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This is a list of the cream of the crop in the Bibliotheca Anonoma.


A bunch of stories that were posted to, and sometimes even affected by the actions of internet communities.

Anonymous Forums[edit]

  • Densha Otoko - If you only look at a single piece from this collection, make it this one. It's a sentimental love story of a fashionable businesswoman and an awkward nerd, who posted his story real time to the users of 2channel (a precursor to 4chan). With the steadfast support of these users, he manages to get the courage to break out of his shell and go out with the girl. There's a good reason why it became 2005's most popular book, movie, and TV Drama in Japan.
  • Damaged Goods - What happens when Anonymous decides to grow a heart and help a literally broken girl smile again? This is the story of a registered male nurse who posted to 4chan about his newest patient, a triple amputee orphan. Believing that there was no way he could help her, he posted his story on /b/, hoping for some lulzy responses. Unexpectedly, Anonymous began to show empathy in epic proportions, pressing the man to give the girl a shoulder to cry on and possibly even adopt her.
  • Blindmute Loli - A spiritual sequel to Damaged Goods, Blindmute Loli is about an American everyman who finds his life turned upside down after he saves an orphan from the street. The injustice he suffers and the struggles he goes though just to see his adopted daugther will make you laugh, and will make you cry. Who knows if it's real or not, it's a good story nevertheless.


  • Rome Sweet Rome - A story of what happens when an American Battalion suddenly finds themselves in the Roman Empire. It got a huge following in it's initial release, and even a movie deal.
  • 1984 Sweet 1984 - A story of what happens when a man from 2011 wakes up in the year 1984. Due to it's similar inception to the above story, this bastardized title was born.

Something Awful[edit]

  • The Great Scam - A tale of Nightfreeze's investment scam in EVE Online. It shows how such nice people could pull off something this evil, but more so of the immateriality of gaming.
  • American Dream - A once-hardworking forgotten manager gets paid doing absolutely nothing except browse the internet. This is a tale of his struggle to maintain his lifestyle against the forces of Human Resources and jealous bosses. As time goes on, he realizes that he has achieved what few others have experienced: The American Dream.

More Stories


  • Copypasta - An archive of text that was so memetic, they were posted to 4chan multiple times. Sometimes it's awesome, other times shocking, but in the end it's something that just has to be saved. This archive was lost and rebuilt multiple times by various wikis, and as such needs a permanent home here.
  • Lulz A Corruption of LOL - A full music soundtrack made by anons, for anons. Was originally built on the Insurgency Wiki.
  • Essays - Some important and interesting essays from around the internet.

More Collections


Websites have histories equaling, or even rivaling that of nations in real life.

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Long before the World Wide Web, BBS systems, IRC channels, and decentralized USENET gave users a new experience of connectivity that few have ever witnessed before.

Anonymous Forums[edit]


Many illustrious groups have come to dominate internet history.

More History


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