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Please do not experiment with this template; you could ruin all pages using this template. If you want to edit this template, copy the text to Template:Sandbox, edit and test it there, and copy it back when it works.

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This is a Cargo template wrapped in an infobox used for Snippets.

When adding columns, make sure to edit Module:InfoboxSnippet as well.


| image          = test.png
| description        = >describe the greentext with a short blurb about it
| story          = [[YourStory]], if used
| creation_date   = 2016-08-01
| discovery_date  = 2016-08-02
| language       = English
| source_url   = https://test.url
| provenance   = 2channel,4chan,8chan

{{#cargo_declare: _table=Snippet

|story          = Wikitext
|creation_date   = Date
|discovery_date  = Date
|language       = Text
|source_url   = URL
|provenance=List (,) of Text