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Non-database Metadata[edit]

  • image
  • URLs - all associated URLs, used for embedding. Some are optional.
  • Website - Maybe the artist's own website where the song, album, or artist can be found.
  • Soundcloud
  • Bandcamp
  • YouTube


Influenced strongly by the Mediawiki infobox, but somewhat simplified for the needs of internet music:

  • Page Title - The page title should use the most widely known or current name.
  • Name - A romanized name for easier reference.
  • Alias - Other names for the artist, which also need to be made in redirects.
  • Genres (linking) - Genres that the artist is associated with.
  • Years active - Start date and end date, or -present.


Often on bandcamp or when published, albums get grouped by publishing label, which provide support to their constitutent artists.


Mostly descended from the basic ID3.

  • title
  • artist (linking) - The artist name.
  • album (linking) - The album name.
  • date - Full release date or just year of release.
  • track (optional) - The track number of an album, if it is part of an album.
  • genre (linking) - Music Genre.
  • publisher (linking) -
  • language - Primary language used in the song.


  • title.
  • artist (linking)
  • label (linking)
  • Publisher - If not actually published by a large recording studio, the website or community it was first posted is used (Bandcamp, YouTube, Soundcloud, Reddit, even 4chan)


Music genres are good ways of grouping similar music together.

  • title