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Submitted 6 months ago by: BeastCoastLifestyle

I have a weird inquiry i'm throwing out there. I'm wondering if anyone else has come across a gentlemen in a white car, who late a night drives around offering drunk people rides home. He isn't a cab driver and i don't think he tries to charge. I've had multiple friends encounter this guy. They, in a drunken state of mind, assume he's a cab and get in. The strange part begins here; he's a glove salesman on the side and gets the passengers to try on his gloves while he drives them home. We joke that he gets off from people wearing his gloves, no actual evidence of this. I've never been part of any of these nights, but all the stories sound similar and I can't help but wonder how many people around Halifax have also encountered this guy. He hasn't done anything to make him seem dangerous, just a little weird with how he acts and the whole glove situation. But If I know 4 people who've interacted with him there has to be more out there.

TL/DR: Has anyone else had a late night glove modelling session in a strangers car?

TackyAnkles 33 points 6 months ago

Yea I have a vague recollection of getting picked up by the gloves guy while I was walking home from 12 Barz. He was driving a black Dodge Charger that he told me he rented. He asked me if I had time to "drive around" with him and I told him no, but he promptly took a turn away from my block. He had me try on gloves and a leather jacket, and took me to some parking lot with no street lights where I thought I was going to die. He pulled out a bag of pre rolled joints and offered me one, and I got out of the car and smoked it. While I was smoking I was sending my friends my location on find my friends and FB messenger because I thought he was straight up going to murder me. I asked if he'd drive me home and he went on and on about munchies and how I had to try some pizza place? that he was a regular at. He kept mentioning how he rented a different car every weekend and needed it to keep his 'boys working downtown' which sounded like prostitution or pimping or something to me. I was pretty adamant about him driving me home at this point, I had him drop me off a block away and made sure he didn't follow me home, then went to bed. So yea, messy night.

Pickin_Boogaz 11 points 7 months ago
This story lines up with what the locals have said about this guy. Interesting.

TheWalrusTalks 10 points 7 months ago
Sounds like he uses late night drunks/fear to sell his products...

[The Following user is quoting a report on the OP] Lord_Nuke 10 points 6 months ago
User reports: 1: This person is stretching the truth about what really happened please remove this!

BeastCoastLifestyle -8 points 7 months ago (1 children)

If this was a guy picking up young drunk girls, it would be national news. Where are the Social Justice Warriors on this one?

edit: picking up in his car**

DingDongSewLong -13 points 7 months ago
He may be a person of minority, so sjw are on his side!

sjmorris 34 points 7 months ago (3 children)

I am stunned by the sheer number of people that took a drunken ride with a strange man early in the morning.

Originalbobbish 21 points 7 months ago
Drunk people are widely known for their great decisions.

Clark2312 10 points 7 months ago
I got in with him less than a month after being mugged on my way home from downtown. My friends don't think I should walk home alone any more. The next day I couldn't I thought it was a good idea, but it was cold and I was tired.. oh the regret.

CuileannDhu 7 points 7 months ago
Seriously, it's almost like they want to end up dead in a ditch.

dango_hfx 27 points 7 months ago (2 children)
I have encountered this man. A few months ago i was walking home loaded as fuck, and he pulled up in his truck (around 330AM mind you) and offered me a ride. Wondering what kind of person actually does that sort of thing i let my curiosity get the best of me and hopped in. He had leather shit everywhere! He was getting me to try gloves on, and said in his faux-aussie accent "mate you look loike someone who needs a leather jacket". Still finding this hilarious i called him out saying something like "hey man dont you think its weird you drive around in the wee hours of the morning picking people up and getting them to try on your leather products?" He didnt seem too fazed by that and lied, saying he was waiting to pick his friends up from the airport. Things got a bit more weird when he offered to let me drive his truck (again, i am visibly intoxicated), so i said he was off his rocker and to drop me off. He didn't protest too much but insisted i take his business cards. Anyways, weird dude, not a taxi, not australian, don't be fooled. To be fair though his leather gloves did seem to be good quality.

pddle 5 points 6 months ago
Hahah well done providing an honest review of the gloves after all that

yaharon 6 points 7 months ago (1 children)
The fake accent adds an interesting spice to the mystery.

dango_hfx 3 points 7 months ago
By the sounds of it, that is not his usual tactic. Definitely added to the allure though, so i guess it works. I'll definitely give it a go if i ever decide to lure drunks into my car /s

ScrambledCats 24 points 7 months ago
My partner has encountered this guy twice. The first time was back in 2013, and the second time was last year. So he's been around for a while. He gave him a card with a link to this website, so I guess the glove thing is legit. (And yes, the second time my partner fully recognized the guy and gladly got into his car for the sake of the story. He came home laughing so hard he could barely talk.)

