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Now we return to the future, to the far off date of 7/31/17, where /u/gloves_are_fucked relays his encounter with the local legend.

Warning men of Halifax: The Glove Man
Submitted 1 day ago * by gloves_are_fucked
If you want context before diving into this weird as fuck story, here are two posts 1 2 made on this subreddit about this same guy in the past, also note he browses this subreddit so please don't start a shitstorm with him personally involved or I'm worried it might come down on my head, and I absolutely do not want any further involvement with this man.

Last weekend I was on my way back from downtown walking alone on Spring Garden road scouting for a cab when a well dressed guy in a black SUV pulls up beside me and asks if I'm looking for a cab. I said yes, he asked where I was going and I told him. He said he was headed in the same direction and that he offers rides around town on the weekend. Thinking this was some friendly guy running his own Uber service, I got in hoping for a cheap ride home and handed him $10 out of my pocket. I'm 6'3 and 200lbs so I didn't feel threatened. Stupid of me.

The guy is wearing a leather jacket and leather gloves, and as soon as we're driving, starts talking about the business he has selling leather gloves. He gives me his business card. At this point I think he's just a quirky salesman with a small business which he promotes on the side while driving people.

When we get near my street, he tells me he wants me to try on some gloves. He is very excited about his gloves and despite being a bit weird I thought I'd humor him, give his business a chance and then tell him I wasn't interested and be on my way.

He gives me a pair of leather gloves which are extremely tight to fit on my hands and I start to put one on, despite it obviously not fitting. He then prompts me to pull the glove right on and thread my fingers together to stretch it on properly, and shows me how to stretch the glove by pulling on it and making a fist. At this point I'm getting extremely wierded out by the whole thing, and we turn onto my street, when he pulls over and encourages me to put the other glove on too. While this is happening an obviously drunk girl walks up to the window to ask for directions. I go to open the door to talk to her, seeing a good excuse to dip, and he says "No, don't open it" or something along those lines - I think he actually hit the window lock button too. She asks me for directions from outside the car and I point her on down the street. I turn back to the guy and he has a "better fitting" pair of gloves for me to try on. At this point I should have gotten the fuck out of there but I just told him "Okay I'll try them on and I have your card so I'll get in touch if I like them," this seemed like the least confrontational route out of his car. Again they are ridiculously tight and he has me stretch the gloves. This time it becomes extremely obvious that he has a fetish for young men wearing leather gloves and this is how he gets off. As I stretch the glove onto my hand, he starts breathing heavily and telling me how to stretch it. I had to physically turn and look down at his hands to make sure he wasn't jerking off, because it sounded like it from his breathing and the way he spoke. I was pretty drunk and too uncomfortable to voice concern or contend with his requests. I felt like I would have been behaving weirdly if I straight up turned down his attempts to have me model and buy his gloves. I did what he said for a while and stretched the gloves pretending to be interested/consider buying them for what felt like an eternity and then said "Anyway that's great but I should really get home, I have your card", at which point he acquiesces and starts driving down the street again. I had him drop me a block away from my house and hid in somebody's yard around the corner to wait for him to leave, which he did after idling there for 5 minutes.

After this happened I told my roommates in the morning and was absolutely convinced they wouldn't believe me/wouldn't believe that there was any weird sexual shit involved. One of my roommates told me this guy is well known on the Halifax gay scene and one of her friends knows who he is. I looked it up and lo and behold, the previously linked reddit posts told me all I need to know.

This guy, who told me his name was MJ, goes around picking up young men, offering drives, and gets off by making them try on and stretch out his leather gloves. There are multiple other stories of him offering people drugs, having them drive (drunk/high) while wearing his gloves, and other fucked up things.

So this is a warning and appeal to other people in Halifax. Getting in a stranger's car at 3am hammered is obviously fucking stupid and I won't be doing it again. After it happened I kinda just shrugged him off as a harmless weirdo but having read other people's stories on here I realize this guy actually makes a habit of taking advantage (even without physical contact) of drunk young men for his own sexual pleasure. At no point did he touch me but he pressured me into an extremely uncomfortable situation for his own pleasure, and has done this to countless other young men. Some of the other stories do include unwelcome physical contact. If this guy was doing the same to young women he would absolutely be locked up right now, without any question.

