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Thread 2[edit]

It is now that we take a step back from this futuristic land of 2017, and step back through time to the miserable year of 2014, visiting /u/Locksmith_J original thread. This is the first known thread on the Halifax native. Unfortunately, many of the top posts within the thread were removed, making some bits indecipherable; these have been omited from this record.

Locksmith_J 27 points 3 years ago (3 children)

He drove up to my car after going through the Drive-Thru this morning and spoke to me as if he knows me. Doesn't even tell me what he wants. Asked me about where I'm going and how long I have to chat.

After telling him I don't have long, he said he has a once in a lifetime offer for me and digs through his car for something. Then proceeds to get out and he's wearing all leather, gloves too. I'm thinking he's gonna either mug me or stab me. But he just hands me his business card and gets back in his car and leaves.

Swampfoot 8 points 3 years ago
This is what I like about Canada. In the U.S. that behavior would get you shot.

Agent_Ozzy 5 points 3 years ago
I wonder if he has good Batman like gloves

[deleted] 7 points 3 years ago

Love the Glove (or Lovey for short) is a legend around the St Margaret's Bay Area. I bought a set of gloves from him a few years ago, and aside from him feeling up my hand (picture a handshake with a little tickle on the palm), he was pretty smooth talking and businesslike. Gloves were 10/10 as well.

From the other side of things... My friend gave him a ride home, and the ride home ended with my buddy ejecting him onto the side of the road after he tried to sell him a set of alpaca fur gloves (and copping a feel in the process).

I've also heard the gay hooker/gay pornstar/MDMA/cocaine/heroin dealer rumours.

Locksmith_J 16 points 3 years ago (3 children)

His website is

TheGhostofAndyRoony 19 points 3 years ago (1 children) This is amazing.

Locksmith_J 3 points 3 years ago
Lmao, that's great. Thanks for this.

OverKillv7 4 points 3 years ago
I like how the WorldOfTrust rating says it's not safe for children.

lydf 5 points 3 years ago (1 children)

I used to live near him. He walks all day with a sandwich board (or at least years ago) that promoted his business.

Also, a few years ago he got my friends brother to drive him to reflections and said he would pay him in E. The catch was my friends brother had to take the E right away. Long story short, love the glove got to reflections and dude drove back super fucked up and totaled his car driving backwards through the rotary.


mschlech 1 points 3 years ago
It's always a shock seeing someone drive backwards into the rotary. I catch myself being like "really??? damn."

TheFunkSoulBrother 4 points 3 years ago
I ran into this guy once or twice on the commons around 4-5am. He came stumbling up to me and reached into his jacket for something. I thought for sure I was about to shot or stabbed but he fumbled out a handful of those same business cards and followed me around for about half an hour pitching them to me and making odd conversation. I still have the card, too.

FlickrPaul 6 points 3 years ago (1 children)

When your fetish becomes your profession.

JonPublic 4 points 3 years ago
... You'll always work 'hard'?

boomerang_act 2 points 3 years ago (1 children)
I saw him in a pride parade one year. also he lives on st.margrets bay road, has a big sign in front of his house, I always bike by his house when I do the Peggy's loop.

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