Minnie_Mazola 7 points 7 months ago
I think that website was made on Geocities. Impressive.

Lord_Nuke 2 points 7 months ago
That could be angelfire.

Minnie_Mazola 3 points 6 months ago

Haliwood_Halifornia 8 points 7 months ago
This guy offered a friend of mine a ride home a year or two ago. Ended up driving down and parking on the waterfront instead, and my buddy bolted out of the car. Apparently a very weird dude.

kroneksix 9 points 7 months ago (3 children)
I went to buy a pair of gloves from his roadside setup on the Peggys Cove Road. VERY weird dude.

nonspecificloser 5 points 7 months ago (1 children)
is this the same guy? I remember seeing this dude selling gloves on the side of the road down that way when I was building a house.

kroneksix 5 points 7 months ago (1 children)
Love the glove, yep. Always thought it was oddly sexual

BeastCoastLifestyle 6 points 7 months ago
At least we know he uses protection.

SquishedPeter 5 points 7 months ago
I feel like we need to send a film crew to this guys house now

AviatorBloggins 8 points 6 months ago
I bought a pair of the leather gauntlets 5 years ago for $40 that I use on my KLR while trail riding. They're the best gloves I've ever owned.

maximumice 19 points 7 months ago

This is so gloriously ludicrous, I love it.

Possibly related to that guy who used to sell gloves from that kiosk on the side of the road on the Peggy's Cove Road?

CuileannDhu 15 points 7 months ago
That's the guy.

DennyJesusChrist 20 points 7 months ago (4 children)

I dont know if I should be happy or sad that this has happened to so many people, I was embarrassed that I got in his car but at least I'm not the only one stupid enough?

He picked me up last winter when I was walking home from Cheers at like 4am. He was yelling at me from an intersection but I just kept walking. Then he pulled up beside me and I was so hammered I got in, thinking I had a free ride. He immediately starts going off about how I have nice small hands and how his gloves would be perfect for me. This is all the while not driving directly to my destination. He has me try on probably four different types of gloves. I told him I had no money to buy gloves but that didn't seem to phase him at all.

Eventually we end up in the parking lot of the Quinpool Superstore. At this point I think he's going to either take a knife out, or his dick out, or both. I'm kinda on edge but he's just still going on about his gloves. Then we have this exchange:

Him "So do you wanna drive my car, to get a feel for driving with the gloves"

Me "Hell no, I'm hammered right now"

Him "Ahh come on, you're fine"

Me "No you don't want me driving your car right now"

Him "Ahh come on, just for a sec"

Me (regrettably) "OK"

So we trade places in the car, I have some of those dumb ass gloves on with holes in the knuckles. I'm taking it easy driving around the parking lot with the gloves on, not even pressing the gas really. The lot was mostly empty but there were a ton of snow piles. He's encouraging me to go faster "Come on, give it some gas". Trying to convince me to make sharper/faster turns (to show the grip of the gloves?). At one point he gets me to drive straight with my hands off the wheel, then grab the wheel and turn sharply. I oblige and somehow don't lose control/crash into anything. Eventually I ask him to drive me home and he drops me off a block away from my place, gives me card and thats it. I woke up in the morning just thanking god I was alive/not violated.

I'm absolutely not proud of my decisions that night and I guess the moral of the story is even though I didn't die, do not get into a strangers car at night (or ever).

Here's a picture of the card he gave me. Still gives me the creeps....

Lord_Nuke 10 points 7 months ago
In before he comes onto reddit demanding we remove all the negative comments about him/his product.

dj3hac 3 points 6 months ago
Called it.

Lord_Nuke 3 points 6 months ago
He sent us multiple modmails pretending to be his lawyer. Same bad grammar and spelling he uses in his report messages though.

deek1123 17 points 7 months ago (1 children)
Holy shit I thought i was the only one. This guy picked me up on spring garden. He also asked me if I wanted to party and offered me weed and other drugs. Dude also parked at the quinpool superstore and had me try on his gloves and told me to drive his car home wearing his gloves, which I did. Ahaha nobody believed me that this happend.

