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Thread 2B: 12/17/06(Sun) 17:40:47 No.17454864[edit]

[In this thread, it is finally decided that the OP will hereafter be called Nurse-Kun. But not much else happens]

17454864 (Nurse-Kun)

Anonynurse here, since some people still seemed to have questions as of the death of today's update thread. I'll keep an eye on this one, if anyone has anything to say or ask.


>After some spam starts to ramp up



I don't have anything to ask, but I just want to say that your story makes me feel all warm and cozy on the inside, which is truly surprising for /b/.

Good work, Anonynurse, good work.

17455471 (Nurse-Kun)

>[Why "anonynurse"? Wasn't it "Nurse Otoko"?]

Well, it was the first thing that sprang to mind, terrible as it was (Anonynurse, that is). I hold neither love nor esteem for it, but while it goes against my Anonymous instincts, I needed something to indicate my identity, such as it is, and OP for the OP seemed rather ludicrous.

I'm not japanese, and don't pretend or try to be, but eh, I'll let 4chan decide.


I think you should be known on /b/ as Nurse-kun and Amputee-chan, since "Anonynurse and the half-japanese loli with no legs, one arm and one eye" takes too long to type.


Ok, serious question. When are you actually going to approach them about adopting? I mean, how long will you keep just doing little things for her, helping her out in the hospital, trying to gain her trust, etc. first?



Generally, any ward of the state that's under 18 is available for adoption...not necessarily adoption-likely but one can at least try.



If she's up for adoption, I sure would like to try. You and your damned story are too heartwarming. In the words of /b/, "I'm detecting large amounts of win in this thread."

17455652 (OP)

I probably wouldn't make a serious inquiry/request until at least the new year, if only because doing it without at least having her half-trust/like me would be both pretty dumb and pretty self-defeating.



Yeah, that's what I figured. What are you going to try to accomplish with her in that time? (such as helping her open up, helping her find new hobbies, making friends with her, helping the other staff do the same, etc.)


>What exactly do you have to prove to be approved as an adoptive parent?

reasonable doubt that you won't rape and murder the child

17455995 (OP)

I'll do what I can. I mean, I really would like to gain her trust, because she doesn't trust anyone right now, and that's probably one of the bigger hindrances to her getting any better. And I'll treat her like I'd treat any other kid in her situation that I was willing to risk my life best I can. It's the only way things will go at all well for anyone involved.


also, OP should never let the adoption authorities know of 4chan.




I imagine you should hit up /g/ if they demand to check your computer so that you can totally wipe all evidence of 4chan or any other incriminating websites you might have in your cache.


>That Adam Walsh act stripped adoption agencies' ability to consider all factors prior to a criminal record check, so one thing you have to have is a totally clean criminal record.
>It's like if you've made a felonious mistake, you're automatically an unfit person to adopt, though you're still allowed to fuck like a bunny and produce massive quantities of Asian babies by saying hello to some Japanese-Americans in their native way. (basically; raep)

My record is clean. Other than browsing /b/, I've never done anything illegal. I don't even have any CP to hide. Which has made my feelings for her, confused as they are, all the more extra-confusing.

>Does the place where you work have any sort of rules against employees adopting current/post-patients? I'd guess not, as you said in the first thread that most people there are old as fuck, but it just seems like that could be an obstacle."

Not that I'm aware of. But if it is a problem, and it's the deal breaker, the choice between success and keeping my job...I can get another job, even in my field. There's a health care crisis on, you know.


Question here. How much time in total have you spent with her? Seems like you've only talked to her a few brief times late at night, while gathering most of your info from her records and other people.

If you do adopt her, you'll be committing yourself to the full reality of her situation. You'll have to care for all her needs, you'll have to deal with all her mental problems like the random outbursts, and you'll also have to deal with the fact that you'd be a single parent with an underaged crippled child. I'm sure people will be talking behind your back, both good and bad.

I have no doubt that you'll be able to provide for the girl, but at the same time, this isn't like taking some stray dog off the street. Adopting her would drastically change your life. If you feel you can take on all the physical, emotional, and financial burden as well as the criticism you may get from other people, all the more power to you man.


To the OP, don't you think that the responsible thing to do - as you have somewhat lustful feelings for this girl - is to avoid becoming her guardian? Seems to me to be a really bad idea for both of you.


Believe me, I am VERY aware of this. ...which is why I'm still in 'hard thinking' mode, not 'painting the spare room pink' mode.



Which is why I'm saying. Meeting her at the late hours of the night may turn on your feelings of wanting to protect and care for her, but if you make her a part of your life, you'll also have to deal with the not so favorable sides of her.

