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Tramp Anon!!0JNSPD3l2CJ is an epic story about an anon who is thrown out into homelessness, barely managing to survive the cold and hungry nights, but manages to scrape his way back to subsistence with a strong will to live and the help of an immigrant girl sympathetic to his situation.

It sparked a massive reaction from /g/ when it was posted, with everyone discussing the incredible adversities that he faced, how one girl helped him off his feet when everyone else would look away, and of course, confusion over what "Tramp" in his name means. (apparently to the British, a "tramp" is a homeless guy)


On the night of August 16, 2010, a thread was started on 4chan's /g/ that asked a straight-forward question:

> "You're greatly skilled at something that is useless in the real world. What is it?"

After several responses, one Anon posted the following:

> I'm a survivor, I got tossed out into the streets at 18 with no qualifications, no money and just the clothes on my back and I broke into an old building, stole old clothes from charity bins and stole food out of bins until I came up with a plan, that plan failed.
> I never got into the IT sector despite knowing more than most level 1 and 2 tech support lackies and lived on the streets for a whole year without begging, hell i even beat up another tramp and stole his shoes, when I was kicked out of the house I'd never so much as looked at someone the wrong way.
> Now I live in a shitty 1 bedroom apartment, haven't talked to anyone in over 2 years, mail only, sponge off benefits and going outside scares me, took me 4 months to afford the worst laptop the second hand ads could offer in the local paper, feels good to be on top.
> - Anonymous 08/16/10(Mon) No.12741167

After catching the attention of /g/ and being asked to elaborate on his life, the Anon decided to tell his story.

The Remastered Transcript[edit]

There are multiple transcriptions of the story, but we, the Bibliotheca Anonoma, created a remastered transcription from archives of the original thread on 4chan, This includes the discussions that the 4channers had while reading, which people usually leave out.

It is the opinion of the Bibliotheca Anonoma that it is better to show what people felt, their compassion, and their doubts right as the recollection unfolded. Just like in Densha Otoko, the anons are an important part of the story, playing an important role by egging on the speaker and giving him someone to talk to.

Click this link to read: The Remastered Transcript

Other Transcripts[edit]

Most anons have seen this story in the images below:

The Aftermath[edit]

At one point, the story was hijacked by various others, one involving CP stealthily woven into the story and yet another that led to the female of importance in the story being a trap. As a result of these monkeyshines, the original author took on the name and tripcode of Tramp anon !!0JNSPD3l2CJ. Amusingly, those who did not read the thread very carefully further read the story under the presumption that the female character was in fact a trap.

As Tramp anon continued the story through the night, some Anon started bumping the hell out of the thread with leg-fetish pictures at a ridiculous rate. Not that bumping was necessary anyway, as the thread had seemingly captured the attention of the whole board. This may have been the first time a thread has bottomed out on slow-traffic /g/.

The life story had captured /g/, causing it to grind to a fucking halt, and many bawws were had. Early on, suggestions were made that that Tramp anon publish a book, as the story was deemed to be of best-seller quality. It was so impeccably summed up by "Oprah would eat up this shit." Regardless, /g/ was divided on the issue of whether the story was fact or fiction. Hardly surprising, seeing as anons will argue about everything.

After a denizen of /g/ appealed to /a/ for drawfag sketches to give present to Tramp anon should he re-appear the following night, /a/ too shared in the bawwfest which was Tramp anon's story, and a few kind /a/nons decided to draw up some pictures for Tramp anon.

> Poland waifus... ;_; - /a/ Anonymous 08/17/10(Tue)14:44 No.39303978