The Glove Man

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WARNING!!!!! If you get into a strangers car, there is a chance they might be a weirdo. I know, it's a shocker. News at 11.

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{{#evt: service=youtube |id= |alignment=right |dimensions="[240|360]" }}The Glove Man is a collection of reddit posts detailing the encounters and reactions of several late night encounters with a mysterious stranger; a halifaxian glove salesman, who is quite passionate about his work. At first thought to be an isolated incident, on July 31, 2017, /u/Gloves_are_fucked posted his experiences, having been disturbed from the encounter. The story he tells is different from those previously posted, detailing a manipulative situation in which he was repeatedly asked to stretch out a pair of leather gloves and where " becomes extremely obvious that he has a fetish for young men wearing leather gloves...". After posting, many others came forward with their personal experiences, opening the floodgates for tales of the Glove Man.

The standard encounter proceeds as follows:

Love the Glove.jpg
  1. Poster is drunk
  2. Poster meets the Glove Man
  3. In their inebriated state, the poster accepts the offer of a ride home from the man.
  4. The poster is offered the gloves to try on, occasionally drugs
  5. They then realize that "Hey, maybe this was a bad idea?"
  6. Leave confused and unsettled

Later the man was identified as a local legitimate business owner of LoveTheGloves, a shop for leather enthusiasts, with (as the name would the suggest), an emphasis on leather gloves.

The Story[edit]

Thread 1
Thread 2
Thread 3
Thread 4

The Aftermath[edit]

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As of yet, we do not know of the glove mans fate. Many users talked of reporting him to the police, but no evidence has surfaced of a conviction or even an official accusation. There were some unfounded claims of child pornography, but those were debunked as slander and trolling. At the time of writing, 8/7/17, The Glove Mans website is no longer active, with no known backups, Only screenshots are known to remain.