Chapter Twenty-Four - Epilogue

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Anonymous 09/22/08(Mon)17:20 No.2642353

My little sister has asked me to make an army for her to play in Warhammer Fantasy and another for Warhammer 40k. And like the brother that I am, I don't really want to deny her the ability to play any games with me and my gaming group. However, I don't know what army I should build for her.

What army would /tg/ suggest I make for a little girl to play in both of the games I mentioned?

Nurse-kun !!hPl7vWPKR+W 09/22/08(Mon)20:34 2643772

Good work, OP.

Speaking as someone in a not entirely dissimilar situation, I've found that my girl, when I've let her play my copy of Dawn of War (haven't played tabletop in years), liked the Imperial Guard the best. I couldn't get her to admit why this was, but she does seem to highly enjoy employing artillery barrages, backed up by a mix of heavy weapons squads and masses of guardsmen.

With me sitting nearby to act as 'Military Advisor' if she's having any trouble.


Haha, no.

But my life did get busy enough that I stopped posting about it on 4chan.


She's fine.

At the moment, she's sitting across the room from me, watching what looks like an episode of Avatar, on DVD.

She likes Toph.


I'm telling you, I didn't write [LCB](


Okay, okay, fine. Summary.

She's doing fine, I'm doing fine, we're doing fine together, in a new place, which we're (well, I'm) renting, her education and various therapies are going quite well.

My father died, my family and I have been dealing with it as best we can, my mom loves her, she likes my mom, and various other members of the family to varying degrees.

I've been working part-time at a new job, and that's going pretty well. She enjoys Avatar, Dawn of War, my Muppet Show DVDs, and we play a mean dual-game of the touhous.

Ze end. Back to discussion of OP's quandry.


I will just say this, then I'll go back to lurking.

It IS adorable to hear a young girl 'WAAAAAAAAAAUGH'. Even if it's barely above a whisper, solemn-faced, while she's directing a squiggoth to crush a Tau commander. That may factor into your decisions.

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