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File:Gaijin 4koma ed vs giovanni.png
Pimp Ed VS GAR Giovanni, both coming up on top together in epicness.

A meme sprung from the 4.5M GET and related to /v/. From the thumbnail, the GET (named azumanga_parody.jpg) appeared to be a picture of Twelve Kingdoms using Azumanga Daioh characters, but when clicked, it was revealed to be Giovanni (the Boss of Team Rocket from Pokemon) boxing a Chansey and seemingly knocking it out. Considering the extremely high hit points of Chansey (so much so that it is a popular tournament damage soaker) Giovanni's worthy battle instantly earned him praise for his manliness and toughness (some even call him GAR). An overnight sensation, his image became common "shooping" material (known as "GiovanniPunch"), depicting the ever so badass Giovanni knocking out anything in sight with his one-hit sucker punches.

Ironically, though Pokemon is also considered /v/ material, the 4.5M GET from which Giovanni emerged from is not seen as having to be shared with /v/ (though the Azumanga parody is). Additionally, it was later learned that in that particular episode of Pokemon, Giovanni lost the fight, though he and the Chansey were merely training and they reconciled in a hospital later. Still, Giovanni's incredible fortitude and strength cannot be denied, and his presence remains an effective way to punch out much of the shit that gets posted on /a/.