Also his website is or something. Yea I found it

yaharon 6 points 7 months ago (1 children)
Does your experience feel weird in hindsight knowing that he does the same to lots of other young men? It's almost certainly some kind of a kick or thrill for him. It's such a weird obsession that if he somehow escalated you know he would do some crazy, degenerate stuff.

deek1123 9 points 7 months ago (1 children)
Honestly, at the time I figured he was just a weird dude that needs money. Thought it was hilarious. Im not sure if he gets off on dudes or just knows that asking young women to get into his car at 4am is a sure fire way to get in trouble with the law or others. I wouldnt get in the car again because it was uncomfortable as fuck having to tell the guy I didnt wana do drugs with him multiple times. And honestly if he wants to "party" your probably right. He could just be a lonely weird dude but i dont know. Never again.

Lord_Nuke 9 points 6 months ago
User reports: 1: laying about picking up young ladies false information and talking about drugs i dont do etc

astroaries 14 points 7 months ago (1 children)

I almost forgot about this guy. His behavior seems to get weirder as time goes on!

About fifteen years ago he appeared on the Halifax gay scene. Acting weird at the gay bars and around the hill. He was evrntually banned for life from Reflections.

About ten yrars ago when the pride parades in Halifax started to get organized and bigger; he started to show up at first walking with a banner showing the glove website etc to handing out bussiness cards. One year he was in his usual leather gettep and gloves laying on a cars hood trying to be sexy etc... thing is he kept falling off. At the end of the parade he ended up falling off the car and breaking his hip. Apparently he tried to sue the guy who owned the car but no dice. Seen him at the parade the year after with a cane and limp. Still in gloves and handing out cards. permalink

YellowBlackBrown 0 points 7 months ago
I'm not one to be up on someones grammar but come on, ha

WarrenPryor 11 points 7 months ago (1 children)
I can't quite recall his name. He used to be a regular at an after hours club on spring garden. Marty? MURRAY! THAT'S IT!

He was an interesting guy. Worked behind the bar briefly, before I had to put a stop to that. Very heavy drug user. He started the glove business around then. Always found him sketchy, but relatively harmless.

Rockin_the_Blues 4 points 7 months ago (1 children)
Hey, I know him, if it's the same club (though I don't recall him working behind the bar), and he also used to go to Scoundrel's years ago. He is eccentric, and lived with his mother for many years till she died, but 'harmless' would be the word. If it's the same Murray.

WarrenPryor 3 points 7 months ago (1 children)
Same Murray for sure! He worked behind the bar a few times before I just couldn't allow it anymore. He was making basically everyone uncomfortable.

Rockin_the_Blues 3 points 7 months ago (1 children)
Okay, yeah, I knew him before I joined the club, from Scoundrel's. He wouldn't make a great bartender. I have wondered, with his social awkwardness and high intelligence, if he might have Asperger's. Well, nice to see you! That was the best spot downtown.

wizardhelplz 11 points 7 months ago
Back in 2010 I went to a Retro Night at the Marquee. I could barely remember any of that night, but I do remember stumbling outside of the Marquee early in the morning and started puking. This guy saved me from getting thrown into the drunk tank that night. I still lived at home at the time, so he called home on my cellphone and my dad came and picked me up. In the morning I had no recollection of the night before, except for some memories of this guy sitting with me while I puked. My dad was pissed and said "you better call up MJ and thank him for saving your ass last night". I had no idea who the hell MJ was. I reached into my pocket of the jeans I was wearing the previous night and found the same business card that another guy linked here:

I still haven't drank Jägermeister again to this day, after how sick I made myself with it that night.

I never thanked MJ either. But if he's reading this, thanks!

I told this story to another friend of mine a few days after it happened and he said "DUDE WHAT THE FUCK THAT ALSO HAPPENED TO _______'S FRIEND BEFORE, THE SAME GLOVE GUY, AND THEY TEXTED A BUNCH." and found out that this MJ guy just saves boys who are drunk and gives them his business card.

dtevolution 6 points 6 months ago (2 children)
I'm genuinely surprised how many of us live/lived in the bay! This is great! This guy is lore in the bay. Hes been doing weird shit for years. Always trying to get guys, often young, to do pills with him. I've heard some crazy shit from reliable sources about him. He also use to hitchhike all the time. He would wave to you and even try to get you to turn around if you were going in the other direction. For a time he walked with a cane and a serious limp... I can only assume he got a little to friendly with the wrong person.

