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Burning blu-rays on Linux may be a bit more complex than you're used to.

Make sure to install the cdrtools/cdrecord repositories, since they aren't in normal repositories due to a sad bit of developer politics:

Split files into multiple pieces[edit]

You may find it useful to break a big file into pieces for storage on multiple blu-rays. The best method is to have 7z or rar do it for you.

If the file is already compressed data and it doesn't make sense to divide it further (such as giant mp4 streams?), just use split in bash to divide them into pieces, and cat to put them together again.

DVDisaster - Error Recovery Codes[edit]

Discs will eventually face bit rot over time. And if your data is extremely critical, you should employ error correction on your UDF images before burning them.

Create Error Correction data from an image:

dvdisaster -i medium.udf -e corr.ecc -c

Verify an image with correction data:

dvdisaster -i medium.iso -e corr.ecc -t

Fix an image using the correction data:

dvdisaster -i medium.iso -e corr.ecc -f

See the manpage of dvdisaster for more info. If you want to use the graphical interface of DVDisaster, read this manual.