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Recent mecha anime created by GAINAX. Its meteoric rise in popularity on /a/ and /m/ is nothing short of astounding, given few Anonymous were bothered to pay attention to the show at first because of the Gainax connection and many were brushing it off as doomed to failure. Quite the contrary, Gurren-Lagann has earned the respect and admiration of many Anonymous, and like SaiGar, it has reeled in interest in other shows paid homage to by the series, like Ashita no Joe, Gunbuster and Captain Harlock. It is credited for being a major source of good quality original content, moreso than any other series since Fate/stay night. Gurren-Lagann is also famous for its ridiculously high budget, which is frequently a source of many jokes among Anonymous

0%? Sounds like 100% to me.[edit]

Based on a quote from Episode 22 of Gurren-Lagann, when Messenger Nia tells Simon that his chances of rescuing her are close to zero. Simon responds by saying that if his chances aren't zero, they might as well be 100% - this outrageous logic reverts Nia back to her old self. What Simon meant to say was that he'd succeed no matter what, but like "People die if they are killed" the phrasing and translation of this line was very funny to /a/ (in an awesome sort of way).

This is one of Simon's few well-known quotes that wasn't borrowed from either Kamina or Garlock. Often paired up with other number memes like 40%, its use has spread to anything where "0%" is mentioned. Also spawned a minor copypasta thread where the OP stated that the likelihood of Rossiu dying was "next to 0%." The following poster replied, "next to 0% sounds like 100% to me," displaying his (and most of /a/'s) dislike of Rossiu. This was, however, before episode 23 aired, when Rossiu's approval rating went up among many Anonymous.

22000 frames[edit]

Annoying copypasta that appeared around the airdate of Gurren-Lagann 15. A moonspeaking Anonymous read up one a blog of one of the Gainax producers and mentioned some facts about fifteen, specifically that it had nearly twice as many frames as a normal anime's final episode (which was also the reason the episode couldn't run in some video players). Although intending to emphasize how awesome the episode was, that Anonymous' research was quickly capitilized on by Gurren-Lagann trolls and spammed repeatedly throughout /a/ for more than a week. Since then, the meme has been used obnoxiously when referring to high budget anime. Ironically, Gurren-Lagann 15 actually had far more than 22000 frames, because 22000 was actually the number of key frames, not the total number of frames in the episode.

Yes, but consider that GL 15 had over 22000 frames of animation, whereas an important episode in your normal series has around 12000.
I think it still equates to GL's being superior even against a 52 episode animu because even by normal standards it is so infinitely superior.


Did somebody say...?!

Budget-specific meme. Originally appeared sometime in mid July 2007 when a 2channer known for giving accurate spoilers submitted camera photos of the script for Gurren-Lagann episode twenty four along with some facts about the series. One of these "facts" stated that Gainax spent 40% of the Gurren-Lagann budget on the final five episodes (known as the "Garlock Arc"). Considering Gurren-Lagann's enormous budget, /a/ found this quite shocking and started forcing "40%!" in any topic related to the final Gurren-Lagann arc in eager anticipation. Along the way, an Anonymous added a picture of Garlock with a devious grin on his face (which orignally came from a 4koma) to flavor the excitement.


File:Kittan Spiral Power.gif
This drill was made for me.

Since Gurren-Lagann aired on TV Tokyo during a Sunday morning timeslot, each raw episode had a timer in the upper-left of the screen. Anonymous was aware of this and had previously talked about it, especially when Kamina died at 8:54 in episode eight. Along the same lines, an earthquake warning with 50 km/h winds (force) flashed onscreen during episode fifteen when Lord Genome stepped out of his Lazengann to beat the shit out of Simon's Lagann bare-fisted. Both incidents in similarly epic episodes were credited for priming the stage for the interest in "8:52".

Toward the end of Gurren-Lagann 25, Kittan makes a last minuted decision to sacrifice himself so Simon can transform his battleship Chou Ginga Dai Gurren into a mecha and fuck up the Anti-Spirals. As he prepares for imminent destruction, glowing spirals appear in his irises and his immense spiral power merges the damaged Giga Drill Kittan brought along as a lucky charm with King Kittan. As an majestic, operatic dirge plays in the background, Kittan makes the finest speech of his life and thrusts all his power into enlarging the drill, invoking his own "King Kittan Giga Drill Breaker" and driving a hole through the Spiral Death Machine. As his body distintegrates, he has a revelation about the nature of spiral power, admitting that it's a wonderous phenomenon. He chuckles, then fades away with a smile on his face.