D_Twizinator 4 points 6 months ago
I had quite the doozy of an experience with this guy, strap in. I (male, like everyone else he picks up) was at the Alehouse with a bunch of friends on a weekend night last year at some point in the Fall doing some heavy drinking, as one does at the Alehouse. As the night went on I let the drinking get a little out of hand and I blacked out entirely. In my blackout state I apparently left the bar without letting any of my friends know, the next blur of a memory I have was throwing up somewhere which I have the vaguest memory of it being the Armdale Rotary. However, more important than that detail is that in this shadow of a memory is the first moment I recall being with someone else; enter MJ, the glove guy. I can only assume that he drove me from downtown to the rotary. This is where things go wrong though. I don't recall the next 20 minutes or so after being at the rotary, but next thing I know I'm in his car driving into Tantallon, while I live 35 minutes away from there. The guy drove me to his damn house.

When we were pulling into his driveway was when I started to regain some level of consciousness and freak out a bit. Thanks to the impeccable service provided by Rogers, my phone wouldn't send any texts or make any calls (switched providers shortly after this god awful experience) while I was actively trying to get in contact with my friends/family to come rescue me from this uncomfortable situation. At this point I was still dazed and without many options, so I walked into the house with him. It was at this point that things reached the tipping point for me, as he took me into an entire room covered wall to wall in leather gloves, including gloves on mannequin hands mounted on pedestals in the center of the room. At this point I had to make a move to get out of this situation, call it over-dramatic, but I was genuinely scared for my life at this point as I was in an extremely vulnerable state at an unknown location without means to contact anyone.

While he offered me more alcohol I told him that I really needed to get back home as I was having some anxiety issues. Fortunately this wasn't met with too much opposition and he agreed to take me home. The kicker? he had me, the guy he picked up blackout drunk downtown who was puking and clearly near unconscious, drive the 35 minute trip to my house. It was because I was fearing the worst and desperately needed to get home that I did this, and for no other reason.

Before we set off he had me try on a bunch of gloves, instructing me to stretch them out, etc. It was clear that he got a lot of pleasure out of this, and it made me even more uncomfortable, but my only goal was to get home, so I obliged. I honestly don't recall much of the drive, which is terrifying, but I do know that at points he was still telling me to do certain things with the gloves, and more importantly was touching my leg in a way I was not OK with.

Fortunately I made it home without incident, and he allowed me to leave the car without any major issues.

Upon telling this story to my friends they were shocked, but more importantly I discovered that another friend who had left earlier in the night was picked up by this guy as well. He offered my friend, who was way less drunk than myself, a free drive home. My friend, being the cheap and oblivious guy he is (god love him though), agreed. Upon getting into the car MJ told him that the condition was that he try on a variety of leather gloves. He had my friend do the same things, such as stretching the gloves out by making a fist (so damn weird). My friend became extremely weirded out, as anyone would, and even more so when he started trying to touch his leg. He had MJ drop him off blocks from his house so he didn't know where he lived. I wanted to go to the police to tell them that there is a very very creepy guy picking drunk and vulnerable guys up downtown as a fake taxi, and then imposing his glove fetish on them, but a combination of embarrassment, laziness, not wanting to create further things to worry about while I was trying to finish school, the fact that I had done something illegal to get home, and a lack of evidence or clear details (I couldn't even remember what kind of car it was) prevented me from doing so.

I believe that if this guy was picking up females downtown then he would have been in some serious trouble by now, because this is not OK. Moral of the story: keep your alcohol consumption in check as best you can downtown, do not take a free ride from anyone downtown, and please report this guy to the police if you see him patrolling downtown picking people up because something bad is going to happen one of these days, even if it's someone retaliating to an extreme extent against him making an advance on them.

Halifax902Chick 4 points 6 months ago (6 children)

I personally know MJ, I talk to him on a regular basis and know what he's like and the type of person he is. MJ isn't a malicious person with an agenda or any ill intent when he picks people up. He's genuinely making sure people get home safely from the bars in the early morning hours and has no other intent than getting people home and promoting his business.

He is a very aggressive and forward when it comes to promotions. He may not be doing it the correct way, which he now understands. He's very aware of the comments being made about him on this website, and yes tried to get another thread about him taken down before.

