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Oh, how ironic fate can be...

An ongoing meme featuring Yami, the alter form of Yugi in Yu-Gi-Oh!, which was started on November 24, 2007. A poster will post an image of Yami making some kind of prediction, which always involves a post that ends with the number 5, usually in the form of "This post will end in 5" or "Next person in this thread whose post ends in 5 gets his mind crushed" (A further play on Yu-Gi-Oh!). It is memeworthy for the fact that Yami tends to be unbelievably accurate in these predictions, taking such GETs as the 7777775 GET, 8555555 GET, 9555555 GET (although this was a "NO U" GET, it was proven that Yami was the one who posted it after seeing the combo posted on /v/), 10.4M GET, 11550555 mini-GET, 11777777 GET, and 12555555 GET, alongside with the 75555625 after-GET on /b/. Yami's accuracy is such that he has been declared as the King of GETs on /a/ and has become completely inseparable from the number 5. On July 16, 2008, on his official Nonoba subpage, he announced his retirement from GETs, although rumors have spiraled around that he still goes for them on rare occasion. Nevertheless, there are still several impostors about, which can be identified by their low success rate, a limited supply of Yami images, and constant spamming of said images.