Kantai Collection/Vita/Reimplementation

Now that we have the decompiled code, we can actually implement an accurate reimplementation of the game engine for simulations or a reverse engineered alternative game.

Decompilation Analysis

The decompiled code is actually pretty wordy and lengthy, and almost never separates the logic from the UI, which makes it hard to distill the actual engine out of the code. But we'll try.

The aim is to probably just grab the "secret formula" algorithms on their own.

Ship Construction

One of the most significant elements we can obtain from the code is how ship construction is determined.

The Production folder seems to have some functions related to it.


Route Roulette Mechanics

The secret must be in the Reposition() Move() function: but it's hard to see.

https://github.com/limyz/KCKaiVita/blob/master/Assembly-CSharp/JustDecompile/KCV/RouletteSelector.cs https://github.com/limyz/KCKaiVita/blob/master/Assembly-CSharp/dotPeek/KCV/RouletteSelector.cs

Reward Items

The reward items are given here... The method _setRewardItem() seems to have special stuff in it for rare items.



These extractables have all the information available online already, so we can rebuild from scratch just on that basis.