He's adknowledging that the way he's trying to promote his product isn't the best way, and will stop and is going to scale back a bit to make sure nobody feels uncomfortable around him. He's a very unique and eccentric person and very bold in how he promotes his business and products. He's one of the most honest people I know and a lot of these interactions are being stretched and manipulated to make it seem like he's a bad person. He's hurt that some people would feel the way they do about him which, is completely understandable.

As for the post by @wizardhelpz, he said your welcome. What he did for you is his main intent with everyone, getting people home safe and possibly saving their asses.

BeastCoastLifestyle 14 points 6 months ago

Can we get an AMA from him? That would be a good way for him to clear his name a bit, promote his business and let's him tell his side of the story as well.

TackyAnkles 12 points 6 months ago
Yea part of me would like to believe that he's just a guy trying to do a good thing for people without any other intention, but there's a bigger part of me that believes he has ulterior motives. "has no other intent than getting people home and promoting his business" This is flat out wrong, he asked me if I had time to drive around to which I replied no, drove away from where I lived, offered me weed.. The whole thing was inherently less safe than walking, and in hindsight I probably would've told the guy to pound sand if I was sober. The whole thing seems very predatory regardless of whether he has good intentions, and the fact that he only targets one demographic is indicative of those ulterior motives I mentioned.

Lord_Nuke 5 points 6 months ago
If you legitimately know the guy, tell him to stop abusing the report button. All he's doing is being an annoyance, and the site admins will ban him, sitewide, for abusing the report system.

C4ptainchr0nic 5 points 6 months ago
Don't feel bad Glove guy! Youre a legend and while people may not understand where youre coming from, what you do is truly appreciated. everyone here with a story got home safe, AND they got a cool story to tell. im a little envious of them for that, and I hope to be lucky enough to check out your inventory someday. Don't take it personally, folks are just on edge nowadays. keep doing what you do, brother.

Lord_Nuke 4 points 6 months ago
MJ isn't a malicious person with an agenda or any ill intent" So these threats he has sent me via the private messaging system, those are just a misunderstanding? "You are as bad as they are and keep going and you will see what I will do and it will not be pretty!" "I have many ways to come after you and I will!" "I have a copy of what you allow and what you dont on Reddit so STOP or face what I will do to you!"

SummerofGlove 9 points 6 months ago
It's cool, we know you're Love the Gloves himself. If it makes you feel any better I was just chatting with my GF on the phone, this glove-rider thing came up and I told her about it and we had a good laugh. Then we started using "glove" as a synonym for love, it was a good time. "Glove you!" "I glove you too." Anyway, since you seem to be just a pretty normal weirdo without any of the actual bad creepy shit that dudes who try to drive drunk people home from bars, I can say from me and my GF after reading this thread: Keep up the Good Work! I would sooner have my local oddballs selling sweet gloves than any of the more sinister shit they usually get up to! Love those fuckin' gloves, man. Love those gloves.

kraktung 5 points 7 months ago

So they got a free ride, a funny story and the opportunity to feel superior....but did they buy the gloves?

Locksmith_J 29 points 7 months ago (3 children)

I made a post about this guy two years ago.

Lord_Nuke 11 points 7 months ago (1 children)
Someone claiming to be him threw a fit in modmail when that thread was a thing, tried to get us to take down anything negative about him or about his product.

fernguts 3 points 6 months ago
Ah yes, that brings back fond memories. I felt bad for the guy, as he was being bullied, but he didn't seem to recognise that we were there to help.

lolmemelol 5 points 7 months ago (1 children)
And here's the link to the guy's website if anyone cares (from /u/Locksmith_J's thread):

dj3hac 3 points 6 months ago
As soon as I read the title I knew it was love the glove. When I was in high school I remember hearing he was the go-to guy for various pills, as he lives(d?) close to Sir John A Macdonald high. (not my thing, so it's only hearsay).

Lord_Nuke 4 points 6 months ago (1 children)
User reports: 1: Here we go again false info with this link would you please remove it please!

Zeppelanoid 1 points 6 months ago (1 children)
Haha that's definitely gloves guy

Lord_Nuke 2 points 6 months ago
It got... better? He reported more than half the top level comments in this thread. Then he messaged us via modmail pretending to be his lawyer. Then, without even explaining the character change, he continued the conversation as himself. But also threatened us in a vague way to try and get us to remove the comments. Dude could've social-media spun this into a big payday in glove sales, and instead went apeshit.

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