Take care dudes. Fuck

Scotianherb 1322 points 1 day ago
If the glove doesn't fit, you must .... GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE CAR!
/apologies to Johnnie Cochran

pyth15 1007 points 1 day ago
Dude sounds like he's about 3 plays of Goodbye Horses away from making himself a nice set of gloves from someone's hands. permalinkembedreport [–]Scotianherb 258 points 1 day ago
Yup.. Everybody says hes harmless.. but his actions are far too creepy. Gut says one of these times one of his cab rides are going to go bad, either for him or his passenger.

NefQuintero [score hidden] 22 hours ago
In addition on this post: The OP describes a handshake with a scratch on the palm. This is a well known solicitation for sex. This guy is definitely up to something!

DemetriMartin [score hidden] 22 hours ago
I didn't believe you until the 14th identical comment.

BananaNutJob [score hidden] 18 hours ago
At least the palm-scratch is meant to be an attempt to obtain consent, but the rest of everything is waaayyy out there.

Amphibialrabies69 27 points 1 day ago
For some reason I was expecting a poisoned tip in the glove that would knock you out. I watch to much tv apparently.

Principal_Ench 21 points 1 day ago
You're assuming that the gloves he has people try aren't already made from people.

Valskalle [score hidden] 22 hours ago
This is going to sound creepy af, but human skin isn't the same as cow skin. If you put on a glove of human skin you would definitely know something was wrong.

BeastCoastLifestyle 646 points 1 day ago*
Message i got from the man, the myth, the local legend, trying to justify his actions... from gotyanomore sent 6 months ago:

[Editors Note: The following is a complete accurate clusterfusk of a rant, and not the result of bad editing.]

"Those that say there drunk when driving my are not drunk to me when I ask them and if there drunk and I can see that I don't let them drive we drive in parking lots away from everything not all over the place and they most show a a drives licencees! THAT WILL COME TO A STOP 100% And there are guys that tell me they want to party more and we do and YES sometimes I want to stay in town a bit longer and drive around and want the company! I have never forced anyone to stay in the car or take them where they don't want to be Most of these guy's no am not a cab and still get in, some through me gas money and some don't! I don't care! You have had allot of people talking not good things but me and you had a few people talking good things about me! and believe it or not! There are people on here getting me confused with someone us as well! There are many people out there that you have not heard from would say only good things about me because that's who I am! I am not a Weird Guy.... OR FUCKED I think am JUST MISUNDERSTOOD and should be doing things a BETTER WAY! I don't go around hunting to hurt people I just feel people are attacking me and over stating what really happened BECAUSE AM SURE they have never come across someone like me before! And Yes I can come across aggressive when am promoting my gloves, gloves are in the car and people try them on and YES over the years I have sold 15 pairs! Before we leave wherever I pick a guy up from, he is given a business card BECAUSE I am wearing Driving Gloves I drive with Driving Gloves on whenever am driving and don't want the guy's I pick up to feel scared AND if I was ever thinking of hurting a person or up to no good that's the last thing I would give them is my Business Card! I am just trying to help to save people having being picked up by the cops or stop them from freezing the death because a cab wont stop for them! Even those crazy guy's that are not wearing a jacket and walking home I stop and ask them if they need a lift so they don't freeze the death or get to wet because its raining out! I was without a car for years and many people have help me out over the years and am just passing it on! And YES trying to promote my business! Some people don't have cars to come to me so this is a good way to get my business out there! Am getting to the point I don't care anymore! I though I was helping people and many I have and those that feel differently that's their side of it! OH AND YES I DO HAVE SOME OF THE MOST AWESOME GLOVES AROUND! I have Leather Gloves that are ULTRATHIN/UNLINED that when on and using them you feel you have nothing on your hands! I DESIGN THEM and have China to Stitch them together! I am VERY PROUD OF MY GLOVES 9 YEARS NEXT MONTH! One last note: After I finish clubbing and before I leave for home I drive around downtown Halifax seeing if their are people (guy's) in distress having NO COATS on and freezing and Can't get a Cab or those guy's that look to be drunk that any minute a cop will grab them and through their stupid asses in the drunk tank! Those are the guy's I try to help! Some want to go straight home some Don't! Some of them are talking about being horny and asking to be ? A'm Bisexual and NOTHING is said to them unless they are asking! If they never ask it doesnot come up with me and we set out to where they want to go and what they want to do! There are always to sides to any story!"

hfx_redditor 1022 points 1 day ago
Some of my brain cells offed themselves trying to decipher that.

buckyfellini 502 points 1 day ago
I love how after over 500 words of rambling he just randomly throws in there "OH AND YES I DO HAVE SOME OF THE MOST AWESOME GLOVES AROUND!". Like that is the bulletproof fact that is going to counter any potential criticism of his behavior and/or sales techniques.

