The Story of Denko

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If those romantic stories from 2channel are like the "white knight in shining armor", then this story is like Don Quixote; a much darker deconstruction of romanticism gone wrong.

You will be wincing for the train wreck ahead. And you *will* find ways to fear that wretched emoticon.


This is the (less than heartwarming) story of how a NEET, who knows next to nothing about love, overcomes his shyness and above all odds, gets a beautiful loving girlfriend with the (misguided) advice of 2channel.

Along the way, he learns about hamsters, spaghetti, and how to write the perfect love letter. But there are a few things that the NEET just can't drive into his thick skull...


+ **OP**: A kind, but naive NEET in college who loves Denko a little too much. Or maybe not enough, depending on your view.

+ **Denko**: The target of OP's love. She is fairly pretty according to OP, and helped him out when he was being bullied in high school. She seems to reciprocate his love (or at least that's how he sees it).

+ **A-ko**: Denko's best "friend". Though considering what A-ko does in the story, she's not a friend any girl would deserve.

+ (´・ω・`) : The emoticon from hell. If you see this thing anywhere, run away as far as you can.

English Translation[edit]

This english translation was created by vgperson on Tumblr, a person famous for translating interesting 2channel posts and Japanese RPGMaker games.

The man writing his tale is labeled OP, and the replies from 2channel users are labeled 2ch.

- Thread 1: [Help!] The Girl I Like Won’t Respond to My Emails (´・ω・`)

- Thread 2: [Help!] I Can't Contact My Girlfriend (´・ω・`)

- Thread 3: [Help!] The Girl I’m Dating Isn’t My Girlfriend Anymore (´・ω・`)

- Thread 4: [Help!] My Girlfriend Is Testing Me (´・ω・`)

- Thread 5: [Help!] I’m Being Bullied At School (´・ω・`)

- Thread 6:[Help!] I’m Suffering From These Rumors (´・ω・`)

- Thread 7: [Help!] I’m Not Sure Who I Like Anymore (´・ω・`)

- Thread 8:[Help!] I’m Deathly Confused By How Women Think (´・ω・`)

BrendanielReads: Denko[edit]

A Youtube Indie Voice Actor named BrendanielReads has created an audiobook of this story, narrating the various personalities of the colorful 2channers with different accents, and thus the horrific ridiculousness of Denko's situation. Check it out below:

Denko Audiobook