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A typical example of Pimp Ed, here with characters from Azumanga Daioh

The Pimp meme began as Pimp Ed - a screenshot of Full Metal Alchemist's Edward Elric with women shopped into his arms - pimping was one of the most popular photoshop fads in the spring of 2007. It mostly ended when Newfag Summer started taking its toll, and by then most of the potential fun had been tapped already.

Pimp Ed's partners in pimping include Pimp Archer, and Pimp Shirou. Ed's pimping of everything from girls to pyramids raised the question of "What can't ed do?" Ed was himself out-pimped by "Pimp Sacchin". Pimp Sacchin began when an Anonymous shopped an image comparing Sacchin from Tsukihime to her adult form, "sexy nurse Sacchin". This is in reality Sayako Nanamori from RahXephon, but her clothing and hair resembled Sacchin, and her pose caused her to pimp Ed himself in the very same thread. She then went on to pimp Rider from Fate/stay night, Ciel from Tsukihime, and then joined Ed, Shirou and Archer in pimping other more or less willing "victims". Our whole lives were Unlimited Pimp Works.

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