AmputeeBall 389 points 1 day ago
They're so good he's sold over 15 pairs in 9 years! That's over 1 pair per year!

ErrorAsh [score hidden] 22 hours ago
Since they are the most awesome gloves around they will surely cost a bucket! Quality over quantity :p

crozone [score hidden] 20 hours ago
...I kinda want to try some on now.

gloves_are_fucked[S] 477 points 1 day ago
In fairness to him at least he seems like he's trying to show some restraint in what he's doing. It's very weird and not right but you can tell he at least has some sense of right and wrong by the way he talks about not forcing anything/anyone, being "misunderstood" rather than bad, etc. This message from him is somewhat reassuring to read, albeit a little difficult.. Ultimately I think beyond leaving guys like myself shaken up, this guy is not going to do any tangible harm.

Weird and interesting story anyway, I urge everyone to do their best to stay safe and avoid these encounters.

Knittinintheboysroom 490 points 1 day ago
This shouldn't assure you. This should make you want to call law enforcement and start a paper trail. He himself says he's not "forcing" anyone, but 1) most creeps are going to fucking LIE THEIR ASSES OFF TO STAY OUT OF TROUBLE. It seems pretty blatant to me that that's what this letter is, 2) he is in fact forcing them through manipulation. He lures men in by offering a ride where they're essentially trapped with him. Remember his response to thinking you were about to open the door? He didn't want to risk you getting away yet. By trapping you with him, playing awkward and indulging his sexual fetish in such a way as to leave you doubting so as to drag it out as long as he can, he is forcing it on you and others. Why? He could easily arrange scenes with consenting adult partners, but it's more than the leather fetish; he gets off on making people part of his fetishes without their consent.

What he is doing is objectively, categorically wrong, and he knows it is. Do not give him an out just because he sent an apology- I'd bet anything he's done the same thing to his other victims.

CaulkParty 234 points 1 day ago
he is in fact forcing them through manipulation. He lures men in by offering a ride where they're essentially trapped with him.

Knittinintheboysroom 105 points 1 day ago
In case you're being flippant (and even if not, for other's benefit), that absolutely plays into it. Peer pressure and social niceties can be very powerful manipulation tools- that's why they're so popular amongst people who abuse. Yes, it applies to men too.

Ryanfez 80 points 1 day ago
Exactly, it's a perfect reference regardless of its popularity. The scene in question describes a very similar situation where one of the main characters wants to lure young women onto a boat where they will not be able to leave nor be able to refuse sex, because of the implication. It is hardly shoehorned in, it fits like a glove.

backgroundmusik [score hidden] 23 hours ago
Pun intended

hiccupstix 27 points 1 day ago
Jesus Christ, it's not like there was a gun to OP's head. OP even admits that he just didn't want to offend the guy, so he went along with it. The phrase is "No means no" not "Yes but only because I don't want to offend anyone means no." Just because you guys are unwilling to assert your will doesn't mean someone else is a fucking predator.

memejunk [score hidden] 23 hours ago
"didn't want to offend the guy, so he went along with it." right, and this dude is obviously counting on that... which is still creepy and manipulative

Freeballa [score hidden] 22 hours ago
Jeffrey Dahmer was usually nice too. Right up until he drugged raped and turned those dudes into man soup in his bath tub.

starmagick [score hidden] 23 hours ago
Why are you angry?

Anyway, you're technically correct. He is not a fucking predator, but he is acting in a predatory fashion in a sense. I agree that people are too willing to go along with something that feels weird to them, and men especially, I think, often don't know how to deal with some kind of weird behavior that is not overtly sexual. But the behavior is sexually arousing to the glove guy. Just because what arouses him might be difficult to see in a sexual context doesn't change that. Anyway, I don't want to blame the guys that don't know how to react to this. I'll bet at least some of them are afraid and thinking that if they just stretch the gloves for the guy that he won't pull out any weapon he may have on him.

