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龜背船 (Korean: 거북선, Japanese: コブッソン/Kobusson) is a system of automated modules aiming to strategize for and win the game Kantai Collection.

In particular, the dumped game Kancolle Kai makes it possible to run the engine against a self-contained emulation of the browser game, allowing us to test strategies and recipes against it. The translation, decompilation, porting, and automation projects for this game all go hand in hand, since each is a prerequisite of the other.

Benefits of producing this automation engine are to perform computer generated analysis on game strategies, perhaps to find the best route for an event. It can also produce statistics that, given a certain recipe and a random seed, which one is most likely to produce the desired results. Most of all, the game can be hacked to run tests for unlimited times at superspeed, significantly reducing the time required to calculate such statistics.

The final phase will be to have the system play the browser game on the servers. In the human world, robots are not allowed to play this game and are blocked using anti-robot heuristics. So there's more than just having a robot be able to play the game.

By building this sort of bot, we are way beyond cheating. We need to build a bot that will be indiscernible from a human in the access log statistics.


The system is named after the Korean wp:Turtle Ships, which were a wonder of engineering that fended off the Japanese fleet during an invasion of Korea in the 1600s.


  • Kobusson/Introduction
  • Kobusson/Strategy
  • Knowledgebase - The knowledgebase component is armed with strategy databases perhaps gleaned from the wiki or from the game itself.
  • Decompilation - The Kancolle Vita game provides the entire engine and logic of Kantai Collection in full, but in Unity. This makes decompilation and even a possible port to PC easy.
  • Reimplementation - Now that we have the decompiled code, we can actually implement an accurate reimplementation of the game engine for simulations or a reverse engineered alternative game.