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In this page you mention that the fact that maximov had never been mentioned before the expose paper was written was credance to the idea it was false, but yuka, a person mentioned earlier, is maximov. Yuka/Maximov has been present since long before that was written, he's also on the kolyma irc

Also, despite the pages mostly neutral tone, I feel like the opening section/summary could be improved slightly. Also, his name was spelled wrong, it seems some people have incorrectly cited his middle name as being "Mikoyanovich" but according to every recent page its Mikhailovich


interesting, thanks. i'll make some changes later. do you have any sources i missed where he's mentioned earlier then april 2021/is mentioned to be yuka?


to Anonymous9357, where did you find that image of kuz speaking in an event?

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Should every imageboard admin discussed here make a page about themselves?