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Some genres of music owe their entire existance to the internet, drawing direct inspiration from the culture and technology surrounding it.

  • Vaporwave - A genre consisting mostly of slowed down elevator music and 80's pop, that has evolved into a more ambient tone in recent years.
    • Future Funk - A sub-genre of vaporwave. It is characterized with the heavy use of samples, primarily of 70's and 80's funk and disco.
    • Oceangrunge - Originated on /mu/


4chan Music[edit]

The infamous "internet hate machine" has consistently put out new musical features, spanning from full orchestral albums covered by collective anons, to /mu/'s many concept albums. The shear number of works put out in only matched by the wildly varying level of quality.

VIPtronic Project[edit]

A series of albums and corresponding phone ringtones being released since 2010. More than a dozen have already been released and its contents are curated by the SAoVQ (Secret Area of VIP Quality) board :