After Kittan died, the screen went blank for a while, except for the clock, which read "8:52" - the whole scene had taken place in exactly one minute. As the next scene phased in, the clock changed to "8:53", showing the planet-sized explosion caused by Kittan's drill. Lord Genome then comments the whole operation had a 0% chance of victory.

Kittan's sacrifice, and the subsequent rise of Chou Ginga Gurren-Lagann from the black ocean (which was supposed to be impossible), went down as one of the most epic, brick-shatting moments of any character in anime history. To Anonymous, "8:52" became the hour in which ordinary men ascend to the status of GAR and step into the realm of legends.

Bruce Ironstaunch[edit]

Also known as "That Guy in the Crowd". Background character from Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann who gained rapid popularity on /a/ for arming a "fuck you" to the very hated political backstabber, Rossiu. Bruce's sole act of defiance, almost totally obscured in a sea of enthusiastic Rossiu supporters, struck /a/ as very amusing. He has also been credited with "casting the first stone" in the previous episode, which bloodied Rossiu's abnormally wide forehead. In an unusual turn of events, original content of Bruce started rolling in within a week of his first appearance, depicting him as a dedicated but pissed off resident who didn't agree with Rossiu's policies and vented his anger by force. Considered the most popular background character of any anime in recent memory.

Gurren Koma[edit]

An impressive piece of work constructed by a number of different Anonymous over the course of Gurren-Lagann's program run. Originally stared when a single anon made an edit to the classic Gaijin 4koma panel, depicting the first three episodes of Gurren-Lagann with a crude drawing of Kamina's sunglasses shopped onto the main reaction dude for episode two and an inversion of the colour pallete for the third episode. At this time (before high quality shops, original content and fanart became more common around /a/) the edit was considered "epic". A week later, another anon made an edit featuring two new panels; in the first, three of the reaction guys are unimpressed, while the other was cheering - in the next panel, he looks at the other guys sheepishly.

Anonymous considered this second edit "hillarious", and with each new week (and a new episode), a new panel was added onto the now "Gurren Koma" of either the "epic" or "hillarious" nature. The only rule was the panel had to be within /a/'s graphic limits and had to convey Anonymous' "impression" of the episode, or what he reacted most strongly toward. Following episode nine, Anonymous began to seriously debate what kind of panels should go on the panel, and since then consensus has broken down and numerous variations exist. The current one is just one final completed version, though there are many with numerous panels switched in place of current ones.

Nevertheless, the coordinated joint effort of all the Anonymous involved, given the fickle, easily bored nature of /a/, was beyond remarkable, and the completed komas are testament to the greatness achieved by a determined Anonymous.


One of the main characters of Gurren-Lagann, and a favourite among Anonymous. Although not very smart, /a/ loved his seemingly endless supply of bravery, vigor, optimism and long-winded metaphorical speeches. For many newfags who came to /a/ during Newfag Summer, Kamina was their first encounter with both hot blood and Gar, so like Archer, he achieved god-like status and earned an enormus following among Anonymous.

A particularly loved quirk of Kamina are his sunglasses. Many people love his sunglasses because a) they have a really weird triangular design and b) he wears them all the time, even when underground. And they never fall off of his face despite lacking handles. People started to believe that these shades were his source of his manliness, and so shooped them onto practically every picture people could get their hands on. And there was much rejoicing.

Kamina is also famous for his quotes, several of which are especially well known to Anonymous.

Believe in me, who believes in you!
On face value this line is absurd, since it typifies the kind of circular logic made by stupid people who focus on technicalities instead of real issues. Yoko agreed, don't bother her about it. However, Kamina's enthusiasm and resolution in saying these words, despite the silliness, was utterly inspiring and awesome, illustrating just how much faith and Kamina had in Simon's abilities. After hearing this line, Simon sucked up and kicked ass - he later used it during his battle with Lord Genome to calm a panicking Rossiu.
Who the hell do you think I am?
Although a common stock phrase in regional Japanese (see: "People die if they are killed)", it is now commonly associated with Kamina because of how frequently he uses it. Viewed as an extremely defiant quote, used by one who rebels against authority and norms. In reality, Garlock was the first one to say this, but it is seen as a Kamina quote because most people assume Kamina passed it onto Simon, who would become Garlock. It's also the most common warcry of the Gurren Gang.
Overcome the impossible and kick reason to the curb!
A creative way of translating 無理を通して道理を蹴っ飛ばす! (Muri o tooshite douri wo kettobasu!), which equates to something like "exceed the impossible and kick away reason"! Considered to be one of the most hilarious and over the top of Kamina's quotes, though, so it remains quite popular. Later rendered in an online stream sub of Gurren-Lagann 1 by ADV as "We stick to our crazy guns and kick logic out the door!" much to the horror and humour of Anonymous. Silly Americans, Kamina didn't even know what a gun was. Neither did he know what a curb was, now that you mention it. Nor for that matter is likely to know of the concept of hell. Do orcs know what a menu is?