This is a predatory aspect and there is an implied threat. The guy acts weird but not to point where he's unzipping his pants or whatever. And the recipients of his attention want to get out of the car but often don't because that puts the responsibility on them to acknowledge this is a sexual situation. It's a mind game. I had an experience with a guy like that when I was 12 or 13 and I didn't understand what happened until later. Because of that experience when some guy acts weird or makes me uncomfortable I don't hesitate to tell them to fuck off. But not everyone does that and whether they do or not doesn't change the fact the guy is a predator.

Knittinintheboysroom [score hidden] 23 hours ago
he just didn't want to offend the guy And that's not peer pressure and social niceties being exploited to gain compliance?

slapfestnest 10 points 1 day ago
you uh... seem to know a lot about what gets this guy off in specific detail..

turkey_berzerky 78 points 1 day ago
Still, if the best thing you can say about him is "Hey, at least he isn't sexually assaulting people"... That's not saying much.

ShortchangeParamecia 23 points 1 day ago
"That Jeffrey Dahmer is a bit of an odd duck, but at least he didn't kill millions of jews!"

FoodBornChillness 57 points 1 day ago*
Many people begin their fetishes by approaching people like this. You are drunk and vulnerable. He may seem odd, but harmless at this point, but it could lead to assault in time. There is a fine line where these people decide its fine to go the next step. Be careful out there and remember, nothing is for free.

ShortchangeParamecia 33 points 1 day ago
Exactly. OP should stop and think of this situation if he wasn't a big guy, or maybe from a woman's perspective. Would OP feel the same if this creep were doing this to drunk college girls? High school boys?

klondike_barz 9 points 1 day ago
if his type is larger, drunken men (based on OP), then its unlikely he goes around offering theses rides to women or children. my vote is on harmless fetish, bordering on the minimum definition of sexual assault or some sort of misconduct.

Zikara [score hidden] 22 hours ago
I don't think he was trying to imply that Glove Man is also doing this to young women or children. I think the point he is making is that if the guy is doing something that would be wrong to do to a woman or a child, then its just as wrong to do it to large men.

Rukenau 33 points 1 day ago*
Um... it is anything but reassuring... it actually creeped me out even more. He's barely making sense (schizophrenic as I wrote before is probably a stretch), and frankly, doesn't sound like a type with whom you'd want to be locked in a car at three am (assuming there is such a type).

wallyroos 15 points 1 day ago
You know if he was upfront with me and they were nice gloves I woukd let him jerk it while I out them on. A good set of driving gloves is super expensive.

gloves_are_fucked[S] 15 points 1 day ago
The gloves weren't actually bad. Feel free to get in touch, I'm sure he'd give you a good deal...

jmarcandre 139 points 1 day ago
It's interesting that he basically admits to looking for the most vulnerable and susceptible men and that's who he offers rides home to. You know, people who might not have their best judgement going on at the moment. It does seem like he has guilt about his behavior, but none of that is comforting to me. He puts himself in situations to take advantage of people. There's no way he does this out of kindness.

BeastCoastLifestyle 70 points 1 day ago
That's been my thoughts since i heard about this guy. If he was praying on drunk girls in the same way. It would be national news. But because we're men, we can defend our self, even in our drunkest state, against the dangers.

youb3tcha 28 points 1 day ago
I'll protect you.

Cagg 24 points 1 day ago
I mean, sometimes I take the road home passed the strip in the cold winter in Jersey. I have driven people out of my way to their homes when they seemed like they may be trying to walk home from the grocery store or walk home drunk. "Hey (man/miss/guys) its super cold out do you want a lift? I'm heading North/South on Rt X" Then I just bullshit about music and stuff till they get home. There's no ulterior motive for me. I just remember being 19 with no car and walking 3 miles to work and back each day.

MrPlaysWithSquirrels 44 points 1 day ago
There is a difference between that and doing it every weekend, looking for people to pick up and try on your super tight gloves.

Cagg 11 points 1 day ago
I mean I guess, weird doesn't always mean dangerous though. That being said if you are getting into a car with a stranger be careful.

a_furious_nootnoot 69 points 1 day ago*
I cleaned this up a bit. [Editors Note: Thanks from the BA]

The accusation that I get drunk people to drive my car is untrue. I ask them if they are drunk beforehand, ask to see a driver's license and do not offer to drunk people. We only drive in parking lots anyway. THAT WILL COME TO A STOP 100%.