If I was in your shoes, I'd also feel sorry for her as well, but I know for a fact that I'm too much of a selfish asshole. You'd have to sacrifice a lot of her, and I'm sure I wouldn't be able to do that.


It's good to see that you seem to be taking a long look at things before jumping to any decisions. The best thing to do is take things a day at a time, and do what you can to help her out. If you can't adopt, or something else happens, at least maybe the memories of someone treating her nice will help her in the future.


>What hospital are you working at?

Come on, man, he can't tell where he works.



Why not? Nobody gives a shit. I'm working as a pathologist assistant here and there is a somewhat similar situation, thought it might be the same girl.



People want to fucking kill him because they think he's a pedo.

Revealing personal info on /b/ is like dropping your pants and bending over in a maximum security prison. Some asshole would find a way to report him.

Authorities might not even take it very seriously, but it could still hurt his chances.

17456532 (OP)

As I've already stated since the first post, I'm not working in a hospital.

17457033 (OP)

>i'd suggest trying to get other workers together on doing things for her. you could be the clear ringleader, but it would be far less creepy and would give everyone context to your request for adoption.

As I mentioned once before, I'm already planning ways to accomplish this. But friday nights, good luck finding anyone still around at 10 pm, and on the weekends, during the day? I'll schedule a meeting come monday, and present my proposal. We are allowed to make recommendations for the consideration of the treatment of patients; like I said, the head administrator isn't a COMPLETE bitch.

[The next section is spam and firey argument about whether he is a pedo...] [Anons attempt to judge Nurse-kun]



[talking about the first post]

It's called the /b/ filter. This is an instance of how it works.

Anon: I see a black man sitting at the bus stop. /b/ filter Anon: OH LAWD HE'S A GOIN' TO KFC FOR SUM CHICKEN

This is just like that.

Anon: I see this cute, strong, and unfortunate little girl. I admire her greatly, and wish to help her. /b/ filter: Anon: STICK IT IN LOLI POOPER FOR WIN


I'm no longer worried about the OP raping her.

He shows a degree of judgement too far beyond that of a pedophile. He shows that he has a conscience that would not allow him to do this.

If any of you still doubt this, just keep in mind that this is the kind of man who would regret doing this for the rest of his life.


>For the record, I think it's a terrible idea to even consider adopting someone you have lustful feelings for at any level. Caring for a girl in this situation full-time is hardly going to be easy and if the deicision to adopt is based on clouded judgement there's real potential for disaster.

As a father and a paedophile I can happily inform you that your opinion is null and void. Just because you want to bone a chick who is in your care doesn't mean you can't take good care of her.



Since when did one case = the norm? Just because you haven't fucked up your relationship with your daughter, doesn't mean the OP won't.

Consider also that a single-parent adopting a crippled girl is a considerably different situation to a paedophile assumedly in a relationship caring for his daughter.



So no one should ever have children or adopt or in fact do anything because they might fuck it up.



it always makes me shudder to hear of /b/tards breeding. but i suppose it can't be helped



OP is a fucking nigger pedophile who should kill himself. All the faggots that support him should die too.

P.S. This entire thread is fake. But it sure makes me mad.

17456827 + 17457930


Playing devil's advocate here, you seem to be working under the false assumptions that:

A: A paedophile is an inhuman monster who doesn't hold any degree of social normality and thus is easy to spot. B: The OP is telling the 100% truth and not making the entire thing up or changing details or lying about his feelings to make himself look better.

If you've spent any time on /b/ you'd know better than to jump to the conclusion "Dudes! This guy isn't a pedo! I can tell from the words he has typed on an Internet forum!".

I think it's going to be pretty important for the people here to research the difference between the following labels for future reference:

  • Pedophile
  • Ephebophile
  • Sex offender
  • Sexual Predator
  • Violent Sexual Predator


Remember if this story is true, it is being viewed through the OP's eyes. Imagine how much mental masturbation may have happend in his head and has perceived everything happy happy



Exactly. Everyone here has been jumping to conclusions: Either the OP is the lowest form of scum on Earth, a terrible, monstrous pedophile, or he's a gleaming golden god, upholding justice and truth in a messed up world.

I would expect /b/tards to be much more sceptical that this.


The world isn't black or white, it's all shades of grey. There's no real saints out there, but trying to crucify the guy because of some /b/ style comments is just absurd.

I'm a fairly normal guy, but I also browse /b/ and I'll type things that I'd never say or realisticly think of doing in real life.

I'm not saying he's the Second Coming, but these assholes proclaiming he should instantly be sodomized in a maximum security prison are a fucking joke.

17457414 (OP)


I'm no saint.

I'm not taken to wearing dirty trenchcoats and luring children into my white van with candy, either.

The world is full of shit, you can either do your best to tread it, or start eating.