Nicknames (Gurren-Lagann)[edit]

Unlike most anime studios, Gainax provides English names for most of their primary and secondary characters, but not always at once. Anonymous cannot wait so in the meantime he invented names for unnamed and named characters alike, based on their actions, appearance, and traits in the anime. Some of these nicknames have leaked into other internet communities, much to their and /a/'s chagrin.

Beamspam McMuppet
Actually "Attenborough". A deformed looking fellow with an unhealthy gun and button-mashing obsession. He served as the main gunner for the Dai Gurren and moved into a comfy government job after the timeskip. His exaggerated cartoon appearence and striped (Scottish) shirt is the source of "McMuppet", and "Beamspam" comes from both the animation of the Dai Gurren's cannons and from the /b/ meme IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER, since Attenborough's design bears strong resemblance to a white blackface character.
One of the names for the Beastman sub-commander who was seen alongside Garlock in the prologue. After the Beastmen were introduced, an Anonymous rewatching the prologue notied the sub-commander was a Beastman, inferring Simon conquered them and they would become allies. Another Anonymous made a comparison picture of the sub-commander and Boota, claiming they were the "SAME PERSON" based on the similar nose and glasses. Both theories ended up correct, to Anonymous' surprise and joy, and a younger version of the prologue Boota appeared in twenty six to punch the shit out of the Anti-Spiral.
Cotton Hill
The little Japanese-looking dude that rarely speaks. His official name is Makken, but he was dubbed "Cotton Hill" due to his resemblance to Hank Hill's father Cotton on King of the Hill. After the time-skip, we learned he married the Professor and had some kickass looking kids. When /a/ heard his voice for the first time, Anonymous was surprised at how deep and silky smooth it was. His character voice was later revealed to be Katsuyuki Konishi (Kamina's actor), who had his name listed in the credits as "Leo Kagamina." When written in hiragana this is an anagram for "Ore ga Kamina", or "I am Kamina". *Translator's Note: While "ore" is literally "I" it is roughly equivalent to talking "like a gangster" in english, having similar implications (i.e., it's rude except between friends). It is Kamina's personal pronoun of choice, it's effects are archived in the dub by having Kamina speak in 3rd person while taunting enemies.
Right before Kamina died, Yoko gave him a kiss. Thus many Anonymous (and 2channers) believed the kiss was directly responsible for his death. Some believed it because of the symbolic "kiss of death", and others believed it because it confused Simon's emotions (since he also had feelings for Yoko), and thus Kamina had to get out of Gurren and set Simon straight, which left him vulnerable. Thus, Yoko earned her nickname as the Doombitch, whose kisses bring about certain death. The popularity of this name died off a bit with time, but surged back when Yoko kissed Kittan, another one of /a/'s heroes, shortly before his death.
The nickname for the future Simon seen in the prologue. Many Anonymous shat bricks when they first saw him, since he stood on the bridge of a moon sized battleship and was facing a galatic strike force so enormus they outshone all the stars in the sky. Many of his lines, like "They'll be a good match for us", "Gurren-Lagann! SPIN ON!" and "Who the hell do you think I am" (later attributed to Kamina) became popular with Anonymous. Garlock's imposing presence, not to mention his resemblance to Captain Harlock (the whole scene was a homage to the opening of Endless Orbit SSX) created a lot of anticipation among Anonymous to see Simon's metamorphosis unfold. The results were mixed - "Garlock" didn't appear in the series (see: Starlock) and his appearence in the prologue has been deliberately kept vague by Gainax. Nearly all Anonymous were disappointed and pissed off, although given Gurren-Lagann's epic end, the shitstorms were lessened somewhat. With the promise of more Gurren-Lagann, Anonymous awaits the "promised day" when Gainax animates the character in full glory.
Derisive nickname for the future Simon seen in the series. Based on "Garlock", this Simon had numerous cosmetic changes, like an enormus chin, numerous "bling" attached to his coat and a grey corset with neckbrace. This Simon's original name was "Fabulock" or "Gaylock", but /a/ settled on Starlock when his goggles transformed into star shades (another disliked change). Most offensive of all, Starlock acted nothing like the mature "Garlock", merely an older version of kid Simon. Although /a/ still considers him manly, he isn't widely viewed as of the same calibur Gar as other characters in the series.
The Helmsman
Also known as "Badass Old Grizzled Guy". A short but well-built old man who joined up with the Dai Gurren Gang right after Gurren-Lagann's first battle with the Daiganzan. After Simon secured the Daiganzan, his job was to steer it, which was a tougher job than it looks. He's a homage to a simmilar character who appears in Captain Harlock - Arcadia of my Youth. Known for his distinctive scowl, sharp haircut and squinted eyes.
The Professor
Quite possibly the GARest women of Gurren-Lagann. Before the time-skip she was in charge of the Dai Gurren's engine room. She enabled the huge ganmen to run up a fucking mountain and kick Cytomander's ship in mid-air. Post time-skip, she rebuilt and upgraded every one of the Gurren Brigade's old ganmen and managed to have a family with Cottonhill on the side. She's called the Professor for her white lab coat and glasses, though her official name is Reite.