I have had some of my passengers tell me they enjoy my company and they want to stay out and continue to party. Yes, sometimes I just want to drive around the town and want some company.

I have never forced anyone to stay in the car or taken them where they don't want to be. Most people know that I am not a cab. Some throw me gas money and some don't! I don't care!

You have had a lot of people talking not good things about me but also a few people talking good things about me. And believe it or not but I am being confused with someone else as well. There are many people who know me who would say that I am a good guy.

I am not a weird guy... or FUCKED. I think I am JUST MISUNDERSTOOD and should be doing things a BETTER WAY! I don't go around hunting to hurt people! I think people are overstating what really happened BECAUSE I AM SURE they have never come across someone like me before!

Yes, I can come across aggressive when I am promoting my gloves. Yes, I have gloves in my car and people try them on. Over the years I have sold 15 pairs! Whenever I pick a guy up he is given a business card BECAUSE I am wearing Driving Gloves. I drive with Driving Gloves on whenever am driving and don't want the guys I pick up to feel scared. If I was ever thinking of hurting a person or up to no good the last thing I would give them is my Business Card!

I am just trying to help to save people having being picked up by the cops or freezing to death because a cab won't stop for them! Even those crazy guys that are not wearing a jacket and walking home I stop and ask them if they need a lift so they don't freeze to death or get wet because it's raining out! I was without a car for years and many people have help me out over the years and I am just passing it on! And YES trying to promote my business! Some people don't have cars to come to me so this is a good way to get my business out there!

I am getting to the point that I don't care anymore! I thought I was helping people and those that feel differently, well that's their side of it! OH AND YES I DO HAVE SOME OF THE MOST AWESOME GLOVES AROUND! I have Leather Gloves that are ULTRATHIN/UNLINED that when on and using them you feel you have nothing on your hands! I DESIGN THEM and have China stitch them together! I am VERY PROUD OF MY GLOVES 9 YEARS NEXT MONTH!

After I finish clubbing I drive around downtown Halifax seeing if there are guys in distress. Those are the guys I try to help! Some want to go straight home, some don't! Some of them are talking about being horny and asking to be ? I'm Bisexual and NOTHING is said to them unless they are asking! If they never ask it does not come up with me and we set out to where they want to go and what they want to do! There are always two sides to any story!

80840 [score hidden] 22 hours ago
Doing God's work.

-Mgmt [score hidden] 21 hours ago
I liked it in it's original heavy Greek accent.

pyth15 370 points 1 day ago*
I have about 6 or 7 young guys working for me at the moment. Early-mid 20s, they pretty much all enjoy partying downntown. Like, several actually reside on argyle st.

Anyway today is toolbox talk Tuesday, so I decided to gather everyone up and make today's safety talk about not getting into cars with strange men. Turns out every single one of them knew exactly who I was talking about. This guy definitely isn't a secret lol.

Halo4356Halifax 86 points 1 day ago
That's super weird that so many people have come across him. Kinda scary tbh. I'm glad I've never run into him.

UPRCHalifax 24 points 1 day ago
Same, I've never even heard of him before today. Then again, I do all of my drinking from home with friends and am rarely out late since I have to be up at 5:00 AM on weekdays. Makes sense I've never heard of him, but I don't doubt that a few people I know (who drink profusely) probably know of this guy.

Lord_Nuke 357 points 1 day ago
Love the Gloves guy. I know you can see this.

Get your fingers off the report button. Stop screeching about your lawyer, and talk to us like an adult.

pyth15 62 points 1 day ago
Can't you just mod mute him?

Lord_Nuke 90 points 1 day ago
As BeastCoast mentioned, he makes a new account. Also: He doesn't actually message us, 9/10 times. Just mashes the report button, and admins don't want us to be able to do anything about that "because privacy."

anooblol [score hidden] 22 hours ago
Just a message to the mod. You should really ban the comments where people are leaking his company name. Not that I'm defending the guy, but within about 2 minutes of google searching I have his full name, address, and picture. Probably shouldn't create a witch hunt situation.

use_more_lube [score hidden] 21 hours ago
If you google his location and "gloves" you get a couple of Reddit threads and his store. It's not rocket appliances.

Lord_Nuke[M] [score hidden] 13 hours ago
His company name is public information, he's a local "character" who is well known. He literally drives around at 2 am picking drunk dudes up and then giving them his business card, which has all that information and more on it.

