القَلْيَه أميآلاي, (Amiralay al-Qalyah) is a proposed system of automated modules aiming to play and win the browser game Kantai Collection.

We did not build this system with the intention to cheat. This is what separates our bot from all the other resource trainers, speed hacks, or mouse macros developed in the past.

We chose a browser based idle game to research the possibility of a video game that an Artificial Intelligence would be interested in "playing". Kantai Collection is a rather simple trading card style resource gambler, with known strategies to combat any sorties, mitigation built to leverage uncertainty. This is a data driven simulation suited for a robot to play.

But of course in the human world, robots are not allowed to play this game and are blocked using anti-robot heuteristics. So there's more than just having a robot be able to play the game.

By building this sort of bot, we are way beyond cheating. We need to build a bot that will be indiscernible from a human in the access log statistics.

Basically, we need to trick the system into believing that our robot is human.


  • Strategy - Strategies for all sentient beings, humans and robots.

The Data behind the Decoration

When Ronald Reagan was a radio announcer, he once called baseball games by sitting in a windowless room, reading a paper tape from a telegraph. The tape would eke out of the machine and crawl over the palm of his hand printed with cryptic abbreviations.

If the count went to three and two, Reagan would describe the scene as he saw it in his mind's eye:
"The brawny left-hander steps out of the batter's box to wipe the sweat from his brow. The umpire steps forward to sweep the dirt from home plate." and so on.
When the cryptogram on the paper tape announced a base hit, he would whack the edge of the table with a pencil and describe the arc of the ball, as if he could actually see it.
His listeners would reconstruct the scene in their minds according to his descriptions.
And they likely also imagined that Reagan was actually at the ballpark watching the game.
- Neal Stephenson, In the Beginning there was the Command Line

A server-client browser game is rather well suited for a computer to control on a level playing field against humans. While there is a fancy interface for a human to look and and understand; it is simply a flash interface which generates and sends API calls to the servers, and receives JSON data which it can display to the user.

Thus, the automated bot can simply generate API calls to the server without needing the assistance of a visual abstraction layer.

And due to the mandatory security encapsulation that Adobe Flash demands from legitimate programs, there is absolutely no way for the Flash interface to know the difference between a click made by a user and a click made by a script.

A program such as PoiViewer can also intercept the API calls made by the Flash interface and it would be none the wiser.

Defeating the Robot Detection Heuteristics System

As a result, one major rule in most browser games have is that the player must be human. Obviously: as scripts could simply farm expeditions over and over to gain high scores that no human could achieve.

But in the absence of captchas, how do the moderators determine who is human and who is not? It takes more than just being blatantly told.

This relates to a classic computing problem:

In the Turing Test, a teletype tape roll streams out of two black boxes, and based on this raw data, an observer must determine which box contains the human.

The difference between a classical robot and a human is quite simple.

  • Perfect timing. A robot is able to execute a command exactly every five seconds with a delay of milliseconds.
  • This is impossible for a human to accomplish. Thus any user which has no randomness in it's access statistics cannot be human.
  • Random delays within a certain time range. A human may have some correlations in the time they submit (e.g. almost always after the morning), but the actual hesitations can never be perfectly coordinated. It is perfectly random.

A truly powerful bot not only has to designed to play the game successfully without any human intervention: It has to play at the same speed as a human, and avoid tripping anti-bot heuteristics systems, all while generating hundreds of thousands of API calls ripe for data mining.


Beginning Stage

Ships you need in the start.

Sendai Class

Everybody starts with a Destoryer. In the beginning stage, as we have limited resources and fleet, we choose to sortie 1-1 and 1-2 repeatly. Until we gather all 3 Sendai Class light cruisers.

Battle ship needed

We use resourse to do normal construction in order to get at least one BB Sortie 1-3 and 1-4 in order to open 2-1

Light carrier needed

For Task which will reward you Akagi, you need a CVL to kill an enemy CV. That's why you need to get in 2-1 with a light carrier or CV