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With their ability to ban users and sticky posts, moderators often find themselves the source of a good number of memes on 4chan, though the majority of these memes are used much like copypasta to mock the meme's creator. As a result of this tendancy, moderators are rule-bound to remain Anonymous as often as possible, and when flexing the law of the land they are to refrain from posting with their names or tripcodes. Nevertheless, mod memes do occur, though they are often forgotten amongst the flood of new memes into 4chan's boards.


No more motivational posters. Seriously, they are dumb.[edit]

Since 2005, all image macros are banned in every boards except /b/, since people got carried away with making them and they threatened to overload the servers. But for a while in 2006, motivational posters were allowed for unknown reasons, most likely apathy by the mods. When the motivational poster started to become increasingly shitty in quality and much more numerous, an annoyed moderator started deleting the posters and banning users who uploaded them. A locked sticky with the OP image of a toaster with a smiling toast sticking out was made, with the text "No more motivational posters. Seriously, they are dumb". This comment became an instant meme, with many users defying the sticky by flooding /a/ with more shitty motivators, causing a day long ruckus. Eventually, moot stepped out of the woodwork and explained that while motivators are technically macros, they were allowed so long as they were used sparingly. Anonymous, being the lazy ass that he is, didn't bother to look up the definition of sparingly and continued to spam them, but interest died down as the moderators grew apathetic again and now motivators are a rarely used item, and are often seen when posted as cheapening the quality of /a/.

/a/ is not your fucking blog. Knock it off.[edit]

In Spring 2007, there was a sudden rise in anecdotal posts on /a/, usually involving an Anonymous' first attempts to talk to a girl or interact with the world outside of the internet. Most of these topics had little to nothing to do with anime, and their popularity started to disrupt normal discussion. On a particularly explosive day, the mods pounced on the unsuspecting ronery Anonymous and banned them swiftly and publically, to make an example. A new locked sticky was made, warning Anonymous to get back on topic and stop talking about their shitty lives. As with "No more motivational posters", this lead to a flurry of spams, but unlike the earlier case the moderators weren't going to back down and banned every single offender. Surprisingly, this lead to a sharp decline in the number of personal life threads, though the meme persisted. Occasionally used to troll ronery threads during Nightshift /a/ in Winter 2008, since late night/early morning /a/ topics are the (more serious) descendants of the blog topics from the previous year.

/a/radio threads are not allowed, do not post them. moot agreed, don't bother him about it.[edit]

File:Aradio oh wow.PNG
don't bother moot.

A meme that started from the mods banning /a/ radio threads (an internet radio station broadcasting anime/weeaboo music, and which spammed /a/ with constant advertisement threads every time the DJ was online and taking requests). The exact message posted by Anonymous ## Mod was "/a/radio threads are not allowed, do not post them. moot agreed, don't bother him about it.". Anonymous found this funny and within minutes started making threads/posts with variations of this line; an attempt to evade the ban on /a/ radio threads by renaming the /a/ radio advertisement message to /eh/ radio was unsuccessful. This meme is most often used when someone is saging a thread with a subject that they dislike (Touhou, Nanoha, etc), although it can be applied to almost every situation possible.

None, because I don't watch that piece of shit[edit]


Forced meme created by moot in response to the 2M GET. After the widely reviled 1MILHOUSE failGET, /a/ was pumped full-throttle to make sure its next milestone big GET wouldn't end up stolen by another board. What /a/ ended up with was a picture blushing, bug-eyed picture of Maria from Otome wa Boku Koitshitzeru sporting a deranged grin. Like most of /a/, moot was pissed off at this GET (which, despite being anime, was considered another failGET) and instantly improved the situation by screaming at the poster right before banning him.

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