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In May of 2010, a young man found himself asking the infinite wisdom of /a/ for advice:

"I get a call today, it's social services and they want me to come to their office ASAP. I ask why, they say they'll explain when I get there.

Now I figure they have the wrong person. I have no family besides an Aunt and I haven't so much as talked to her in over 10 years. What the hell would social services want with me? But I'm bored and slightly intrigued, so I go.

They sit me down in an office and 5 minutes later a social worker and a chaplain walk in. The chaplain explains to me that my Aunt died 2 days ago in a car accident along with her boyfriend. The social worker tells me that my Aunts now 12-year-old daughter was with a babysitter and I'm the next of kin. The ONLY next of kin - and my Aunt had no backup plan for the kid.

Now I've never even met this kid before. I don't know her name, I didn't know her mother well at all... And now they're asking me if I want to take care of this kid. I have no fucking clue how to take care of a kid. I'm a goddamn basement dweller with a full-time job...

But she looked so goddamn sad... and I do have the funds to support one more... ... But...

Anyway, they told me I could walk out of the office, she'd never know who I was and I'd never have to see her again - or I could fill out some paperwork and she'd go home with me.

I told them I needed to think about it and they said I had until tomorrow...

What do?"

/a/ pondered the question, for none were sure that any among them could care for a child, much less the anon being asked, until eventually they consulted the classics. Inspired by Nurse-Kun and the others like him, they encouraged the young man to care for the girl the best he could.

Thus begins the tale of Adoption Aniki.

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