BeastCoastLifestyle [score hidden] 12 hours ago
The man publicly advertises all this information. He's bringing it on himself. Not to mention the comments here aren't trying to start a witch hunt or mentioning any personal information.

anooblol [score hidden] 11 hours ago
I just see a lot of comments saying, "His company name is xyz." Although I understand people are just looking out for the well-being of the public, some might take this out of context and put a hit out on the guy. There are some sick people in the world who would think that's justifiable behavior

Lord_Nuke 163 points 2 days ago
In before he shows up, pretends to be another person who is his fictional lawyer, and repeatedly demands we ban every user who talks about him.

Minnie_Mazola 42 points 2 days ago
Mod mail is gonna be off the chain

UPRC 34 points 1 day ago*
Or a supportive female poster with no prior comments anywhere on Reddit.

Halo435618 points 1 day ago
Has that happened before?

Lord_Nuke57 points 1 day ago
Heavily both previous times the topic came up. We can generally tell it's him by the spelling and grammar. Or lack thereof.

BeastCoastLifestyle 121 points 1 day ago*
I can attest to his constant harassing on here. I made post Number 1, he sent me numerous messages demanding i take it down and he reported every comment on the post. I'll post another comment here copying the message he sent me. I also got a bit of flack from different people talking about how he suffered from mental illness and doesn't know better. But my post never made allegations and never said anything i didn't know to be true. This post will easily get over a 100 comments with people sharing their stories about him.

plebian-seppuku [score hidden] 12 hours ago
I'm so sorry that you dealt with that! The lack of sympathy in these posts is appalling. Local PD need to be alerted. This is a predator. I'm glad you are ok.

dawsonj20 107 points 2 days ago
I have viewed this as pretty harmless previously. Your comparison to the same thing happening to females is an excellent point though. Thanks for the warning.

gloves_are_fucked[S] 69 points 2 days ago
If you read the other posts, there is some stuff that's definitely not harmless - having people drive drunk/on drugs, etc. However I agree what happened to me seemed relatively harmless, it was just disturbing more than anything.

Rawr1978 44 points 2 days ago
It isn't harmless if it's freaking guys out (and it should). You could be 6 foot, 250lb guy, have a weapon pulled on you, and.... I'll leave it there. Or, he could have a relatively harmless fetish.

dawsonj20113 points 1 day ago
I had just been thinking as the guys were being homophobic or too sensitive. But "too sensitive" is the accusation made against women who call out sexual assault. If somebody is uncomfortable, it's not okay. Guys shouldn't have to accept those situations more than women. I realize that now.

Rawr1978 66 points 2 days ago
Now you know how females feel. It sucks.

gloves_are_fucked[S] 65 points 2 days ago
I mean, this really shouldn't happen to anyone. I'd like to think this kind of thing is very unusual for both men and women. Women are typically more cautious for obvious reasons. If I were a girl I like to think I definitely wouldn't have got in the car, but when you think about it, if the person you're getting in a car with has a weapon of some sort it really doesn't matter if you're a heavyweight boxer or a child, you're fucked. Moral of the story is that unfortunately there are some weird people out there and there's not a whole lot we can do about it day-to-day other than stay safe and sensible. Learned that one the hard way but luckily no harm done. Might have been the best $10 I've ever spent.

CuileannDhu 53 points 1 day ago
If there is a moral to this story, it's that we should be teaching young men about how to keep themselves safe in the same way that we teach young women.

It isn't unusual at all for weird random dudes to offer women rides but it would be very unusual for a woman to get in the car. I can't believe how many young men just hop on in the car with this dude. This is how you end up with your own Forensic Files episode, fellas.

Rawr1978 13 points 1 day ago
Exactly. I was half asleep and I wrote the first thing I thought, thinking others would understand the context. Let's just say it's a coping mechanism, training to think that others have had it happen worse. It still sucks, regardless of level of harmful action.

CuileannDhu 15 points 1 day ago
My parents spent a ton of time and effort instructing me on what I could/couldn't and should/shouldn't do in order to be safe out there in the world. The only advice they gave my brothers was don't get arrested and don't get anyone pregnant. Parents really need to spend as much effort coaching their sons on personal safety as they do their daughters.

jmarcandre 48 points 1 day ago
I used to date a girl who worked a print shop where he used to get his Love the Gloves stuff printed. They all talked about how weird he was and one day her boss refused any further business from him because he was erratic, impatient, and really just strange to deal with.

