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BASLQC (Hardware) BASLQC (Software) EternalArchive

The Bibliotheca Anonoma Software Liquidation Commission (BASLQC) is a task force dedicated to archiving and optimizing hardware past and present.

  • Hosting - Server hosting tips from our resident experienced sysadmin, Sunako.
  • Computing - Preserving retro computing hardware, as well as providing guides to certain types of modern hardware.
  • Keyboards - A good keyboard is worth as much as a good monitor: because you should be spending the most on the part of the computer you actually touch.
  • Typewriters - Guides to operating and maintaining certain typewriters, primarily the IBM Wheelwriter series.

The BASLQC also works to maintain associated software, modifications, patches, and technically complex translation projects.

  • System Administration - The Internet is run by Linux servers, and managing them is a crucial skill for running websites.
  • wikibooks:PSP - A wikibook detailing the vast history and abilities of PSP Homebrew.
  • Fangames - Fans make amazing game remakes or spinoffs of their own. Unfortunately, companies (especially Nintendo) has the right to remove infringing content. But is it ethical? We record and archive them anyway.
  • Game Translations - Some gamers make excellent and technically complex game translations. We aim to record their methods and preserve older translations for future generations.
  • Bootlegs - Bootleg games and game consoles produced mainly in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China.
  • Kantai Collection - Kantai Collection is a naval strategy game popular in Asia, their equivalent of "fantasy football".
    • Kantai Collection/Vita - With the release of Vitamin/MaiDumpTool, KCVita's Unity engine allows translation to non-Japanese languages, as well as deeper code analysis and even a possible port to PC.
  • 龜背船 - A system of automated modules aiming to strategize for and win the game Kantai Collection.

The EternalArchive Project is an organization set on archiving and digitizing cultural works from various language groups. Team members meet at #eternalarchive on .

  • EternalArchive/Solutions - Think Tank for figuring out how to archive a tremendous wealth of data safely and cheaply.
  • EternalArchive/Discovery - Figuring out what content to archive and whether it is worth saving.
  • EternalArchive/Acquisition - Acquisition of the cultural works from various sources, through totally legal means :^).
  • Storage - Infrastructure needed for archival of terabytes of data, such as blu-rays, hard drive RAID arrays and LTO tape.
  • ROMs - An effort to archive all ROMs of every retail game to exist on each major console.
    • Flashcarts - To play ROMs on the original console, you must use a flashcart.