To OP:

I am somewhat confused about your intents. I am pretty sure it is either of the following:

1. Gain her trust, adopt her, care for her, be sexually open toward her and eventually, when appropriate, if she consents, stick it in, or

2. Gain her trust, adopt her, care for her, completely avoid any sexual activity with her forever.

You seem to not want to do anything to hurt her, but if you educate her, and she consents, and she trusts you, since you really seem to care for her, what would the problem be?

Many people here seem to think you are leaning toward one of two extremes: completely avoiding sex or outright coldheartedly raping her to death.

17457910 (OP)

I don't have a long-term master plan in place, despite what some may think. I'm basically trying to figure out what my heart, (as faggoty and retarded as that sounds), is telling me I should do.

I wouldn't consider something of this magnitude without being ready for the consequences... *the first thread was as much a subconcious attempt at getting people to tell me to just walk away entirely as anything...* guess it failed.

There is no coldhearted raping in the forecast. And yes, I am quite aware that any sex with an immature person is rape, 'consenting' or not...and I'm not a fucking rationalizing pedo that'd say 'oh, children can be totally mature as any adult, man...'

I didn't go looking for this situation. Fuck.


Some people in this thread have already told you that adopting her is an awful idea. You may want to take that advice to heart.

I suspect you haven't because you don't want to just "give up" on this girl, because you think that would be heartless. Really though, the best thing for her is probably to do exactly that, even if it makes you feel like shit.

17458225 + 17458941

Nurse-kun, you should keep trying to befriend her and help her open up, but other than that, just wait.

If the time comes and she still doesn't have anyone who wants to take her in, then you should consider it. But it's far too premature at this point.

This isn't some sort of quick fix for your conscience and your natural protective feelings. This will be a lifetime commitment.

You will have to devote the rest of your life to her health and well being. You will have to be able to protect her form all the people out there that would want to take advantage of her and try to hurt her, just because she is weak.

At the same time, you will have to give her enough leeway to grow and develop independance, so she will be able to function in society without you having to be there at all times to serve as a buffer from reality.

This will take an epic amount of patience, compassion, understanding, and a good sense of humor.

I want this to work, I want you to be all these things and come out of this as the kind of person everyone wishes they could be.

Your story actually made me think about what I'm doing to help people around me that I see in the paper. I have money and time, and I've done nothing in my thirty years to be a good man. Don't let us down, and don't let this girl down. If you are going to give her any hope, be ready to follow through.



This is true. Right now, she just thinks you are the nice nurse. It is going to take a long time for her to ever WANT to be adopted by you.

17462904 (OP)

>OP, I think you should find her a good home, but not with you. No offense, you seem very nice, but how can you trust yourself not to raep your adopted daughter?

Well, to be fair, I haven't raped anyone else so far. Perfect record!

God, you people go on and on and on, and this thread is getting pretty damned boring. But hey, keep jerking it to your impotent thoughts of rage at the monster DARING to give a shit about that poor, poor little girl, that you'd tsk and 'aww' over if you ever saw her, but you'd start feeling uncomfortable with and want to get away from as soon as you could, just like everyone else that hasn't been paid to deal with her thus far have.

She had friends before the accident, you know. She and her parents both. They all came to visit her in the hospital afterward...

...once. None of them ever came back for a second visit. You fags make me sick, with your furious mewlings. Save that virility for your glory holes and GTFO, dramafags.

17458411 (Sarafan[Original Archiver])

Is this thread going to end anytime soon? I'm the guy who'eve archived the last 2 threads, (and have archived this one every second minute for the last hour or so) and I'd prefer knowing this since I probably should go to bed soon (work tomorrow).

On a sidenote, I won't be able to archive any threads tomorrow, anyone else going to in my place?



If you mean for rapidshare, I can do this one.

You're probably several hours ahead of me (it's 7:15 PM, or EST, here)



I'll edit the wiki for this thread tonight, but I can't promise anything about later

17458829 (Sarafan)


Good... You think you handle tomorrow too?

Anyways, I live in Denmark, being a GMT +1 country it is currently 01:19 AM here, no a lot, but it's a new job, and I wouldn't wonna be too tired on my second day of work...

So, goodnight anonymous!

17458825 (OP)

OP here, how do i shot web? <spiderman pic here >

17459144 (Sarafan)


Well, basically you just right-click on the page and choose "Save site as..." or something like that... and of course save as a complete page (.html) This of course isn't a perfect description since my copy of firefox is in danish... but it shouldn't be that hard to figure out...

17460572 (Sarafan)

oh yeah, just remembered, make sure what you archive is,; not

But now that I look at the thread I think it's safe to say that not much more is going to happen... You can have my latest archive?

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