LoveThe_Glove 48 points 1 day ago
The guy is off his rocker. I grew up in "the bay" and I always remember seeing him walking the roads. Apparently he offered and gave drugs to a guy I went to highschool with for a ride to reflections. The kid was 17. Buddy ended up getting taking sleeping pills and passed out backwards in the rottery, woke up in the tank with a DUI.

MJ is a local legend in the bay, however, not for the right reasons. Really surpised the police havent done anything about this guy yet. He is for sure a liability and it's only a matter of time before someone getts really hurt.

acealeam [score hidden] 23 hours ago
I mean hell here I am 2000 miles away and I know this man's name and appearance and that he sells drugs. Very interesting that nothing has happened to him.

LoveThe_Glove [score hidden] 22 hours ago
I dont think he even sells drugs -- morseo gives them out for free. He's a very weird guy thats for sure. Hoping I never run into him downtown

MaybeImBatman 47 points 1 day ago
I too was picked up by him on the way back from Lower Deck back in my 2nd year. The story is very similar, except he tried to get me to drive his car with the gloves on while I was absolutely hammered. Tried to sell me drugs at the end as well.

KatanaAvion 22 points 1 day ago
I don't understand the whole "drive my car while shitfaced" thing. The gloves ... Meh, creepy and odd, clearly a sexual perversion. But having clearly intoxicated individuals drive? Does he have a death wish or does he want to be the hero that bails you out after getting a DUI?

Vaywen 25 points 1 day ago
He probably just really wants them to drive with the gloves on, maybe being drunk is irrelevant to him.

LoveThe_Glove [score hidden] 22 hours ago
this. To be honest, i think the guy is just looking for a little adrenaline rush -- whether that comes from streching out some leather gloves, or letting a underage male drive you backwards around a round about.

MaybeImBatman [score hidden] 15 hours ago
I think he's got a real intense fetish. He tried to make my exchange student buddy drive, even after he was told that buddy had never sat behind the wheel of a car before. v Luckily, I had already told him about my encounter with the glove man and he had the foresight to record the conversation! It's actually hilarious how crazy this dude is

Tubby200 40 points 1 day ago
While reading this I was positive that you were going to put on the gloves and be pricked by some needle and pass out.

Ya-Filthy-Animal 27 points 1 day ago
Holy fuck, man, don't give him any ideas!

soashamedrightnow 17 points 1 day ago
I thought he was getting ready to put his hand into splooge-filled gloves.

Tubby200 10 points 1 day ago
Ehh I'd take the needle

Shayfleafcht 36 points 1 day ago
I have to say, this is one of the strangest mind fucks Reddit has ever given me, as this appeared on my main page for some reason. Thankfully, (for me) I'm in Halifax UK, so the surprise of seeing my home town involved in something so bizarre has worn off Halifax UK is so dull and boring that if something like this did happen here it would probably be the biggest scandal since the local chippy started charging 10p for a plastic box to put your tea in.

gloves_are_fucked[S] 9 points 1 day ago
Now that's worth reporting to law enforcement if anything is

comeupoutdawatah 31 points 1 day ago
Made me think of The Man Who Squeezes Muscles story from Liverpool, UK. One of the most intriguing stories/articles I've ever read.

igraywolf 10 points 1 day ago
I met a mentally disabled gentlemen like this on a bus in Los Angeles when I was 19. He seemed normal-ish until he asked me if I could "make a muscle" took him 2-3 minutes of asking for me to understand what he wanted and after I flexed he started touching my arm, which creeped me out so I got off at the next bus stop and walked the rest of the way.

stemanuk 8 points 1 day ago
Purple Aki, pretty much everyone in the North West of England has a friend of a friend who has been approached by him

tedsmitts 31 points 1 day ago
I came here from /r/bestof so I don't know if it's kosher to reply, but I used to live in Halifax back in 2003 or so and hung out in the gay scene at Reflections/NRG/Toolbox etc. This guy doesn't ring a bell and that was early days for the internet, but there is an old gay wiki/talk site that is apparently still going:


Which talks about a "gloveman" with a big glove fetish. It's not unique in the leather scene but... sounds about right.

