://4chanarchive.org/brchive/dspl_thread.php5?thread_id=50000000&x=50M+-+fixed+chin-chan+get+
50555555 : hij/a/cked GET. A picture of Kira from Death Note in a thread which proclaimed "The 50555555get will be fail." Originally called a failGET, but upgraded to a semi-decent get after the newfags settled down. The thread also marked the return of Yami, who got 50557755, a collection of five fives. A win in the eyes of most of /a/, especially compared to the fail of their recent 8888888 GET. /b/ was not amused.

51 Million

51M : A box of rogaine that had WHAT? written over it. FailGET properly declared.

56 Million

56M : An EFG Motivator with EFG standing outside the box, saying "What goes in the box? I don't get it." Text was "THAT'S WRITE MOTHERFUCKERS, IM GONNA GET IT! 57M GET!" This is largely considered WINGET.

68 Million

68888888 : 68888888: gets are for fags Text "gets are for fags".

80 Million

80M : 80M: epic win An epic GET which contained text and an image.
81M : Javascript spam code; considered the worst GET ever until 100M occured.

100 Million

100M : 100M: propably a epic fail GET FURRY GET, obviously considered an FAILGET; /b/'s header was later changed to express this.
123456789 : 123456789: get? On March 13, 2009. 123456789 post (in /b/) said: "get?". Many threads came up saying it was a fail, and a couple minutes after the get, the thread was 404'd.

200 Million

200000000 : February 21, 2010, 15:19:20 EST. Official art of Ninetales with the text "IT WILL BE MINE! BELONG TO NINETAILS GET". About 650 posts before the get, posts could no longer be made on /b/. Shortly after, the main page went down. A few minutes later, posts could be made again, but the last three digits on each post were replaced with XXX.