Curious lyrics from "Burning spirit! Kick reason to the curb! This is the Dai Gurren Gang theme that will blow your ears!" track on the Gurren-Lagann OST. The first version of this theme, an orchestral fanfare, was very dramatic and played during Garlock's appearence in episode one. The more "hip" version first appeared in episode twelve, but it was instrumental only. The lyrics first appeared in episode fourteen, and the words became a meme after sixteen when they were played during Kamina's segment in the recap. A remix of the original lyrics were superimposed onto a latter operatic tune, "Libera me from Hell".

One of Gurren-Lagann's more popular phrases, "ROW ROW" is the main chorus of a rap performed by Tarantula of the band Hi-Timez. Tarantula knows English, having formed his band in New York during 1996, so the lyrics were hillariously understandable, but yet suitably appropriate for the over-the-top nature of the show. Anonymous was instantly smitten, and the whole song is often used to cheer on an anime character who's views contradict the mainstream (an interesting position for Anonymous to take, given the Hive Mind phenomenon).

Do the Impossible!
See the Invisible!
Row! Row!
Fight the Power!
Touch the Untouchable! 
Break the Unbreakable!
Row! Row!
Fight the Power!
What you gonna do is what you wanna do
Just break the roof and you see the truth
This is the theme of "G" coming through baby!
Row! Row!
Fight the Power!


Rossiu's plan to save the Earth from total destruction was less than perfect; he intended to leave half a million humans on the planet surface to get incinerated while his spaceship Ark Gurren would carry as many to safety as it could. /a/, which had grown to despise Rossiu on the belief that his actions were done for personal glory, repeatedly taunted his efforts by brining up his failings; "ROSSIU LIED. PEOPLE DIED." was the most popular thereof.

It is worth noting that people did indeed die, more than would have if Rossiu had cooperated with the Dai Gurren Gang from the start. The few Rossiu supporters on /a/ (a minority so small that they were often dismissed as trolls) preferred the version "ROSSIU WAS RIGHT", which was based on a Death Note meme.

Union Flagann[edit]

When a Welsh MP called for the Red Dragon to be incoroprated in the Union Flag, /a/ rose to the challenge. The Daily Telegraph selected the design as one of the 20 best ones, and telegraph.co.uk readers selected it as the very best with 55% of the votes. /a/ thought the result might have been inflated by over-voting - estimating the real result to be about 40%. In the victory interview, the flag designer also responeded as a true Anonymous. The event was seen as reality piercing through expectations about viral marketing, as the sequence of events was just too improbable to be exactly as planned.

Naysayers responded which such incisive observations as
Though it is easy to dismiss the flag selection as a wry and glib choice by a discering public who are baulking at the idea of changing the Union Flag. One could also argue that this competion shows a further demise of this nations identity by a fickle, simpleton general public who are more interested in attaining trophies of outward wealth - Subaru drivers mostly - than facing up to the genuine problems faced by this decaying nation that is being erroded by a corrupt socialist shower of a supposed government.....elected by same said vehicle drivers. For shame on you all.
What, no Trogdor!?
Incidentally, the slowpokes and space cadets on Fark did, among their numerous failed attempts to create something good, actually manage to propose a Trogdor flag - but unlike the winning design, it was not vexillologically sound: You don't need to make a flag with charcoal if you have scissors and a sewing machine.Epic Slowrren Failgann