Halo435611 points 1 day ago
It's probably the same guy. He's been doing this for quite a while.

chezzetcook 29 points 1 day ago
WARNING!!!!! If you get into a strangers car, there is a chance they might be a weirdo. I know, it's a shocker. News at 11.

youb3tcha 27 points 1 day ago
I read this thinking that there'd be some joke at the end of the story. Absolutely disturbing.

MarioWarioLucario 23 points 1 day ago
It's never harmless to manipulate people like that. Someone who is willing to pick drunk people off the street and goad them into doing "innocuous" shit that turns out to not be so innocuous in his mind is seriously sociopathic. People like that are dangerous because whether or not they actually "hurt" anyone, they're proving to themselves how easy it is to get people into their CAR, and to get those vulnerable people to follow their directions, even though they're absolutely not within the realm of normalcy. If this guy hasn't raped someone already I'd call that a god damn blessing. This guy thinks of other people as things he's free to do what he wants with and that means he's well over the main hurdle of becoming a person who's going to harm someone some day.

oxfay 22 points 1 day ago
You severely overestimate the amount of convictions men get for doing creepy shit to women. Let alone the sentences they receive when they are convicted. The justice system is broken when it comes to sexual violence and crimes for both men and women. I am sorry this happened to you, but your second last sentence makes you sound incredibly unsympathetic to the people this type of event is just another Tuesday night.

gloves_are_fucked[S] 18 points 1 day ago
Didn't mean to come across that way, I agree that it really shouldn't happen to anyone. I just mean there is no real way to prevent this other than exercising caution and teaching people to exercise caution. We're not gonna be able to stop every oddball out there from doing their thing before they've done it so exercising safety and common sense, much as I didn't, is the best we have.

UpvotingMyBoyfriend 25 points 2 days ago
Curious if anyone has ever reported this guy to the police? permalinkembedreport gloves_are_fucked[S] 26 points 2 days ago
I haven't, I've been thinking about it though. He didn't really do anything overtly illegal though as far as I can see, at least not with me. He is probably a known character at least.

Skoot99 23 points 1 day ago
This guy seems to have tried to lock the window out on you. Trying to control the situation. I fear that this may escalate. It's worth giving them some information.

sluggymutrat 16 points 1 day ago
Ignoring the pressure to stay, locking the window etc... it can't be legal to operate an unlicensed cab, and it appears from the story that he tried to represent himself as a car for hire. Unlicensed cab might sound like a minor crime, but if that's his major tactic to get guy in the car then i'd say it's worth at least giving the cops description of the vehicle/driver.

UpvotingMyBoyfriend 13 points 2 days ago
Yeah, that's what I was thinking. They might be keeping tabs on him. I agree the guy sounds weird af but unless he is doing something criminal and it has been reported to the police, it's tough to claim that if this were happening to women instead of men he'd be locked up.

dywacthyga 11 points 1 day ago
If he was holding you in his vehicle without your consent, isn't that something like unlawful confinement?

use_more_lube [score hidden] 21 hours ago
As a woman, I'm used to assuming that getting into a stranger's car could get me killed, more likely raped. So from that perspective, I'm pretty stunned so many fellas will climb into a car with no second thoughts. I guess you guys aren't used to being considered prey? I'm really really glad this glove guy seems to be "mostly harmless, just creepy" but damn me, do please be careful. Serial killers who target men don't usually make the news, but they are definitely out there. In fact, there's a lot more than I was aware of, and the fact that there are so many confirmed makes me worried that you fellas aren't being careful. Here are more horrifying men who stalk men. I'm now realizing how fucking sexist the goddamned media is in still another way. News of women and children getting murdered by serial killers - pretty common. There's jack shit when it's a serial killer going after men, thought. (except for Dahmer, though again; he mostly went after teens and not full grown men) Also - don't know if I buy into it, but the Smiley Face Killer theory is also creepy as fuck.

Stay safe everyone.

starrboy88 14 points 1 day ago
Looks like he can use a visit to [Glove World]

Halo4356 14 points 1 day ago
/r/letsnotmeet is basically all I have to say on the matter.

Zaorish9 11 points 1 day ago
Thinking this was some friendly guy running his own Uber service That's where you fucked up.

CameoRockp [score hidden] 23 hours ago
This is so crazy to read. A friend of mine a few years ago told me a story that happened almost exactly how you described it. He was drunk and thought the guy was a cab driver. I thought he was at the very least embellishing but he described the story almost identically to the way you did. TIL the glove guy is real.

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