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A screenshot of the mainpage taken on March 18, 2024.[1] (also known as the sharty, the Party, snarky snappy[2]) is an anonymous, English-language newfag containment imageboard website. Created by Soot[3], the website is based around the creation, posting, and sharing of Soyjak images and memes. It has amassed over 7,000,000 posts from 20,000 unique posters and hosts over 59 GB of active content, becoming one of the largest English-speaking imageboards.

Creation of[edit]

The creation of the website was announced by Soot on September 2020 in the /qa/ board of 4chan[4] and the site originally consisted of posters from /qa/. The /qa/ board was permanently locked in November 2021[5], leading to many former users and subcommunities moving onto The site was later purchased by Russian entrepreneur Yuri "Kuz" Kuznetsov from Soot for $2000 in a process known as the Great Purchase by users of the website. It was then ruled by Kuz from July 2022 until his resign in July 2023. It is currently owned by a controversial individual known as Froot.

The site has since gained infamy for its various inside jokes, doxxing and harassment campaigns, as well as stealing various GETs (unique post IDs) from other imageboards.


The community originally consisted of posters from the now-defunct /qa/ board of 4chan[6], with newer members coming from various corners of the Internet, mainly those from the alt-right and incel community. The users of refer to themselves as Chuds (based on the default username of each post, similar to Anonymous on 4chan), Jakkers (short for Soyjakkers), and Soyteens (based on the notion that most users of the site are in their teenage years).

The community has their own rating system for user-created content[7], with gem representing a post that is generally considered high-effort or good, and coal representing a low-effort, bad post. Community-created content include various songs, animations, music videos, and officially-endorsed fan games[8][9].

The community has garnered much controversy and infamy around the Internet for their various doxxing and harassment campaigns (mainly targeting those of the LGBT community), raids of various Twitch streamers and websites, violent and illegal content being posted on the site (although site admins have always denounced such content being posted), as well as minor controversies such as stealing unique post IDs on other imageboards, also known as GETs.

Ownership and Administration[edit]

The first admin of the site is known as Soot, who owned and maintained the website until its purchase by Russian entrepreneur Yuri Kuznetsov, also known as Kuz, who became the second admin of the site. In 2023, Kuz was diagnosed with HIV and stepped down as administrator, leaving the role of admin to site manager Doll.

The site was shut down during Doll's reign due to Doll not being able to maintain the high cost of running the site. It was later purchased and reopened by an individual simply known as Froot, who is now the current owner and admin of the site. After Froot’s purchase, an admin known as Root became head manager and eventually co-admin of

Eventually, Root would get fired, with a new administrator announcing that they were a admin of the site on May 27th, 2024. This admin would not have a name for a while. However, "NuAdmin" quickly became the coined name for the admin.